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Is it Right to have Sex with my brother's wife? [closed]

asked Mar 24, 2012 in Questions by prakashnaveen (120 points)
closed Aug 3, 2012 by dan

Dear all,

My brother died in a accident 9 months before, his wife is in our home after his death with my mother. I am doing my 3rd year engineering in Chennai and now a days I can notice her attitudes are changing towards me.

Finally from a last month she has been asking for sex with me, can I have sex with her?

closed with the note: old question , no need to reply
commented Aug 3, 2012 by nkglider (315 points)
moved Aug 3, 2012 by oye
Either marry her or make her marraige with someone else. its better options because after your marraige your wife comes to know this then it will be difficult for you
commented Aug 19, 2012 by bhaskarchni (455 points)
hi prakashnaveen, read about your story..wat happened finally..did u have sex with your Anni...?

21 Answers

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Good to help her at bad time, so what next? Having sex to recover rent? She was having active life, sure will love to go ahead, but what about you and morality? Do you think its good to exploit a situation? Why cant you marry her give her a new begining? Your brother would be real happy to see you have taken good care in right way.
answered Mar 24, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
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Why to do with your own brother's wife. Is this the way you treat relations? Your question reflects what teaching you got from your parents.
Now its your dick, your consent and your widow bhabi choice is your's why seeking for permission? Most of the members will suggest not go for it. Even I also. Will you stop?
answered Mar 24, 2012 by land crusier (3,145 points)
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Dear Prakashnaveen,

It's interesting question, I guess. It's not a good idea having sex with wife of your own brother. As you mentioned your brother has died, you can marry her if your culture allows. It seems that she wants to fulfill her sexual urge by requesting you but be careful. It may ruin your future.
answered Mar 24, 2012 by ahem (210 points)
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In her point of view its right because at a young age she should get sex and she didnt went with other guys which would spoil your family name in society so think about that make decision correctly and make sure that you dont spoil your future ..... Gud luck bro
answered Mar 24, 2012 by Jaga24392 (160 points)
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if she on her own has been asking for sex then no doubt sexual frustration has set in in her life. In such a case she wants satisfaction of her sexual appetite......if it is not you it will be somebody else. And there is no dearth of wolves who are looking out for such opportunities. I think it would be sensible to go in for such a relationship.
It is not clear from ur question when she was married. If it is feasibile u can consider marrying her urself.
answered Mar 24, 2012 by TheLeo (160 points)
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we are not a great fan of incest stories , your post could have not been approved in first instance but it was approved with the idea to help you out but how much you will take our suggestion into consideration that's another issue.

we are sorry regarding your brother's death.

 Anyway coming your your issue, you did not mention your age i guess you must be around 22/23 and am sure your sexual urge in on high and you must be looking for any opportunity to have sex like a hungry wolf and finding one at home am sure you are tempted. Also you did not mention the age of your sister in law , am sure she too must be on same age and she too must have her own sexual urge , so what better place then home but what about the society , the norms set, you got a couple of options:

1. stay away from her find yourself a girlfriend
2. ask her to find a fuck buddy to satisfy her urge.
3. Ask her to start her life again and get married.
4. Marry her yourself and similarly you both can satisfy each other and also respecting all society norms.

Don't forget the trauma and humiliation you and your family will go through if you are caught or if society come to know about it and it won't be easy for your sister in law also as each man in the locality will try his luck.

Think what your brother would have done if he was in a similar situation or if your sister was in a similar situation and the brother of your brother in law was doing the same .

I know its hard when one has to think with his head rather than his dickhead, but you got to be strong.

All the best
answered Mar 24, 2012 by dan (2,350 points)
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There are two aspects to your question. One is morality, the other is physical need. Society may frown upon your relations with your sister-in-law. Even if you have done nothing till now, there will be people having suspicion and pass rude comments. There is not much you can do from preventing people talking.

Since you both must be relatively young, sexual thoughts will be there and may manifest itself in sexual needs. Sex is a physical need and since your sister-in-law has taken the first step, it will be difficult for you to resist.

If you are able to get over the guilt of marrying your sister-in-law, then marriage will solve a lot of problems. But you will have to speak to your mother and bhabi and finally decide.   Sex without some committment will lead to many more problems.

But if you do not have sex, she may seek it from someone else, which will again be a stigma on the family.

Difficult choice.

answered Mar 24, 2012 by longhands1 (77,020 points)
edited Jan 13, 2015 by longhands1
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Its not a right move to take advantage of the situation. Respect you brother and his wife and try to help her in difficult times as a brother. Dont exploit the situation.

answered Mar 24, 2012 by bin (2,365 points)
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3rd year engineering you say......then guess your are 20....this is the age where guys are attracted to mature ladies and trick them into bed.In your case,its just the opposite.Anyways would you listen if people here advised you not to have sex with your brother's wife.After all who would leave a chance to have a fuck buddy at their home itself.

You told shes advancing towards you.Why dont you just stay away from her.Or try talking with your mom to get her married again.Either ways getting a girlfriend and introducing your girlfriend and telling her how much you love her an blah blah would help.Whatever you do,just dont fall for her.coz once you fall its going to be so damn difficult to be normal again.
answered Mar 24, 2012 by mahe69 (505 points)
commented Mar 24, 2012 by Lovemyjanu (1,305 points)
edited Jul 16, 2014 by longhands1
Best thing you can do is marry her and then it will be right for you to have sex with her .


One Line Answer is a comment
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She has no option available to her,to fulfil her sexual desires she thinks you the best.Its a family matter and she feels such thinks should be kept in family only.Go for it and have a safe sex.You also need it.
answered Mar 24, 2012 by Khurram kamal (610 points)
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normally i would be furious at this question but your brother is no more so i guess its not betrayl, but do you really want to put a moral burden on yourself it will be too much and sex would not be worth it.
answered Mar 24, 2012 by parik89 (2,190 points)
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No need to ask about the right to anyone else.  Just close your eyes and think---- after your expiration your brother is fucking your wife illegally. You will get the answer instantly from your inner side.
answered Mar 24, 2012 by bob957 (150 points)
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i think, its not a prblm, coz she fell so lonely. if u say no, may b she will ask another. u can give her good support also. and if possible then get maried with her.
answered Mar 24, 2012 by ovee (120 points)
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Dear Prakash,

Give her life means marry ur bhabi...........

So your doing  great job in the life.
answered Mar 24, 2012 by Dubai_Boy (560 points)
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Think carefull you want to settled with her or just want to fulfill her sexual desire may be in future she will force you to for marriage just review all exception which may be demand to you bhabi in future make himself mentally prepare then take the decision.
Good luck
answered Mar 27, 2012 by kingmyaqueen (1,805 points)
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today she is inviting u for sex......after some time she will search in neighbour,when u r not available.after some time she will become a just deny her approach to save her if u wann give her a new life ,simply marry her n enjoy a happy married life.
answered Mar 27, 2012 by PINKU_U80 (590 points)
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your brother died 9 months ago..and i think 9mnth is a very less time for a women to forget the love ,.special moments she would have shared with Her husband ..and your  brother's wife  ..asking you 4 sex  seems unrealistic but if whatever you hav told is right then m sorry to say frnd  ur sister in law is not a good lady and you should stay away from her.she might b having sex with others olso.
answered Mar 27, 2012 by cry (1,255 points)
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i would advice not to have it. its a family and it can lead to some other problems too. on the pther hand if u can have sex with her why not marry her?
answered Apr 5, 2012 by kinshuk (135 points)
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its only because she is not satisfy and feeling very alone.
she wann some emotional supports
you should take care of her..
if you wann to njoy with her you can..
answered Apr 5, 2012 by palak7879 (360 points)
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You have not mentioned her age. Also you have not told if shy has any kids to take care of. And you have not told about your feelings about her. If she is even a few years older than you, dont mind. Please marry her and take care of her kids if any. It will be a great humane service.
answered Apr 5, 2012 by hsridhara (255 points)
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ya its right to have sex because ur brother is not there but if u love your brother ask her to marry another man if she refuses fuck her and maintain relation with her
answered Apr 11, 2012 by abhi14343 (1,840 points)
reshown Apr 12, 2012 by oye

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