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HIV test and results

asked Mar 19, 2012 in Questions by Riteshmeshram (245 points)
edited Mar 19, 2012 by dan
hi Anjali mam and AA members,  

this is ritesh, 19 years old. I've heard that even if ur HIV test is negative, one cannot say that he/she is not HIV infected because HIV virus doesn't show any symptom till 6-7 months even it is present in ur body, I just wanna know that if it is true

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3 Answers

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See.. If u r infected with hiv, it will not be shown immediately.. The virus needs to incubate and multiply in ur system so as to completely give out the toxins which can be found using the tests.. In the initial stages, the concentration of the toxins will be very low or even nil that we cannot test for this toxins.. Toxins are the antigens produced by the micro organism and antibodies are the anti toxins produced by the body when an antigen is detected in the system.. The antibody reacts with the antigen to neutralise its bad effect..
There are 2 tests to find out HIV infection-
1. ELISA blot test where in the  the blood sample is taken.. In this, blood sample is tested for the retroviral antibodies.. So if u get a positive in this test, u cannot be sure of AIDS.. It means u have a retroviral infection.. But the most common retro virus is AIDS.. Other possibilities are very very less.. So we take this as HIV test.. This test result ll take 6 to 8 hours to come..
2. Second is western blot test.. In this, the blood serum alone is taken and it is tested for the specific antigens and antibodies of HIV.. In this case, the test is very specific.. So if its a positive in this test, u can be sure u have HIV infection.. This test takes 2 days for the result to come..
answered Mar 19, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)
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Let me assume, like most people you also are firmed that HIV is AIDS.  I am not good on this medical issues. Sharing what I know.

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, but that doesnot mean anyone infected with HIV will have AIDS immediately. Sometimes it takes long time, sometime times it doesnot happen, sometimes it affect immediately.  You heard that song Pari hu main from Sunita Rao? I read smewhere she was found HIV positive in 1998, its 14 years she is still okay.

In usual cases ELISA blot test is done, it gives an immediate result. Most cases if you have doubt, one test is not enough, you need to go throgh at least a year with 3/4 tests. That can confirm HIV is turning towards AIDS or not. If the body immunity system can prevent, HIV virus would stay in body but wont grow. When it cant prevent, someone fall for it.  But a direct blood trasfution often doesnot give scope of immunity. Thats why its better to stay cautious.

All the prostitutes in Thailand, its mandatory to use condom and mandatory to carry the health card which shows they have HIV test taken in last 4 weeks or less.
answered Mar 19, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
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Hello Ritesh,

Here is the answer for you.

a. The most commonly done testing in the VCTC in government / private clinics is the ELISA. Its true that the test may be negative inspite of the patient being positive for about 6 weeks to in some cases a couple of months.

This is because the body has the HIV virus but the Antibody to the virus (which is tested by ELISA) is absent. Its thus aptly called the "Window period"

b. The negative results are not because the symptoms are absent. HIV positivity takes many years (average 10 in western populations, relatively less in Indians) to convert to full blown disease called as AIDS.

c. In case you are worried about your own result I suggest you visit your nearest VCTC and get counselling. You may retest after few months to be sure.

d. Always use protection if abstinence is not possible.

Hope this helps.
In case you have further que. mail me.
answered Mar 19, 2012 by indiandr (175 points)
commented Mar 19, 2012 by Khurram kamal (610 points)
Dr your answer will remove the AIDS one day.

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