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Why my ass complexion is not as my other parts of the body?

asked Mar 17, 2012 in Questions by sammyhot (120 points)
edited Mar 17, 2012 by oye
Hi Anjali aunty and all,

I m Sam from Delhi and I am 19 years old.  I am fair enough but my ass is not so fair like my other parts of body.

Can you suggest me how can i make my ass more fair like my overall complexion?  Plz help me to solve my problem.

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9 Answers

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Thats a funny question, why worried about your ass color and who complained?

Are you bottom gay that your male partners when bend you complains? Check out all the sex positions, other than only one, there is no position where your female partner can see your ass. Dont feel bad at all.

But you need to know the reason. People of this subcontinent donot have any unique pattern, we are a mixed race. We inherited from all four major races like Coccasoid (fair), Negroid (black), Mongoloid (yellow) and Australoid (gray). Out of that the force of australoid is more which creted a sub race of Dravidian.  A major part is Dravidian where we are mixed between Australoid-Mongoloid and Negroid. That creates out body complexion somewhat unique.

Look at all the pornos, you will find people here in this subcontinent has a unique way of even the body is fair, the pubic area is darker. Look at the man, the body may be fairer, the dick is much dark. For you the ass got that trait. Thats all.

Dont challange God's way of making us, better to be happy with what we have. I dont suggest to use Ponds Beauty cream or anything to rub in your ass twice a day. Thats not needed. Be content with the way you are born..
answered Mar 17, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
commented Mar 18, 2012 by koolpal.b (525 points)
Many like to stay naked before and after sex. If you are going to the bathroom or some place like that, you may feel uncomfortable as your ass in on display and you are sure your partner is looking at you. Also, nowhere it is mentioned that he in not gay. Please be a bit more sensitive to homosexuals.
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Are you sure its only your ass? what about your pubic area and your armpits? And your elbows?

There are several reasons why these parts are dark in spite of you being fair. If you sweat profusely, if you generally wear polyester clothes, if you use deodorants that don’t suit your skin, or if you use razors or hair-removing lotions to remove hair from these areas, then your skin will be darker in these areas.

The first thing that you need to do is start wearing cotton clothes, as well as cotton undergarments, to absorb the sweat. The uric acid that is released along with the sweat is what causes the skin to darken, if left unattended. Shaving and using hair-removing lotion is also a reason.

Shaving causes a lot of friction and hair-removing lotions contain strong chemicals to dissolve the hair. This inevitably affects the skin when used over a period of time.  You can use a non-acidic soap or a herbal soap for your daily bath.

I personally prefer rubbing a piece of lemon on the affected area. But because these areas are sensitive, it would be advisable to mix lemon juice with other ingredients to benefit from the natural bleaching properties of lemon. You can mix lemon juice to turmeric and cucumber juice and apply this mixture to the affected areas. Leave it on for at least 15-20 minutes before washing it off with warm water. Alternately, you can mix lemon juice with yogurt and apply it regularly.

Another mixture that helps considerably is two tablespoons of finely powdered dried orange peels mixed with one tablespoon of yogurt. You can also use a paste made out of sandalwood and rose water. One more concoction that you can apply is a mixture of honey, almond oil, lemon juice, and milk powder. Apart from removing the darkness, this mixture will also help to naturally moisturize these areas. Last, but not the least, as it is highly effective, apply aloe vera gel to the affected areas regularly.

Let us know the results after a month!!
answered Mar 17, 2012 by longhands1 (84,355 points)
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Be happy with what you have dude.There are lots of babies who are born and we are the lucky ones to come out alive and you are worried about the complexion of your ass.Stop worrying about it and you will get over it.And dont let it get to your head or it will affect your self confidence and you will have bigger problems than the complexion of your ass.
answered Mar 17, 2012 by mahe69 (505 points)
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Thats no problem at all,you need not worry,structure of body is god gifted.It will not create any problem.
answered Mar 17, 2012 by Khurram kamal (610 points)
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As oye said body of our race is not evenly coloured, so you need not worry about the colour of ass,  your partner too will have a darker private area. So don't waste your money and time trying to make your ass fair. Colour of our body is not our choice, its genetically determined.
answered Mar 17, 2012 by pussycat (3,855 points)
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dude its quite natural... use some cream for fairness...
answered Mar 17, 2012 by realscat (140 points)
commented Mar 17, 2012 by b-kumar (100 points)
moved Mar 17, 2012 by land crusier
boz of sweat it may happen and due to heat.
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It bothers me as well. It is because of concentration of tissues in those parts that make them look darker. If you could somehow stretch the skin of your ass, you will see that it will match the colour of the rest of your body.
Look at the areola as well. It is much darker than the body and almost as dark as the nipple.
answered Mar 18, 2012 by koolpal.b (525 points)
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Now why are u worried about ur ass complexion?? No girl is going to see ur ass or its complexion.. Coz she aint going to ride u from behind.. U should care about ur girl's ass as u will be the one to see it if u r riding her from the back..
Or.. Oh! Wait.. Now i get it.. U have a guy riding from ur back who says ur ass is dark right?? U tell him its coz we are from the aryan and dravidian race and it will be like this.. No way changing.. No fairness cream will help.. And next time ask him to try a different position on u..:P
If not both of the above, why do u care?? No one is going to peek into ur ass and say its dark.. Quit worrying and carry on with ur life..
answered Mar 18, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)
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dnt wory dude girls choose u while luking ur face nt ur ass,i sujest u to clean ur ass properly take bath daily with gud bathing soap ur liquid,if u wont get the proper result so u shud make ur other body parts like ur ass lolssss tht was the funniest question i read...
answered Mar 19, 2012 by agentA (690 points)

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