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How to satisfy my wife on our wedding night?

asked Mar 15, 2012 in Questions by abhaykr32 (120 points)
edited Mar 15, 2012 by land crusier
Dear Anjali ji and other member, I am a 24 year old man and   going to marry a sweet girl on 7th July. I  wanted to ask few questions.
1) How can I satisfy her on our first night?
2) How to ask her for sex on our first night?
3) Should I lick her pussy or not?
4)Is it necessary for her to get satisfied that night?

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7 Answers

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you are 24 so she might be 21 or so. and i guess you both communicate by phone/mail/chat. You should tell us about her behaviour, her nature and if possible her views towards sexual issues.

your question is still answerable. I am answering in my best possible way. hope you will like it.

1. No, dont ask her for sex. It will happen naturally. Though she will not say no but Asking for sex can give her a bad image if she has reserved nature.
most important make her realise that you are not going to fuck her but you are going to care for her.

2. Again, i should say no. but incase you know her very well and you make sure that she will be okay with this then its your choice.
 My opinion- don't go for it. first night is to know each other. These things can be done any other time. she will be yours why you need to do this on first night only.

3. Satisfaction is little bit confusing. But yes, satisfaction is necessary. But on the first night? quite confused. This depend on both of your mutual understanding. Dont go for drugs. A lot of romance(foreplay) and then sex is necessary for satisfaction. You should go for it.

Beyond all your queries. What will you do on your first night its all up to you and your would be.
But first night is a dream night for all who believe in love and then any physical bonding. Imagine a bed decorated with beautiful flowers and shy bride waiting for her life. Do you want to ruin that purity that gives a feel of heaven.?

on very first night can you imagine your wife giving a blowjob?? Does not fit in the frame dear.

Ending my answer your marriage is on 7 july. almost three months. dont plan for sex right now. just wait what ALMIGHTY has planned for you
answered Mar 15, 2012 by akk0907 (2,855 points)
commented Mar 15, 2012 by abhaykr32 (120 points)
She is 22 and she lives in my city only......we have been dating for 5 months and when we discuss about sex she is little bit shy (as most of girls are).

Thanks a lot akk0907......your answer will definetly help me........
commented Mar 15, 2012 by akk0907 (2,855 points)
yeah.. Its our culture and nature of girls which make them more beautiful and lovable.
One more thing to add, If you can control then dont talk nonveg things. All these naughty thoughts should be resereved for the night to share with her in best romantic way.
Thanks for your comment. And wishing you lots of luck for your future life. :-)
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The answers to your questions will vary widely depending on her sexual history ie. if she is used to having orgasms or she is yet to know it, whether she has had objects stuck up her pussy or is it going to be her first.

1. Do not think of satisfying her if she is a virgin. Make her comfortable and be gentle. Her pleasure parts would be very sensitive and she would feel pain which is actually too much pleasure. Its like rubbing your dry hands on your erect glans.

2. You do not ask for such things, they just happen. Is she is a sensitive virgin, sex would become good only after many many nights. Its like playing cricket or cooking or working out. You get better only with regular practice.

3. You should lick it only if it is happening naturally. Do not make any abrupt moves. Also, she might feel uncomfortable giving you such a close view of her pussy. Be very slow in whatever you do and be ready to stop at any moment.

4. Is she is sexually active or masturbates, it is quite necessary. Is she is an innocent virgin, it is an absolute no no. I don't think she is going to be able to handle so much pleasure.
answered Mar 15, 2012 by koolpal.b (525 points)
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Dude! From the way u wrote the question, i presume ur marriage is arranged..
So its always better for u to get to know her fully before u get physical.. First of all, before marriage, u better get to know her fully.. Her nature.. Her character.. Then u think of talking about sex.. First of all analyse her and u proceed accordingly.. If she feels comfy with u, she will open the topic of sex.. So wait till that moment.. U can very well discuss with her the future plans and her expectations in bed..
Now coming to ur questions-
1. To satisfy her in the first go is a very tough thing.. Coz if she is a virgin, penetration will be a tedious task.. I would advice u to take things really slowly, i.e first do a lot of foreplay.. Explore her body and find her pleasure points.. Use them to stimulate her to the peak.. Next when she is horny, and her pussy is lubed completely with her vaginal juices, use a lot of water based lube and try inserting ur penis.. U must be gentle and slow and insert it inch by inch.. When completely in, wait for some time and then u start with gentle strokes.. If at any point if she feels pain, stop and resume gently after a while.. If u can hold long enough while having sex, u can give her an orgasm, leaving her satisfied..
2. As i said already above, analyse her character and then talk about sex..
3. If she is ok with u licking her pussy, u can do it.. If she feels disgusted, just tell her that its fine and convince her.. Dont force her for it..
4. More than satisfaction, first night is a bondage between married couples.. Its the time they get intimate.. Its just not about having sex.. Its more.. Guess u r not so matured for a 24 year old.. Coz for ur age, the desperation for sex during first night would have been long gone.. No offense dude..
And finally, what ever u do, dont compel her for anything.. Coz remember first impression as always the best..
All the best..:)
answered Mar 15, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)
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I know many friends who got married for past few year, but  i have never seen a man or a women who is not anxious about their first night. Every one is confused about what to do and what not, many will plan for it for months but end up doing something they never wanted/planed or wished. Our ideas are mostly derived from movies and last scene is always the same they hug and lay down and light turned off, everyone knows what they are going to do.

My advice to you is if both of you wish and ready for sex you can go for that as both of you are dating for long. First talk to her, then engage in some light fore play. If she is comfortable go to next step. do it slowly and step by step, if you do something in hurry it will end up as mess. If she is not comfortable, (as many will be due to the tiredness, sleeplessness and discomfort of being with a male for first time alone) don't compel her or do anything forcefully. It will only result in loss of respect for you.

Licking and sucking OK but if she don't want, then you should not force her.Satisfying on first night, i don't think that it is possible (but not impossible) to give her a shattering orgasm on first night itself, due to pain and many other reasons. But do that to please her in a good way.
answered Mar 15, 2012 by pussycat (3,855 points)
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you have to play romantically with your wife, dont make fast sex. be relex n enjoy more time in forplay.
answered Mar 15, 2012 by palak7879 (360 points)
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Do you have to have sex on wedding night? She is mentally prepared, still jump on 1st night shows how hungry you are. Better to have sex after 4/5 days once both are comfortable with hug and kiss. Anyway, I think you are going for sex and not changing your intention. In that case, go for plenty of foreplay and good hard sex to satisfy her. How to ask for sex, you dont have to ask, go with the flow, rest will happen. (Or you can ask yoy pay 500 for a fuck what's her rate). Yes you should finger fuck and lick her pussy. And finally yes its mandatory to bring her orgasm. (else she will look for other guys). Better option is take time, dont jump like a hungry wolf on the firstnight, if you do, complete the whole business like a pro, dont leave high and dry.
answered Mar 15, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
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Wedding night is a war for you. You must have win win situation either what she will think about your self like impotent, why you all people are so much crazy for sex in first night make a plan to something different afterward which made your life's all night like wedding night. If you will do something special without sex in your first night think what a great memorable impression will be your first night. Wish you good luck.
answered Mar 15, 2012 by kingmyaqueen (1,850 points)

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