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Where is ladies eyes reaching first?

asked Mar 14, 2012 in Questions by Shajel (130 points)
recategorized Mar 14, 2012 by Anjali

Hi all,

Noramally matured men's eyes are reaching the females bobs at first sight. Men are always attracted this part of female body.

But what about female? At first sight where her eyes are reaching at men's body?

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11 Answers

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Sweet question. Suppose a nice couple is sitting together, almost 100 out of 100 cases whoever passes by will look at the female. All they guys will look for kernal reason, even the girls will look to see how good a girl looks, dress, makeup, hairstyle or accessoriries. Your question is when a lady looks at a man what she wants too see. My reply, she wants to see that thing which is well hidden in leather. Am not talking about his dick in leather, its that damn money credit cards and different membership cards on his wallet. Thats not true all the time, a man can be judged by his watch, shoe, glass, aftershave and even dressup. I guess a girl likes to see his eyes and lips too, that makes a difference.
answered Mar 14, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
commented Mar 14, 2012 by pussycat (3,855 points)
I  agree with this, if a a man has a  wallet filled with cash and cards, they wont mind whether he is good looking or ugly.
We had seen many attractive girls marrying ugly and old men purely for money and luxurious life they get.
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ladies always go with the face of guy... coz we dun hv anything to show in public...
answered Mar 14, 2012 by realscat (140 points)
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Hi shajel
Good question..I think any girl lukin at any random man wud definately go for his looks 1st.then comes everything and i don't think any girl wud like to go on  a date with an ugly guy.Lack of good luk is then compensated by other things of which inteligence comes 2nd and then money comes 3rdp so
Sum ppl vll say that they knw grls marryng ugly boys jst 4 their money..i do agree but what is the percentage of these girls as a whole 5 or 10.
I wud go for the looks or the appearance
answered Mar 14, 2012 by cry (1,255 points)
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My eyes always goes to the face of a man smiley

answered Mar 14, 2012 by Anjali (7,465 points)
commented Mar 15, 2012 by akk0907 (2,855 points)
i guess you read faces.....
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Ha ha.. Oye ji said which most girls also look for.. Gandhijis face printed in paper..:D
There are many things a girl expects in a man.. Infact we can write a book on it.. In simple terms, if we tell tell what all a girl does expects in a man is- "EVERYTHING"..:P
Well coming to the answer.. We can split this question into parts-
1. If she is just checking out on a man, she ll first see his face(as anjali ji said), then his physique(build), then his apparels and the way he presents himself..
2. If she is casually friendly with a person, she ll first check his intelligence, quick wittiness, humor sense and how friendly he is..
3. If she is going to date him, she ll first check his status, weight of the purse, the bike or car owned by the guy and the locality in which he lives in..
4. If she is going to fall in love with u, she ll first check with her friends advice.. Coz if they dont like him, she ll also never like him.. So guys, if u wanna make a girl love u, make her friends fall for u.. It indirectly means she too fell for u..:P And she ll mainly see how u take care of her, how u r with her, ur character, ur nature, how she is when she is with u etc etc..
5. If she is gonna marry u, she ll check all the points said above.. Coz women want their men to be perfect.. To add to the list, they also want men to be brave, bold, a person with guts, etc etc..
Overall, they want a man to be a man for them to fall for him..:)
Hope this was right and it helped..:)
answered Mar 14, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)
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The subject is not about the ladies approaches to the men. Of course girls are always think about his purse, fitness, attitude, behavior, status, dignity and many other things. Male is also having many desire and expectation about his female. That is normal course of thinking.

But the question is not about that. As my experience and/or nature always my eyes are reaching ladies prime assets at first. May be it is my weakness or ill behavior. But I am thinking almost all male's eyes are reaching the same part of the female's body at first. Based on  this psychology  what will be female's first attraction to Male.

As a female opinion Anjali jis opinion is valuable about this matter. But I think Aunty's opinion is little bit polished and common. If there is any female observation about this will be highly appreciated.
answered Mar 15, 2012 by Shajel (130 points)
commented Mar 15, 2012 by cry (1,255 points)
What anjali mam has told is not a polished reply rather its the natural answer. Frnd we are talking about what she will luk at in a random unknwn prsn and it wud b certnly his luks...and i think .. shud appreciate evry genuine effort and don't expect  hear ur fav answr.
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Hahaha :) :) naughty Akkaa
answered Mar 15, 2012 by raj009 (680 points)
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as most of them said.. Yes, they look at men's eves first. To confirm whether they guy is looking at her. Later to check where he is looking at.

Most girls feel good if guys are staring at her.
answered Mar 15, 2012 by funfun (145 points)
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I asked this question to one of my female friends. Her answer is also the same as Anjalijis answer. But she asked me that what will be the men feeling about the same.

I strightly replied that "Our first sight will be your prime assets"

She spondaniously replied : "We know that well...."
answered Mar 15, 2012 by Shajel (130 points)
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What Hades said, I agree to that, depending on purpose, the mind states what to look at. And our eyes are controlled by our brain to look for that. Maybe irrelevent, still let me state a comment, its not what our eyes see on a girl, rather, its what our eyes want to see. Same is applicable or girls, what the eyes want to see.

Now on to the reply Anjali ji gave, thats a politically correct answer. And person will reply on the right worded answer, not the actual answer.  For guys, most of the cases, they would say they look at her face, eyes, even goes as deep as her clevage or shape of ass. But in reality, we male look at something different. You may disagree with me, but you know what I am saying is true, we look at a girl or lady and try to visualize how she looks in all nude with her naked boobs, pussy and ass. Even legs, naval arm all nude.

If you dont agree to what I am saying feel free to give me a down vote.  If you agree, I have to say thanks man, you have proved again "men will be men".
answered Mar 15, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
commented Mar 15, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)
Totally true oye ji..
As far as ive seen, first i check her top to bottom and in the corner of my mind, ll b undressing her using mind photoshop..:D
Men are always men..;)
commented Mar 15, 2012 by cry (1,255 points)
Oye ji i think this tym ur wrong while generalising the visualization' of her being nude.I think not every male wud b doing that. I agree that i olso see their assets but i dont think until and unless one is a great sex addict and has sex oll the time in his mind is gona visualize or undress each and every girl he sees and that too everytime  whole day.. U ppl are jst great .Don't u think wud b quite monotonous ... doing it again and again.
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towards ur eyes as what u are looking. or are u looking for their make up on which she spents most of their time...
answered Mar 16, 2012 by avinashbatra1 (155 points)
commented Mar 16, 2012 by Khurram kamal (610 points)
moved Mar 16, 2012 by dan
1.Physical appearance 2.character       soundness

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