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glans of penis is very sensitive?

asked Mar 11, 2012 in Questions by nightmare (120 points)
i am an indian hindu boy of 18 years my penis is uncircumcised.i just want to know that is it necessery that glans of penis should come out while erection because mine glans doesn't come out itself,i forcely push the foreskin down then only it comes out.But when my glans is very sensitive,i mean that whenever it touches any surface(like my hand or my cloth) it is very uncomfortable feeling.i have seen this in most porn movie,but does it also occurs with an uncircumcised indian?will it trouble while intercourse?pls reply soon.............!

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1 Answer

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We dont post religious issue here, I am accepting your question because your issue is not religion, its on health ground. Go for a search on top right corner and type circumcise, you would get plenty of replies.

Its a health issue, talk to doctor, if the doctor suggests circumcising, got for that. Else, dont bother. A lot of people does circumcising for health reason.  The doctor can explain your situation, can explain foreskin, glans and the purpose. If you are lucky with a nice dick and the doctor is a gay, you can even get a blowjob for free.

I dont ask this type of stupid question, still have to ask you, do you think your religion Hindu will change for circumcising? Everyone borns with uncircumcised penis, do you mean everyone is Hindu by birth?  Pleae dont mix up religion on health reason.
answered Mar 12, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)

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