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Will she get pregnant?

asked Feb 29, 2012 in Questions by Kela (350 points)
edited Feb 29, 2012 by Kela
Dear members,please help me. It's urgent. I am a 18  year old boy.
Today I was lying above/on my girl with both of our clothes 'on'. Suddenly we lost control and we behaved   as if we were having sex,but everything was happening with our clothes 'on'. So I vaguely put a centimetre or so of my  penis in her vagina through our clothes. And then I ejaculated in that position. So now I have some questions or doubts about which we are very very afraid and tensed. If any of you here is a doctor by profession,then I beg you specially to sincerely reply me.
Question 1 : Will my sperm be able to reach her vagina crossing 4 layers of clothing between us,namely,my underwear,my trouser,her trouser and her underwear?
2. She said she should get surity by checking with a Prega news device. Will it give or show the results tomorrow morning itself?
(The time of the incident is Feb 29,2012. 6 pm around)
3. Shall she consume an i-pill ? I know that it will help if she has got pregnant. But my question is,will there be any extenally visible side-effects in the very near future,if she takes the i-pill without undergoing fertilization?
4. She says that it is her 8-9th day of her menstrual cycle in a monthly cycle of 34-35 days. Is it her safe period? Can we depend on it?
5. If she gets pregnant,what can we do to save our skin?
6. She says that she had a mild pain in her vagina after the incident. But there was no blood from her vagina to suggest any hymen breaking. What does this signify?
7. Any suggestions?

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8 Answers

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1. no so dont worry and sperms dont live long outside they die they must be ejaculated in the vagina otherwise they get killed in due to acid secretion in vaginal walls

2. pregnancy test is only positive or reliable after 1.5 months before that the test may come positive or negative but it will have no value of doing it cause that test can come positive in many other circumstances also

3. i pill is dangerous if taken too often  but once it will be not harmful and it must be taken in 72 hrs after having sex

4. few days before menses and few days after menses are the best days but still there are some rare cases of pregnancy on those days also so better to use condom male or female

5. if u worried that much in start you would have thought before doing it if she is pregnant u can have abortion in a good hospital yes take her to a good hospital not some vaid etc or bhms dhms or mbbs doctor but gaynecolgist

6. it is common to have pain after having sex and with clothing can cause much more pain due to cloths scratching the skin so dont worry tell her to rest

7. dont do it again without protection and if u can wait wait or just get married if possible
answered Feb 29, 2012 by drsam (180 points)
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You guys just had a dry hump. Nothing will happen. Don't worry
answered Feb 29, 2012 by tatsme (210 points)
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Hey dude.. There is nothing to worry.. Here are my answers..
1. Sperms are not nano particles to diffuse through 4 layers of clothing to the target destination.. They are micro sized cells which takes hours to pass through a cotton cloth filter.. Ive tried experiments with semen in my lab and got many results, of which one was this..;)
2. First, dont worry too much.. There are literally no chances of pregnancy here n y do u want to check with a kit?? If u or she feel very doubtful, u can very well check with the kit and get a negative result..
3. I-pill?? Do u know what an i pill even is?? Do u know what all metabolic pathways it takes and what all side effects a woman will have after taking this?? This is no medicine like crocin to take as a precaution.. Only if u r so sure of pregnancy, u can take an i pill which in ur case is zero percent..
4. It is kinda tough.. It is the stage where the egg will be produced.. It would be in the oocyte stage.. It would need a day or 2 to mature into an ovum.. So nothing to worry..
5. If at all she gets pregnant, u have to marry her.. Do u have any other option?? Coz if u r planning on ditching her, abscond now.. Else afterwards it ll b difficult to elope off.. But whatever happens DO NOT go for abortion.. Coz the chances of her carrying again will reduce like her.. In worst cases she can never carry again..
6. If she s a virgin and its her first time, she will have pain.. Its normal.. Her vaginal walls will be tight.. After it gets used to ur penis, it ll take it in with ease and without pain..
I have 3 suggestions kiddo-
1. Do not panic like this.. Think rationally.. The chances of her getting pregnant is literally nil..
2. If at all u have sex with her, use a condom to prevent all problems u r thinking of now..:P
3. U seem selfish.. Coz u ejaculated.. U got all pleasure from her.. Did u return the favour?? Did u make her cum?? I dont think so.. Better b a gentleman and return the favour next time.. If u did make her cum, welcome to the league of gentlemen..;)
answered Feb 29, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)
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Kela, you are here in this site for sometime, I hope you do read other replies too.

Based on your earlier reading, try to reply the same question. If you have learnt something from earlier post, you wouldnot drop this question.  But now it seems you spent your time reading juicy situations and reply only.

Dont worry, nothing will happen. My suggestion is next time read the required questions and replies and dont put a 7 point question on such a small issue.
answered Feb 29, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
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Thanks a lot to drsam,tatsme and hades!
But I still have a question for all you three.... Will these answers be same if I say that the ejaculation through the clothes were 'inside' her vagina? Or you already kept that in mind before answering me? Anyway,as an added info,I would like to say that only my underwear was wet with the semen,and my pant and her trousers didnot have even a sign of wetness due to the semen.
answered Mar 1, 2012 by Kela (350 points)
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But sir oye,I didnot really find any questions on this particular issue where someone asked about getting pregnant due to ejaculation inside vagina with clothes on.... I really searched for such questions and tags. Sir oye,please reply in detail...and drop a line or two about my 1st point,I am getting so nervous about it!
answered Mar 1, 2012 by Kela (350 points)
commented Mar 1, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
Answer to first question, even if you cum soak your pants and soak her, the sperm cant remain alive in normal temperature. If you were in a cold room, the sperm can survive few extra minutes.

Again would say, just chill man. Next time dont leave the business in half way, carry a quality condom and have the fuck. Getting so close and end up so disappointing on rubbing, thats a mental and physical deprivation for both.  I assume she is 18 plus too.
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Chillax nothin to worry much . I'm just saying you should look before you leap . Nothin to worry just enjoy ur dry sex with clothes on :-)

Rajesh <DELETED>
answered Mar 1, 2012 by srajesh (1,135 points)
edited Mar 1, 2012 by land crusier
commented Mar 1, 2012 by land crusier (3,145 points)
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Panic is not a good reaction.

The chance that your sperm got through so many layers of clothing and still managed to swim up and hit an egg are remote. BUT there are no guarantees in life and if your sperm is very active, plentiful and her womb very fertile, anything can happen.

Pills? I am not in favour of that.

Test? Wouldn't hurt but honestly, I think her period will be on time give or take a few days and you and she can relax.

The pain in her vagina was caused by you being rough.
answered Mar 1, 2012 by darthewriter (150 points)

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