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how to know that which condom size is best for my penis? [closed]

asked Feb 15, 2012 in Questions by adultboyy (155 points)
closed Jun 20, 2014 by longhands1
Hi Anjali Mam and AA members,

how to know that what condom size is best for my penis? My penis size is 4 inches long and its girth is 4 inches. Yesterday i tried XXXXXXX's Condom but its very long and apart from that its loose for my penis. i guess its made for those penis whose length is 7 inches and girth is 5 to 6 inches.
Friends please suggest me that which condom will be the best fit for my penis ?
Please friends i request you to please tell me the company name too.
I am 24 years old.

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commented Feb 15, 2012 by dan (2,350 points)
Dear Adultboy , please let us know your age.

Do not use name of any condom make as we won't benefit from any publicity.

Again we can't suggest you any make or company as we don't advertise for them.

8 Answers

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U can try some other brand then.. There are many in the market.. And buy the ones u feel is best for ur penis size.. Coz i found out the comfortable and correct brand and the best one for every type of condom using trial and error method.. Coz the size differs from brand to brand.. So try the set of 3 pack.. If u r comfy, go for the 10s pack..
Hope this will help u..
answered Feb 15, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)
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Dear adultboy,

Just as not every man is built the same, neither is every condom.  

It will require some experimentation to find the condom that will work best for you, especially since every condom brand has its own definition of "regular" and "large."

Condoms have different sizes. Of course, there are basic condoms, which fit tightly to the shape of the penis, or XXL condoms. Condoms vary in length from 6.5 inches to 8.5 inches, and they also vary in width, i.e. from 2 inches onwards, whereby some condoms are different in width at the head and at the root, which ensures greater pleasure and comfort. You should definitely choose the one that suits the size of your penis. Condoms that are too small can split quickly and condoms that are too big can slide off your penis.

Choose the right material of a condom. Materials are different as well. Today, condoms are made out of latex (rubber), polyurethane (plastic) or animal tissue. All condoms provide equal protection against pregnancy, but protection against sexually transmitted diseases in condoms of animal origin is not so effective. Condoms made out of latex are the most recommended for protection against STD, and they are also the most accessible in terms of price and offer, as you can buy them in almost any shop. People allergic to latex use condoms made out of polyurethane. These condoms are very thin, and they are also used by couples who are not allergic to latex because of increased sensitivity. Polyurethane condoms are also recommended for users of various creams against fungi infections. When using polyurethane condoms, you can use oil based lubricants, but it is better to use water based lubricants with other types of condoms because oil based lubricants can damage the condom.

Choose the right texture and flavour of a condom. Condoms can be smooth or ribbed, which provides an additional pleasure during sexual intercourse for the couple. There are different flavours as well, such as menthol, banana, strawberry, etc. The flavour of condoms should definitely be discussed with your partner because it is very likely that your partner will not like certain flavours, or he/she will like a particular flavour so much that he/she will not want to take it out of the mouth.

Condoms are packed separately, i.e. one in every packet. They can be dry, lubricated with water based lubricants or spermicides. Although spermicides provide greater protection against pregnancy, condoms lubricated with spermicides increase the risk of HIV infection.

Always practice SAFE SEX. Use a condom.

answered Feb 15, 2012 by longhands1 (78,285 points)
edited Jan 6, 2015 by longhands1
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My age is 24 Dan sir, i am not saying give me any brand name in condoms but atleast tell me what to do
answered Feb 15, 2012 by adultboyy (155 points)
commented Feb 15, 2012 by longhands1 (78,285 points)
Have given you a detailed reply. Longhands
commented Feb 15, 2012 by dan (2,350 points)
Dear Adultboyy , please don't call be sir , feel like am a school teacher ha ha ha , am a member as you are , only Dan will be ok for me
commented Feb 17, 2012 by longhands1 (78,285 points)
Dear Dan,

Your comments to Adultboyy (re calling you Sir) is wrongly sent to me and appeared in my email box.
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well explained ant the condoms and the different size by longhands. Go for a regular pack of condoms and see if it fits to ur 4 inch long penis.

answered Feb 15, 2012 by bin (2,365 points)
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Dear friend,

The best practical solution i can give would be..., different condoms of different sizes of different brands...and experiment...Condoms are not that costly and you can use them during masturbation too...he he he..!!
After few trials you'l soon find out what's comfortable,pleasurable and fitting for you...

Good Luck hunting....!!!
answered Feb 15, 2012 by curioz (1,020 points)
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When I came to chennai I too was very much anxious to use condoms. So on one fine day (when all my friends went to their native!!) I went to the nearby super market and bought condoms(2). Since I am using that for the first time my penis becomes big on opening the pack. Then I studied the instructions in the cover and used as per the instructions. At erected state my penis' size is about 6 inches and the condom is about 8 inches. since the remaining part is folded, it doesn't affect anything.

One day I tried put the condom when my penis is at normal state. During that time I could put my penis as well as balls into the condoms..

I guess you need to use the condoms when it is fully erected. I couldn't guess the diameter or size.
answered Feb 16, 2012 by muthukumar1983 (385 points)
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You can read some arlier posts, this condom issue was discussed elaborately.

Condoms are usually made based on wide research. Usually they go for the highest frequency distribution, that is most people fall in the size. Globally the average dick size is considered as 5.887 inch, so dicks from 5 to 7 inch are usual market segment where almost 84% male fall into.

Still its latex, it gets a grip, the girth is not a big issue. And length is no issue at all as you dont have to fold the whole of a condom.

I can suggest you the make and all, but you know, these condom manufacturer doesnot sponsor this site, suggest some name will be injustice to other makers.
answered Feb 17, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
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First, penis size. The most common penis length falls somewhere around six inches when erect; anywhere from five to seven inches when erect is considered typical. Penis girth also affects how a condom fits. The average penis girth (circumference) is 4.5 to 5 inches. If your girth is above average, a standard sized condom might feel uncomfortably tight and the larger sized condoms could be appropriate for you.
                                                   Snug           Standard            Larger

Length of condom (inches)       7 to 7.8        7.25 to 7.8         7.25 to 8.1

Diameter of condom (inches)      1.75            1.75 to 2            2 to 2.25

Different condom manufactures use slightly different measurements and have a number of shapes available, so you may want to try a few condoms on for size to which is most comfortable. Custom-made condoms do exist and are available on the internet, by mail, or at a sexuality specialty shop.

To find out "how big is big" or where you fall along the penis size continuum, you can measure your erect penis to know for sure. Or for even more fun, have a partner do it! Measure your length from the tip of the head along the upper side of the shaft to the point where the penis joins the body. For girth, measure the penis circumference at the widest point using a tape measure or a piece of string. As you probably are aware, condoms are the best way to prevent against STIs as well as a reliable pregnancy prevention method. No matter the size of your penis you should be able to find a condom that fits you well, that will keep you and your partner protected, and allow all the pleasures of sex to thrive! Enjoy and good luck.
answered Feb 23, 2012 by xpktv2000 (3,295 points)

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