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How can i increase my cum timing? [closed]

asked Feb 13, 2012 in Questions by Shivtheylover (150 points)
closed Feb 13, 2012 by silentmonk
Hi frnds need advice how can i increase ma cum timing means to enjaculate after some time inside a girl
closed with the note: you were warned in previous question to follow forum rules.but u have again voilated them by not disclosing your age.
commented Feb 16, 2012 by longhands1 (77,195 points)
Silentmonk. good job! Users should be aware that questions are monitored and Forum rules are maintained.
commented Feb 16, 2012 by longhands1 (77,195 points)
Silentmonk, Cant we indicate that the question is closed in the title itself, when it appears in "Unanswered" tag. Notice that it is done in Question No. 54672 by elitely.

s ago in Questions by Maahisinghai32 (120 points)
closed 3 days ago by elitely
commented Feb 17, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
When its a useless question not maintaining the norm, closing that is the first option. If still open, not replying is the second option.  And there is option to remove the question.

Shivtheylover, please follow the norm of the site. I hope we didnot ask too much by posting your age and sex. If you post a good question and get some good reply, that will help you and help others who have the same question in mind but couldnot ask.
commented Feb 19, 2012 by uashish14 (100 points)
Try stop & continue method....
Min B4 u r abt to cum
Stop & take a short break...
commented Feb 23, 2012 by bubby123 (325 points)
just concentrate on your breathing.

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