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mature indian............. [closed]

asked Jan 11, 2012 in Questions by prasad321 (615 points)
closed Jun 19, 2014 by longhands1
how to make indian lady come??? shes around 39yrs old!! we hd sex mny tyms but i nvr seens her cum whch mks me feel that shes nt satisfy!! wt shd i do to mk her cum??
closed with the note: Closed as old Post

5 Answers

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At the age of 39 the Indian Lady is too mature & practiced that its a very difficult task for a GUY to satisfy HER.But you can make the massage as many times SHE wants to make HER come & then perform a hard core sex with HER.
answered Jan 11, 2012 by savita (1,510 points)
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how do u knw tht she is nt satisfied?frst ask her directly about her orgasm if she fakes it u must indulge in excessive foreplay by massage her,suck her boobs,such her pussy deep kissing ,tongue fucking and one more thing u must find out what she likes the most try to give more what she wants in this way u r able to give her one or two orgasm by foreplay.After tht fuck her nicely in any position in which her body is properly balanced and can achieve orgasm.
answered Jan 11, 2012 by agentA (690 points)
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The sure shot orgasm is not by your dick, its by right use of your lips, tongue and fingers. Play right way on oral, its a sure shot. Use your mouth  on her clit and pussy lips, insert two fingers on her pussy and move in oout slowly with pressure on frontal pussy wall.

In your last question 3/4 weeks ago you said you are 21 she is 38 and married, is it the same lady? Go ahead champ. You are scoring well.  Make sure she reaches orgasm before you start vaginal penetration.
answered Jan 11, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
commented Jan 11, 2012 by prasad321 (615 points)
moved Jun 19, 2014 by longhands1
[email protected] yes its that same lady... but she doesnt like wen i i lick her pussy so wat else s method to mk her orgasm??
commented Jan 11, 2012 by prasad321 (615 points)
moved Jun 19, 2014 by longhands1
she like to give anal in doggy style...
commented Jan 11, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
moved Jun 19, 2014 by longhands1
Carry on bro, you have a special lady sex-mate who doesnot like a head job but likes anal. Most cases its opposite. I have no suggestion for special people: if possible read my reply on Anal Orgasm, a woman cant have anal orgasm if her clit or G-spot isnot attended. If you can bring an anal orgasm, share the experience with us. Seriously, a women doesnt like mouth and fingers on pussy but gets on all four to get sodomised? That's a very special lady.
commented Jan 11, 2012 by loda6969 (155 points)
Yup i am totally agree with you..,dude just do what oye is telling to do it will definetly work.
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Hey you can even try some sex toys or vegetable or oils to penetrate her try to give her the surrounding she likes to have and make your sex a bit adventours..
answered Jan 11, 2012 by loda6969 (155 points)
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prasad I think you are the person who masterbates 4 times daily and you are not getting hardness . Then with a soft penis you can't satisfy a 39 year matured lady.You shoud lick her vagina,boobs and even her ass hole. Touch her clit with your fingers and tounge. I am sure that she will get some satisfection from you.
answered Jan 11, 2012 by binasak (625 points)

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