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My question is to Mr.oye.... [closed]

asked Jan 10, 2012 in Questions by agentA (690 points)
closed Jun 19, 2014 by longhands1
hello all,

my question is to mr.oye.In one of your replies you have mentioned that it is possible to detect whether the girl had sex recently or not.You had mentioned that by looking into her eyes which gives some glows is the sign of having and mostly the females are master in this act to predict from the eyes.I have heard tht by walking of any female by looking at her ass one can find out that she maight have had sex.Plz tell us briefly because i m eager to knw such things i hope you will reply soon.

with love
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2 Answers

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i can suggest little bit on this

if once the virginity of any girl broken then for 2 days from her walking style you can find out, her right leg she keeps faar as usual while marching and as you asked by seeing their ass how can we find out.
ya after breaking of virginity her body she bends forwards and ass goes backwards
answered Jan 11, 2012 by sanlovetosh (140 points)
commented Jan 11, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
edited Nov 17, 2013 by longhands1
Dear agentA, good to see members read through earlier posts.

I recall I said its possible to understand if a lady is having sex, to some extent. If a girl is virgin or not, thats tends to impossible, unless its on that day or the next day. But if a lady is regularly having sex, its very hard for a male to predict, whereas for female its not a tough task, a lot of female can say by looking at another female if she is having sex.

What is there special in female that they can read we can't? Its the observation power, a woman is born with.  When a woman is having sex/regular sex, there are some small changes in her body, that is due to natural flow of hormone. All these hormone secration causes change in skin texture in positive way. I am not talking on shape of breast or hips, thats nothing important.  A lady having sex, by looking at her walking, body change, read mind, none can be understood. But two changes happen, and any experienced female can read that quickly, one is the skin texture, the other is her eyes. No matter how she tries, she cant hide that sparkle in her eyes of contenment.

Last point, why we male cant understand this? Becasue we are thinking something else. Instead of eyes we look at her lips. Instead of skin, we dream how she would look all nude.


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commented Jan 11, 2012 by agentA (690 points)
edited Nov 17, 2013 by longhands1
thnks mr.oye fr replying me,its always pleasant to hear ur replies.Last nite v had a debate on curoiz post tht u have gone and he was also in mood of leaving this site just because u were nt present frm many days.



question n answer by same user not allowed
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Dont thank me for replying this. I didnot know the answer, my wife helped me on this. She was very blunt on her statement, a lady can pretend anyway without any acting skill, on walking or movement on approach and talking. But two things she cant hide, one is her skin glow, the other is her eyes movement on content feel.

A woman can handle her walking, hip and rbreast change, hide what on her head, mind and talking too.  Only another woman can read these small changes, that  we male always fail.

On my leaving, I believe its almost inevitable. Taking some days off, I learnt I can make use of my time in better way.  People should know when they are not wanted. I am just trying to fix whatever damage I have done.  All these time I never let members feel when I am travelling. I logged on to stay in touch.  And after giving all the time and spoiling all these roaming bill, add to that I am doing this job totally unpaid, come on, dont you think I need rest?  

This break helped me to do the soul searching, what the hell is wrong with me that not getting payment (or expecting payment) what is the point of spoiling my time and turn out as a rude, arrogant, autocrat person that I am not in my life?  

There should be much better Oyes in future (they wont have the name Oye ofcourse, they will be known by their name), and they are really expert on the areas, not a quake like me.  I can get to see the potential on number of good members just today.


answered Jan 11, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)

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