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I ejaculated between my sister thighs, what to do now? [closed]

asked Jan 6, 2012 in Questions by rockychill92 (165 points)
closed May 6, 2012 by dan

Hi Anjali mam,

One night I was watching xx movie in TV room, all lights was OFF and film was ending but that time my older sister 26 years who is 7 years old to me sat on my lap.

She  always sit on my lap and I usually push her away by kidding. But that night my boxer was down and my penis was hard, so when she sat on my lap my penis fix between her thighs, she was still silent, other times she laughs but this time she was still and I was feelings so good and she moved back and side on my lap and that time I ejaculated.

After that she sat there for another 2 mins and went back to her room. When she left I checked my penis and around there was no cum. Where my cum gone? Did she enjoy it? Next morning when I came for breakfast I was afraid but my didi was laughing and saying to mom he is a man now you first get his shaadi (marriage) done.

So tell me what to tell her and why she was laughing at me? Some times she kiss me saying my baby boy. Please help me to understand her.

closed with the note: old question , no more reply

6 Answers

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Dont u hav any self control??? Doin thngs lyk these wit ur didi n tellin it was pleasurable?? Be civilized and dont b an animal.. N mainly dont b a pervert..
Just forget this incident and dont repeat this wit ur sister or any of ur family members..
N am sorry if i was rude.. Coz i don support incest..
answered Jan 6, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)
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Is this a sick guy, immature guy or a sick family?  Whatever sickness you have your family, try to rectify that.

You were out of your boxer, but your sister walks around at home naked, looking for a brother's crotch and dries our your cum by her thigh, what you are trying to say and know?

Be normal and get a sane life. Ask your sister too. At 26 she lives at home, is she that ugly not to get married yet?
answered Jan 6, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
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Hmmmmmmmmmm I feel this is a fake question guys, so I am not gonna answer this question will rather keep myself shut 

angry angry angry 

answered Jan 6, 2012 by Anjali (7,465 points)
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You are really a sick person. Please arrange treatment for your abnormal state of mind. Other wise you are going to be either a mad person or a sister fucker.
answered Jan 6, 2012 by binasak (625 points)
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Dear friend
Don't you have the self esteem?
Fantasy is your choice. But please don't show your ugly wounds here.
answered Jan 6, 2012 by manish.naran (3,375 points)
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dear all friends , aray mammu log aap to fight karnay lag paray ho , yah kiya baghwan .com hai jo es tarha bol rahay . some are rude some her tease me or some are fighting with me , here every person come for help or guidenes not for hurting , its not my qus... its happend . who i shere with u and need advice , aap log to es tarha bol rahay ho jasay aapkay ghar ki baat suna de ho . agar aap log advice nahi day saktay to comments be mat do . this site on every one share feelings and speak truth about any think or fake . but you will softy guide or help him or her not as both of u . and yes that was she wear shalwar not nude ok .
answered Jan 6, 2012 by rockychill92 (165 points)
commented Jan 6, 2012 by rockychill92 (165 points)
moved Jul 12, 2012 by longhands1
and sorry Anjali Aunty you are sex adviser and your that persons also adviser,s ? here that person share or tell think,s who never ever tell to any friends or any family members , but if you or that persons tease or rude then where he share own personal matters ?
commented Jan 7, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
If people cant give advice, should not comment or write reply.  I agree. People should avoid replying to a question they cant reply (either feel sick in their stomach or not).

I apologize, I replied even.

Is it not better not to post a sick question so that people dont have to reply or comment? Anjali ji opened this forum to talk things out. And everyone replied if their own view. If you dont like, than thats not an advice, some sick person encourage you, so thats a good reply, is that your understanding?  

I am asking you the same question, someone stated the same problem to you asking for your advise, what would be your reply to that person?

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