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Madhusmitha you are BANNED again

+1 vote

Dear madhusmitha,

All your usernames were banned by me, but I dont know how the ban was lifted on you suddenly and I am sure that I did not lift the ban imposed on you.

I had warned 100 times not to repeat your mistakes, but you did the same everytime and I was tired of it. AskAnjali.com does not entertain such people, so GOOD BYE  

AskAnjali members who support my decision can post their opinions.



- Anjali M

asked Jan 5, 2012 in Notices by Anjali (8,275 points)

Anjali ji, noone lifted any ban imposed by you.

On Madhusmita, I recall your earlier writing, you imposed a ban, and after she requested you and promised never to repeat nonsense (question diarrhea) you lifted the ban and said this is the last warning.

Unfortunately some people never learn, and some people are so dedicated that they keep coming back because they want to stay as a part. Respecting the second part, I allowed new names as Pritimayee, but still she followed the first rule of never learn.

I am sure you will get some more thanks mail from some of the sane and good users who will welcome this decision. We all are thoroughly pissed of by this person.

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ha ha ha....good one....!!!well done mam...!!!we really had some peaceful time,without mamuni's presence,except some of her new avatars....!!!i support your decision



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Anjali mam,
On her second appearance as Pritimayee, she made every one pissed off by her useless question diarrhea, crap or useless answers and disrespect to other members. even after repeated request she continued the same. Moderator banned her again, now we have some peace of mind, hope this will continue for ever.


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I know guys how much it hurts with the presence of madhusmita or mamuni or pritimayee, that is the reason I decided to block her.



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Anjali Ji your decisions are always appreciable. So I am agree again with that.


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That's very good decision Anjali aunty...
But what about his /her new new user names that will yet to come..??
Do something so that this will not repeat again..



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Is it the end or an interval; good or ba for few days we can be realxed n let her rest in peace



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Dear darshan,

This is the end for madhusmita not an interval I am quiet sure about it smiley

Madam Anjali
Earlier you had already banned this Madhusmitha and then Mamuni.
But she again came here with new id-Preetimayee.
Question diarrhea is her Paternity.
Any way your current decision  is a relief to us all.


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Read a question of a 19 year old boy today... I do feel Mamuni is back.
i support you

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