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How many times is it safe to masturbate in a week? [closed]

asked Aug 4, 2011 in Questions by gauthi (240 points)
closed Aug 20, 2012 by bin

This is Gautham (23), I am a big sex fan but I don't have any experience till today. But everyday I'm going for masturbation, can you tell me how many times of masturbation is safe for health? If I go for more times will I face any problems in future?
closed with the note: 12 months back question. hence clsoing this.
commented Mar 15, 2014 by rajaask (150 points)
Thank you buddy which I was thinking to ask here you asked before thank you for it

18 Answers

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Dear Gautham,

Anything in excess is harmful to human body, as per a research conducted in USA sexual experts believe that masturbating 2-3 times a week is absolutely safe. Yes if you keep on shagging(masturbating) it is harmful and will affect your future sexual life, over masturbation may affect the nerves which are present in the Penis and as a result you may experience Erectile Dysfunction or premature ejaculation. So better control masturbating anymore.

Anjali  :)
answered Aug 4, 2011 by Anjali (7,465 points)
commented Aug 29, 2011 by tamilboy21 (655 points)
Good Answer aunty
commented Aug 31, 2011 by eye_only_on_u (315 points)
hmmm you r correct aunty...
commented Sep 21, 2011 by sravan9999 (180 points)
What Anjali said is absolutely right i agree with her.
commented Oct 14, 2011 by xpktv2000 (3,295 points)
han...han... that is absolutely right .... anything in excess is always wrong....moreover it is very difficult to control the masturbating habit which will also leads to serious disorders like lack of concentration on anything, or night falls and even impotency .....I would suggest you to to masturbating once or twice in a month not more than that or face the consequence
commented Dec 17, 2011 by hhunk33 (290 points)
good ans. very helpful.
commented Sep 8, 2015 by m.altaf 14 (105 points)
Yes Anjali Mam is right
commented Apr 14, 2016 by Anjana devi (135 points)
I am a 34 year old woman and presently a care taker of 8 boys in a boarding.....I make sure each and every boy masturbates twice a day as it keeps them stress free and healthy......i have been doing this since 6 years and i see my boys doing well and feeling confident in life ......teenage boys should make masturbation a good habit

Masturbating daily helps boys control stress and be confident and easier to concentrate all day long and have an punch of freshness whole day. At night it revives your body further and induces better sleep all night....

Thank you

Anajana devi
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To this day there is no evidence to say that masturbating can cause any sexual malfunction, other then what is referred to as, "Retarded Ejaculation: which is where you can only receive sexual satisfaction from masturbation." This simulates erectile dysfunction but is not.

In order to have healthy sperm production a male human must have sex a minimum of 3 times a week which includes masturbation, however, the act of sex with someone you love encourages the release of known and unknown hormones into the body which is vital to being happy and healthy.
answered Aug 5, 2011 by WaterPhoenix (115 points)
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No, Masturbate does not affect health. If you feel like guilty after it then physiology it will effect but if you feel enjoy, happy it will recharge your body very strongly. All sex experts have proved it and I am29 yr old I had same experience. Just enjoy it. It is safest sex.

answered Aug 5, 2011 by savidhawan (125 points)
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Hi.....Gautam. Yes if you masturbate daily it will affect your health...
Consequence's of daily masturbation:-
1. It will affect your memory.
2. It  will affect your social behavior.
3. It will affect your concentration power.
There are few benefits of masturbation but if you do 3 4 times in a week.
1. You feel happy.
2. Love to do other tasks.
3. You feel confident and you behave good with girls.
So i advice you not make it a habit do 3 5 times in a week.
And stay healthy..........
and follow anjali advice.........:)
answered Aug 5, 2011 by rahul87forever (395 points)
commented Aug 10, 2011 by karthikrao (190 points)
well i has not effected my memory or behavior nor concentration power...
but it can turn into a bad habbit....
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I am 36 and i masterbate daily for the past, I dont know when i started it. I am very healthy, and i used to fuck my wife daily both of us are interested in sex, When i didnt fuck her i will jerk it off.
I didnt find any thing wrong in that
answered Aug 11, 2011 by pussycat (3,855 points)
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its good but excess is not good i started doing masterbution at the age of 14 i am 32 now i do weekly 2-3 times my cock is 7.5 inches long 3 inches thick but now i do once in 15 days i am just saving for my wife whom i am going to marry after 3 months so dont make a habit thanks
answered Aug 14, 2011 by mrpl000 (300 points)
commented Oct 11, 2011 by DirtyMind (305 points) really have some control to bring it from 2/3 times to once in 15 did you do it?
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Masturbation should not be accomplished as a rule like morning and evening tea, or lunch and dinner. It should be taken just an alternative of actual sex under a situation when it is not possible to have sex. This means :

1. For married persons, if wife has gone some where for a few days and you are habitually needing a sex.

2. For widowers or divorced persons who have no alternative except to use hands for satisfying the biological requirement whenever it becomes intense.

3. For unmarried males, if they feel extremely aroused to see big boobed girls or ladies, or even small-boobed semi-exposed girls or ladies, or their undergarments.

But in every case, one has to be judicious enough to use your God-gifted tool with a frequency such as to enjoy equally well every time. And this can be possible only if you give a proper interval which may vary from 1 hour to 1 week depending upon once sensitivity and control to ones horny feelings. The best advice would be that whenever you feel your masturbation to be more labour-intensive (with the release of lesser amount and thinner density of semen) as compared to your just previous course of masturbation, you must understand that you have gone for it more quickly. Accordingly, you can yourself decide about the minimum gap you should observe between two courses of masturbation, so that you can remain healthy and equally justify during next course, as also during actual sex with a female partner without any apparent loss of energy & potency.
answered Aug 29, 2011 by dr-deepika27 (1,740 points)
commented Aug 31, 2011 by eye_only_on_u (315 points)
nice ans deepika..!!!
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weekly 2 to 3 times is better, or else you wil have to face future problems as anjali madam said...
answered Aug 29, 2011 by sandystar500 (770 points)
commented Apr 28, 2016 by Motilal (7,550 points)
Best is twice in a week.I have regularly done so,until getting married.Still masturbate casually at 76.
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You can masturbate as many as couple of times in ONE DAY...!
Masturbate when you feel like. No harm in it.
answered Sep 11, 2011 by sknims (920 points)
commented Sep 12, 2011 by gauthi (240 points)
moved Oct 26, 2015 by longhands1
i want to tell you all guys n gals

nen mahatv and tv5 lo live doctors to masturbate gurinch matladanu and dr.samaram to kuda, masturbate enta chesina emi kadu, dani valana emi probs kuda future lo kuda ravu ani chepparu, anavasaram ga meeku teliyakunda vere vallaki wrong information ivvoddu plz

dr.samaram garu aite hastaprayogam enta ekkuva chesi anta ekkuva karcheste anta manchidi kuda, ala cheyagalagadame oka adrustam ani chepparu, dnt wory fnds, i want to do sex chat, if any gal n aunty is der, i m ready for gud sex chat
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for those who didnt understand telugu is the translated version of the above answer.

Gauthi told,"I talked to doctors like samaram (a famous sexalogist in Andhra Pradesh) about masturbation in various TV channels like TV5 and Mahaa TV in live. They told that there is no harm because of masturbation how much we did and how many times we did. there wont be any problems in future also. so friends u need not bother about that and please dont give wrong suggestions if u dont know.
     Dr.Samaram told that the more masturbation we did  and the more ejaculation we get the more good we have. its lucky to do that even."
its all his version guys ...
answered Sep 12, 2011 by krrishin (1,060 points)
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i think 3-5 times a week is better
answered Sep 12, 2011 by krrishin (1,060 points)
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Do it as many as times you wish...!
As many as times you wish in a day..!!
answered Sep 13, 2011 by sknims (920 points)
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i think 2-3 times a week is better
answered Sep 25, 2011 by bindus (140 points)
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Do as many times as your body allows you.
Too much of anything is bad, try to keep it controlled if you want to enjoy  the masturbation session.  Like 3/4 times a week, take time, go slow and enjoy the act.
answered Sep 25, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
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Dear Gautham,

You may masturbate as many times you like. Wonder from where people fix this arbitrary number of 2 - 3 times a week! Thats ridiculous.

Adoloscents masturbate daily or twice / day and thats perfectly normal. You may do more.

The issue is not how many times you do it but it is does it affect your work. If it does then its of concern else you are gifted as compared to the 2 - 3 times / week gang thats it.

In case you plan to have a baby, you must not have sex / masturbation on a daily basis coz the sperm count goes dowm. Alternate day metod works best.

Complications attributed here like weakness and ohher bla bla are sheer figments of respective persons imagination!
answered Sep 27, 2011 by indiandr (175 points)
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Hey Gautam adv nd dis adv of mastrubation.
1. Repeated mastrubation leads to low back pain.
2. Loss of hair.
3 Inability to concentrate on your subject.
4. Will feel tired after mastrubation.
5. Will develope acne ahen u stop for some days.
6. your semen viscosity nd sperm production will be reduced.
Advantage is
1. U will develope some stamina while having intercourse.
2. U will relexed.
So try to avoid shagging daily and try to alternate days. Have a happy days. Do as per Anjali aunty said.
answered Sep 29, 2011 by buffalohunk (310 points)
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I do not think there is any hard and fast rule for frequency of masturbation (applies to both males and females). Do it whenever you feel otherwise you will remain tensed-up - that's bad for health.
answered Nov 1, 2011 by zena69 (1,850 points)
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1 time in one week.... Is better nd it is safe..pls dnt go with 2-3 time... In week..
 enjoy your life
answered Aug 20, 2012 by Rajpk (105 points)

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