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i have a girlfriend i want to fuck her

–1 vote
asked Nov 26, 2011 in Questions by punkfucker (119 points)
closed Mar 22, 2012 by land crusier
hi  i have a girlfriend but she doesnt let me to fuck her so how can i convience her to fuck her with me
closed with the note: Old question need no more reply.

5 Answers

0 votes
Don't call her a girlfriend till u fuck her. Till then she is just a frnd who is girl!
answered Nov 26, 2011 by Rahul69 (255 points)
+1 vote
For you "GIRL FRIEND" is that material/ object/ subject who let you to fuck and meet your sexual needs..
Good definition..
By the way, she is your gf.. We can't spread her leg to let you fuck..
We can only suggest you that sex should be done by mutual agreement/interest.. Not forcefully.
answered Nov 26, 2011 by Krish01 (3,896 points)
0 votes
You have to respect the decision of your girlfriend. A sex requires consent, if she doesnot give consent, thats forced sex. And forced sex means rape, you may end up 7 years behind the bar.
Either convince her and get proper consent or wait till she feels you two have a future, or leave her and find someone who is ready to spread her legs.
answered Nov 27, 2011 by oye (27,110 points)
0 votes
Ur a sex freak so just fuck a slum slut, u deserve only dat and spare a life of a gud girl.
answered Nov 27, 2011 by Delhi_babe (199 points)
0 votes
some friend are to enjoy movie, trip and talk, you have to search another girl tell to she thati have searched , onother girl friend for sex.
answered Dec 9, 2011 by yntr (1,808 points)
commented Mar 22, 2012 by Khurram kamal (611 points)
moved Mar 22, 2012 by land crusier
Dont adopt a forced sex.Love her so much till she agrees with you.