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can it's true........................? pls tell me. [closed]

asked Nov 19, 2011 in Questions by sampurna (180 points)
closed Jun 13, 2014 by longhands1
This is true that if a old women swallo a younger once sperm than she is fit for enjoying sex is increas by the time. and older men same for younger girl if sex than he still enjoying his power in sexual life. and some people feel if younger girl fucked by older men than he is stay and away from illness.
closed with the note: Closed as old Question.

4 Answers

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What you heard on drink cum is bullshit. The rest has logic.
Young guy Matured woman, good for both. Guy gets to learn game of pleasing, woman gets to have your dick with long fuck.
Young girl Matured guy, good for both. Guy gets a tight pussy. Girl gets an experienced fuck.
What two matured can enjoy, they both know what is coming next. And what two immatured can enjoy, they don't know the real fun.

Stay away from illness, ofcourse. A good sex burns fat callory, pumps blood well, that's good exercise, he has to feel good. Woman can use the cum on face, good for skin.
answered Nov 19, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
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instead of answering this question i have to ask another question.
can someone please explain in brief that what sampurna really want to ask?
answered Nov 20, 2011 by silentmonk (485 points)
commented Nov 20, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
I didn't find its any complicated question, someone said something the person is checking back. Making some editing, this was readable easily, but I do understand, and I think most of us can, because we got habituated on cryptic questions.
What seemed fun is, the questioner may be a early 20 guy, being seduced by elderly woman. He is being lured in different way, as much as for her health she needs to drink young cum.
Sounds interesting, huh?
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yeah , its true 0n average ...
answered Nov 20, 2011 by man.james007 (255 points)
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It is just a mind game that older person when found a younger girl it gave just a thrilling exp. and they perform well. Jut imagine that In daily rouitene you are eating a regular food but when you got a chance to eat a delicious food, what you will do?????? And as part of the drinking cum it is just in a simple word NONSENSE.
answered Nov 22, 2011 by rahulsngh (825 points)

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