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Do Women Like To Lick Men's AssHole...?

–1 vote
asked Nov 13, 2011 in Questions by assfucker (253 points)
closed Jun 13, 2014 by longhands1
The fact that we men love to lick / tickle / blow a women's ASSHOLE,
Are there any women out there who like to do the same OR are doing with their partner....? and
How do they feel when they are doing this act....?

Ladies in the house...your response very much solicited...!
closed with the note: Closed as old Question.

10 Answers

0 votes
no ladies like to licj ass holes as they belives that ass are dirty.
answered Nov 13, 2011 by yntr (1,810 points)
–1 vote
dear friend
how can you raise such a question like licking dirty ass hole?
you can lick the rest parts of body. how can you get sexually excited by licking ass hole? if you are sexually excited through such a dirty way, it is the symptom of your sick, pervert mind.
take care.
answered Nov 13, 2011 by manish.naran (3,490 points)
commented Nov 18, 2011 by assfucker (253 points)
Hi Manish,
Never have i mentioned a dirty ass hole....when it comes to sexual intimacy both partners must exercise complete cleanliness.....atleast i practise that...hope you do.
0 votes
depends upon of upto what level a girl is interested towards sex
answered Nov 13, 2011 by vipul0527 (997 points)
0 votes
Hey dude there is nothing wrong in doing so, it should only be clean. Nothing is ugly in a consented sex amoung adults. some use to feel better, some dont,  as they think its a holyhole to shit only.
answered Nov 13, 2011 by pussycat (4,028 points)
+2 votes
depends on the girls pervertion level.... all girls are not alike
answered Nov 13, 2011 by krrishin (1,079 points)
–1 vote
This question is better answered by girls.. But to your bad luck no girl members are here to answer ur question..
By the way first ask ur gf to lick urs and look what she answers..
answered Nov 13, 2011 by Krish01 (3,892 points)
commented Nov 19, 2011 by assfucker (253 points)
Hey Krish
I have gone thru this ass licking and we both love it...a new height in sexual climax for both of us...!
commented Nov 19, 2011 by Krish01 (3,892 points)
Thats very good dear..
+2 votes
Don't know much about other girls but me and my gf njoy licking each others asshole ..it is preety exciting and we enjoy a lot ..but there must be mutual agreement between the partners
answered Nov 14, 2011 by Lovemyjanu (1,354 points)
+2 votes
Very interesting question, you deserve a reply.

First off, why ass licking and does it cause any problem? Anal ring is called sphincter, which has an external ring and an internal ring. Anus is an important part of our body, all the internal never endings are at internal sphincter and outer nerve endings are at external sphincter.  Anus is an extremely erotic yet sensitive place.

Now the next question, does people get pleasure, absolutely yes. But it needs to stay clean.  The meaning of anal is ring, its the shape of anus. Anas is the end point of rectum, rectum came from the term straight. Our intestine is a 6 meter tube, only the last part of about 12 cm is rectum, which is straight. Now read carefully, rectum is the passage from where poop comes out, its not the place where poop stores. Once wash your anus, clean well, and if possible at the end insert a finger and make a rotatation. That will make sure nothing remains. But you cant avoid that pungent smell. Dont use any perfume for that.

Finally I am touching you real question, do girls like to lick male anus. Well, that a matter of individual choice, but generally speaking, girls dont like licking or rimming a male anus. Its because they feel its dirty as well as male usually have some hair that a girl dont have. Its irritating. For male licking anus of a girl with whom he will have anal sex is almost very common. He knows he is going to travel that passage, so givng a respect with lips and tongue is a great treat for him and her. But tell me, what she gets by giving a lick? she is not going to travel that rectum, she doesn't need to show her gratitude.

I have given lots of treat in my life, but hardly got such. From my experience I can assure you, getting a treat is absolutely mind blowing. A number of times I had sex with a partner and asked her to insert a finger, that also is enormously pleasant to have a great sex time. Guys, all I can do is suggest you to try this out, you would love a thin finger exploring your ass when you are pumping her pussy.
answered Nov 15, 2011 by oye (27,235 points)
commented Nov 18, 2011 by assfucker (253 points)
Thanks Oye....spoken well.
Hope your tutorial does enlighten some people in this forum. Its Sex we are talking about and not Perversion.
+1 vote
There are many things a woman would like to do to if it makes you happy. This is called love.
Getting ass licked or fingered in the right way is pleasurable. If it is your most erogenous zone, your lady love would do it. Otherwise, it depends on the taste and fantasy of the girl
answered Nov 15, 2011 by koolpal.b (546 points)
0 votes
Bro i really love to lick pussy but not asshole. And abt women it's their choice and likings what they love as like me.
answered Nov 15, 2011 by Sat2tayade (663 points)
commented Nov 18, 2011 by assfucker (253 points)
moved Jun 13, 2014 by longhands1
Hi Priti,
Suggest you try this act after having sex and you want your man to get erection is a short while...!.....again.
Trust me.....he will get erection very soon and you will reach the climax at its height the way you wanted.

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