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how can I seduce my wife sister and sister in law [closed]

asked Nov 8, 2011 in Questions by makara (120 points)
closed Jun 13, 2014 by longhands1
hi i am fucking my wife regularly. but now from recently i am interested in my wife's sister and sister in law.  how can i seduce them  to fuck them?
closed with the note: Closed as old Question.

8 Answers

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we all will wish that ur wife will get fucked by brothers also.

regarding ur question,
try to call her in ur home by having some good reasons. when u buy some gifts take fir her also. when ur wife goes home go with her and carry some gifts.

u will get to know soon whether she is interested in u or not.
answered Nov 8, 2011 by vipul0527 (985 points)
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Sorry friend I don't have any solution for this type of sick question.. Rather I'll advice you to stop these type of sick fantacy.. And stay happily with your wife by fucking her regularly..
answered Nov 9, 2011 by Krish01 (3,740 points)
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dear friend
you want to fuck your sister in laws? very nice idea.
first you offer their husbands to exchange with your wife. you can also offer them your ass. then you will get your dream chance.
answered Nov 9, 2011 by manish.naran (3,375 points)
commented Nov 9, 2011 by pussycat (3,855 points)
ya let them get his ass as a bonus
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First go learn some basic grammer and then get back WE SHALL DISCUSS ABOUT THE KAMASUTRA'S SECRET OF ATTRACTING AND SEDUCING ALL THE IN-LAWS. (including your wifes grandma).
answered Nov 9, 2011 by dislikedbeast (130 points)
edited Nov 9, 2011 by dislikedbeast
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get some life man....
try to remain happy with ur wife only.
otherwise u will be in danger of spoiling ur married life
answered Nov 9, 2011 by silentmonk (485 points)
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If any thing goes wrong you will spoil relation with your wife also, better to leave same thought.
answered Nov 17, 2011 by yntr (1,800 points)
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To the members:

When there is a Sick question, you have option to wait for the admin to remove that, or ignore that.

I am almost certain this questions come for young boys of early 20s, who read a lot erotic story and create a fantasy. The more you reply, the more they get encouraged and keep having a great laugh on people wasting time on fantasy.  They come up with another fantasy.

Just ignore these questions, don't reply.
answered Nov 17, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
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It is kind of ridiculous question because it a question of lust which is coming out which shouldn't be asked. Well it is more of fantasy than anythingelse, Yeas attraction is the normal and usual part but you can do such things in your real life. So i will suggest to just try to divert your mind.
answered Nov 27, 2011 by shelly.kaur.del (135 points)

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