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Want her badly...!!! [closed]

asked Oct 26, 2011 in Questions by kuchnai (200 points)
closed Jun 12, 2014 by longhands1
Hii Anjali Aunty...
M a 19 yrs boy....i belong from a joint hindu prob is dat...i am sexually attracted 2 my bhabhi (Bro's wife) much more from last few days....may b due 2 al dis porn websites like '' '' , etc.
Wenever i see her...i feel uncomfortable to remove my eyes from her breast n stomach....c is married up of 2.5 yrs...havin a gal child age arnd 1 yr.... C is very open n frank wid me....usually i mastrubate in her name...i really need her 2 fulfill my hunger by fucking her once...I also dream of kissing her licking her n all....Pls suggest sumthing...
closed with the note: Closed as old Question.
commented Apr 25, 2012 by srifantasy (415 points)
moved Apr 25, 2012 by oye
you cannot think about your brother's wife like this. it is a sin. get  yourself engaged . dont think off her. she is like your elder sister. dont think of her.
commented May 18, 2016 by Motilal (7,170 points)
Curb your evil thoughts.

9 Answers

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Best answer
Yeah....but sir pls giv sum tips 2 get her in my bed n arms....m unable 2 ask her 4 same infront of all....m scared if c gets angry and tell dad n al.....usually wen we bod get free...i mean wen we 2 only sit...we usually tease each oother...n i alwez ask her 2 get me a galfriend....
Pls suggest sum naughty ideas....d only thing in my mind is that i have 2 touch her parts wenever i get time....n afterwards have planned 2 plant a kiss...n if c donn mind den wuld think for further relationships.....

But i wann an xpert opinion of yours....about how to start and where to start....
answered Oct 26, 2011 by kuchnai (200 points)
selected Sep 26, 2016 by kuchnai
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My reply is go ahead and have sex with your bhabi. You are suffering mentally and physically, your fuck will cool you off. But every action has a price to pay. What are you going to pay?
Let's get to a deal with your brother, everytime you fuck his wife, you will keep a record. Once you get married, he will be entitled to fuck your wife twice as much before you start your sexlife with your wife.
That's justice, now talk to your brother and enjoy your bhabi.
answered Oct 26, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
commented Oct 26, 2011 by rohit k (340 points)
very good answer once this guy marries give me address i will come and fuck also then everyone can fuck...
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Better to stop your imagination and start to live in reality.. If possible you can also stop visiting those sites..
answered Oct 26, 2011 by Krish01 (3,740 points)
commented Oct 26, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
edited Nov 17, 2013 by longhands1
Read my reply again, you don't have to convince or lure her.
You make a deal with your brother that you will fuck his wife, in exchange your future wife will be his for sometime.
If your brother agrees, he will convince his wife to get fucked with or without his presence. I am talking on win win for all, you are looking for free fuck with a lady cheating?
If you feel you can't share your wife in future with your brother, why do you expect this will be taken easily by all? You are a family, they won't kick you if caught red handed, but she will be kicked out. Want that for few minutes of pleasure and humping?


2nd Answer
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dear kuchnai baby
you have received the very appropriate reply from my.oye.
you keep a record of fucking your sis-in-law and let your brother to reciprocate and fuck  your future wife as you had with his wife.
answered Oct 26, 2011 by manish.naran (3,375 points)
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good reply me oye u r great
answered Oct 26, 2011 by randhir (465 points)
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its a big deal dear ! don't ever try to do this ....................... otherwise you'll be fucked off ! try to be human being dude ! go n fuck the sluts there are only for you man ....................why to have the business of risk n respect of yours.......?
answered Oct 26, 2011 by satish2011 (360 points)
commented Oct 26, 2011 by manish.naran (3,375 points)
edited Nov 17, 2013 by longhands1
dear friend
take care...............fantasy is fantasy and life is life. if you dont distinguish the difference, it will push in trouble. ACTUALLY I SUSPECT  YOUR BLOODY INTENTION IN RAISING SUCH A QUESTION. take care bloody sick pervert.


2nd answer
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Dear mr.oye
Yes u r true....if we get caught red handed c wuld b kicked out.....n secondly in future if my bro wuld b sexually attracted 2 my wife den nly wuld plan for sumthing different....but at present i need my bhabhi badly.....pls suggest sum tricks...wuld b eva gr8ful 2 u...
answered Oct 27, 2011 by kuchnai (200 points)
commented Oct 28, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
edited Nov 17, 2013 by longhands1
I dont teach any trick for a wrong reason. This is a wrong reason.

You are a blood relative, so if you two get caught, as she is from outside the blood relation, she will be kicked out of home, while all the fault is with you, you get nothing more than a scolding.

Think about this, your urge can ruin her life, even force her to attempt to suicide, what she would tell to her parents, that she got caught having sex with younger brother?  

Suppose she is kicked out, would you leave home, get married to her and raise a family?  I dont think you are ready for that. Then why thinking of doing something which is going to cause trouble?  If it wasnot a joint family, there were some way to get some way, on a joint family its almost impossible to hide things like this, someone or other will catch you. Even the servants can find out and start blackmailing her for free fuck.


3rd answer

I suggest think before anything, what you are planning to do is wrong. Just forget the whole idea and find someone else.  Even your maid at home is a better option as when she is kicked out, she can get another job.
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Its not your fault its your little bird who is responsible for this. At this age every guy think he is a dude who can fuck every hole. have you ever sex before?? I know you don't. Listen boy you can't fuck her even if she allows you. Just before she will unlock her bra you will leak in your pants. And it will not give you any pleasure.
So think just for leaking in pants can you spoil your brother's life???? How selfish you are. Can you buy her every thing if your brother & family kicked her??? can you marry her if your bro leave her ?? What if every one came to know this?? they will call your bro impotent & every one will treat your bhabhi as a whore. can you even imagine all this just for 1 or 2 minute of pleasure??? Its very odd to say if you can do this you are not a human being you are not born with same sperm by which your bro is born.
answered Oct 28, 2011 by ronnie (810 points)
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i have a solution for your problem .....!!!!
1.make sure that u r not following those stories,they really have strong impact.
2.ask your bhabhi to stay away from you,and not to talk vt you,if she asks the reason ,say what u r feeling about her,then,for sure,she herself will avoid you.
3.ask for her sorry,and dont talk to her again,and you yourself get immersed in some work,if you stay idle,your dirty thoughts will be projected this way...!!!
but am sure,you can easily come out of this,...!!!!
if this didnot work,then you urself find a girl....!!for you,she vl take care of you,.but,dont break ur family ,coz of ur silliness,dude u r just 19,teenager....!!!!ok.....!!!long way to go,why do u want to ruin ur life,just for sex...???shut ur mind from those thoughts,...!!!!
answered Oct 28, 2011 by sagar_ilus (2,990 points)

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