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Is it wrong to be attracted to older women only? [closed]

asked Sep 29, 2009 in Questions by sagarvm101010 (190 points)
closed Mar 23, 2012 by oye
Hello Anjali Aunty ji,
I am feeling relaxed that there is someone who help us for any of  our problems which we can't share with somebody.
My problem is that I am the only son of my parents and both my parents are business persons from Baroda. Both they are very busy in their lives, they haven't got time for me and I feel very lonely because if this.
Due to this condition, I have moved on a wrong way. My parents always arranges business parties and I have come in contact with some old and mature ladies during these parties. Our relations has grown into bed slowly. I have sexual relations with many females, and they all are above 45+, one of them is 65 years old with whom I have enjoyed. To tell you the truth I am totally satisfied from them and naturally they too feel very much satisfied from me. Now I am following them blindly, I am doing whatever they tell me to do. Now the situation is that, I am not feeling any charm with any girl my age or younger. I am feeling all attraction to older females only. I feel comfortable with older females in all the ways.
So please Anjali Aunty guide me. Am I on the wrong track? Am I normal? What should I have to do? Please please guide me.
closed with the note: Old question, you can add some comments, but a reply is not required.
commented Oct 15, 2011 by yntr (1,800 points)
moved Jul 29, 2012 by longhands1
You are lucky that you are getting agood sex education,by all trained lady, you are not exciting because a sex by way you are getting from trainlady you come close to any young lady, and trained to she, by way from which you are getting the satisfaction from older woman. one day you will enjoy with same, as you are enjoying with old ladies.
commented Oct 16, 2011 by meenakshi (330 points)
moved Jul 29, 2012 by longhands1
if ur happy living the life ur living then continue..y complain.however if u wish to stop it then avoid all this ladies u have been bedding n start to mingle with ppl ur age.
commented Jan 3, 2012 by Lucifesam90 (200 points)
moved Jul 29, 2012 by longhands1
Its absolutely normal..everyone has their attractions, feelings n fantasies..even i get attracted to mature women more than girls of my age. U are indeed lucky to have them..enjoy..(wink)
commented Jan 3, 2012 by akash12 (120 points)
moved Jul 29, 2012 by longhands1
No problem, you may that type of sexual relation with older ladies, age does not matter in any adult sexual relation....if u feel guilty then you must leave it...otherwise you carry on.
commented Mar 23, 2012 by kamalkan (235 points)
moved Mar 23, 2012 by oye
When u r seduced by older women,younger men love it,since they r attracted towards the huge sagging boobs,big ass,licking loose n oozing counts.Can go on as long a ulike.But once u taste a young virgin,then u will feel the difference.U will b touching smooth n silky bodies,firm n tiny bobbed girls,tight n less hairy pussies which can taste better due to the freshness n the great riding,pumping n fucking that can b had from young pussies.I am telling this out of my own personal experience.
commented Mar 23, 2012 by parik89 (2,190 points)
moved Mar 23, 2012 by oye
well kudos to you man thats nice we all have attraction towards older women , personally its big fantasy of mine seriously my biggest, and about your problem its not really problem its just a phase youll move on to your age girls once you feel the need of relationship. my advice enjoy the time you have right now but dont let anybody manipulate you and have a great time

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