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which type of Difference with sex power booster supplement during sex? [closed]

asked Oct 9, 2011 in Questions by sampurna (180 points)
closed Jun 12, 2014 by longhands1
hi pls tell me if he or she get power booster suppliment to enjoy more sex than can its harmful for health and .and i want to know what is difference between natural sex after getting supplimentry (tablets,pills powder ,injection)sex
closed with the note: Closed as old Question.

4 Answers

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Everything except natural( in the sense your own stamina) thing have a adverse effect. There numerous tabs and lotion to delay climax or increase stamina but all have side effects
coz nothing in the world is 100%
answered Oct 9, 2011 by ajaykrb (1,105 points)
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Are you having any problem with your handjob or sex life?  If not, try avoid all booster or supplements.  All teh external elements like cream, spreay or internal like cialis, viagra are chemical compounds. In all point of time the chemical compound to gental should be avoided. TThere are lots of side effects that creeps up eventually.  he only one you can use is water based water soluble KY Jelly.
I assure you, if you carry on with you Kegal exercise, learn some good tricks to hold on longer, and use spit asthe lube, you dont need any booster.
These boosters are for losers who dont get pleasure out of sex, they want a physical pleasure of fucking, missing out the pleasure of love making.
answered Oct 10, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
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its not adviced to go for those so called supplements...unless and untill you are helpless,and need them just increases your desire,due to which you feel like having sex for longer time,...and also delays the shooting time....if you use continuously ,it will be like,to do sex you have to take the tablet...!!
answered Oct 10, 2011 by sagar_ilus (2,990 points)
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Medicines always has side effects and if you are doing something against the natural things then they will surely harm your body.
Also the suppliment just increases sex stemina and will increase the sex timing but i personally feel avoid suppliments and try to be natural to enjoy more.
If once you use suppliment and do sex then next time the expectation of yours or your partner will be same or everytime she or he will demand same type of sex.
answered Nov 12, 2011 by greatsubmissions (950 points)

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