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I betrayed my husband and now I am into trouble - Please help me!

asked Oct 5, 2011 in Questions by coolamritha (125 points)
edited Oct 6, 2011 by Anjali

Hi Anjali and all,

I have got some serious trouble, please help me on what to do?

I am 24 years of age female, got married 2 years ago and it was a love marriage. My husband is working in a software company. We dont have children yet. 4 months back I found out that he is been into an affair with his colleague. I found out and that happened to be a huge fight when I asked about it to him.

He straight away said he would be continuing his affair with that girl. There were several fights, in which I had also got beaten and injured. I did not know how to take this issue to the parents because they are not talking with us since this marriage was without their consent.

I was very dejected. A month ago, my hubby's friend who used to visit our home and be friendly with us came to know the issue at home. He was very supportive to me during that stages. He was so loving and caring. Depressed and dejected, out of frustration and in the thought of vengeance I ended up in having a physical relationship with him.

I felt regretted for my acts. And then decided not to continue this. The next time he approached for physical relationship, I refused. Then I was shocked to know that he had secretly captured our intercourse in a cam. He is now threateing me to show it to hubby and my parents and put it in the internet. I dont know what to do?

He says until and unless I agree to his sexual favors he wont publish it to others. I am very depressed. I know what I did is a mistake, I feel regretted.

Please help me

commented Oct 5, 2011 by Sanjay kumar (350 points)
moved Jun 11, 2014 by longhands1
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commented Oct 5, 2011 by Er.Sunil (160 points)
Don't give stupid comments.If u can't help others then atleast give moral support.
commented Oct 6, 2011 by 4lickurpussy (100 points)
Do you know malayalam?
commented Nov 2, 2011 by sagar971 (165 points)
wana be my friend.
commented Oct 3, 2012 by vicky88 (100 points)
You said that ur husband's frnd came to your place. This means there is no chance that he hid cameras at your place.  are you sure he really recorded everything or is he jus sayin that he did to make you give in to his demands?

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11 Answers

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Dear coolamritha,

Listen carefully, what you need is an end from ur miseries, ur husbands extra martial affair and his friends blackmail. Till now you have been trying but couldnt succeed in both.
So you have to be bold and start to act from a different perspective.

You are in danger. You need to be bold and strong enough to face anything that might throw against your love and your family.
You have tried talking and pleading to both of them. but nothing helped.
You will really repent in the future thinking that you could have done something boldly and secured and regained your happy family life. So,

Stop all your tears and see everything in a different perspective.

What i advice you to do is.

1. Next time when your hubby's friend comes to you, be ready to record both of your conversation (Video recording would be better) Start recording before the door bell rings (i hope u understood what i meant).
Now make sure that you tell everything specifically and act the same way u had behaved earlier (miserable).. like you will have to include words like

ensure that all these are recorded with the camera properly placed. make many copies and secure it at different places. And dont LET ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS UNTIL....

i will tell how this will help you.
there is a possibility that your husband is the one who planned this so that he can have a proof for avoiding you. so this apology of you will prove to be positive for you emotionally and legally.

2. Warn your hubby's friend that if he blackmails him again you are gonna inform his family, dont ever tell that you will tell ur husband everything. if he threats to tell himself to ur hubby repeat the same dialogue what you will do if he again forces you. if u see that he is not going to stop. Do this> If ur hubby's friend have a family, may it be wife or relatives. approach them and tell them everything, that this guy is blackmailing you to have sex with him again  , and that he has the video and is threatening to expose it. Talk to them through phone and tell them that you have recorded it. but you will never tell that friend directly about the video you are having.
3. And without wasting time, reveal everything to your husband and ask for his apology as soon as possible...RECORD THIS TOO where you say and reveal everything including what made u do like that his extra martial affair should be clear in words..
This is how u shud do
Recieve him and the first word that u shud say is "Sorry"
then continue like this........
Say everything in a really calm and composed manner with a sorry face.
start like this
"Sorry, Please be calm and please listen to me, Am sorry, i did a big mistake, (touch his feet) when i came to know that you have an affair and you where not going to stop, in order to get you back i had physical relationship with your friend" Your sincerity and love should be expressed here. also tell him that he has recorded everything.

Save atleast 3 copies of this recording, secure it and no one shud know about this. And dont let your husband also know that u had recorded his friends conversation also.

And try to have an evidence that your husband has an affair outside or is it really ur doubt. well in any case you have to do this now.

Now i will tell you, how all this will help you.

1. you where the one who revealed it and he didnot find it out by himself.
2. if or if not he was the one who made his friend do this, chances are there that he might realise ur love and sincerity towards him.
3. if he is the one who planned you will get to know that.
4. and if he files a divorce or gets prepared to avoid you, he might be showing this as evidence against you claiming that he was not in a relationship. You are not with your family now and you are going to be showed as the culprit.
5. This is the only way left for you that will help you regain your life back, if he is the one formally coming to know, then u r screwed for sure.
6. You wont loose your self respect.
there are many more things that will help you positively.

And one more piece of advice, as Anjalixxx88 said you should look for a job.
answered Oct 6, 2011 by tnt_tnt (745 points)
commented Oct 6, 2011 by tnt_tnt (745 points)
if u find difficulty in understanding any of it, plz point out i can explain.

And if anyone finds something wrong plz do point out.
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nothing can be done. When you allows your pussy door for a stranger that means you also betrayed your hubby.
If you are well rich then try to acquire some person who can threaten the cheater and destroy the evidence.
and for your marriage life try to show your love and affection to your hubby, if your love is true and honest then definitely return back.
answered Oct 5, 2011 by vipul0527 (985 points)
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This is a funny situation. Your husband can have affair and threat that he wont leave his new found love, but you cant? What the fuck lady, he is fucking around you do the same.

There is a standard term called revenge fuck. This is your time to continue with this friend. At least he is keeping the clips and not shown to others. Means he is a smaller bastard than your hubby.  He doesnot physically torture like your hubby. Clearly he is a better man.

If a guy start having affair after 1 and half years of marriage, means he is not getting sexual satisfaction in his terms from you. The friend is getting that from you thats why coming back. Its time to leave your hubby and get married to this guy.  Next time he comes for a free fuck you should approach him and ask him to leave all these behind and get married.  If he declines and is already married, go and meet his wife or girlfriend and tell to leave him as you want him all your own. Do contact a lawyer for all divorce papers and get married to this guy.

Girls don't have balls, but they should stand by their rights. Stand up and do what you are supposed to do. Your life with your hubby is over, just move on with this guy.  If he loves you, he will walk with you. If he had been using you, at least to avoid getting married he will eventually stop coming for free fuck. Blackmail him with forcing to get married, not tears or police case.
answered Oct 5, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
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Girl This is a common problem now a days. Stupid Spy Cam What I would suggest is confide in some of your close friends meaning really close friends and then device a plan against him. Think out of the box it really helps. Get him or some one close to him in trouble. Reverse it and then compromise with what u have.

Also if u have some connection with his boss or some big time government official u can use his help also to make sure that his future is threatened.

Think about it dont worry reverse be bold and act fast
answered Oct 5, 2011 by ram1974s (200 points)
commented Oct 5, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
edited Jun 11, 2014 by longhands1
Lady, you have screwed your life. Before replying I read twice to understand your mental condition, my understanding is, if this is not a fake story, then you are one of those desperate lady who will do anything to come out of trap.
Often people who's back is at wall can get any further are either dangerous or suicidal. What you have done, I don't think you can feel much of dignity, but you can't lose your patience now. You need to fight back and win.
Its not easy to open up on these situation with in law or parents. Share and confess to hubby is an escape route as he also is a cheater and proud to be one. It gives him nice excuse to kick you out of home.
People who screwed your life and playing still, how can leave without what he should pay? Just set that marriage trap right, this is your only way. Either he will take you as legal wife or would stop dropping by. Both way you have something to gain. Rather than a cheater hubby, he is better. Or he leaves and let you stay in peace.
Its easy to suggest something, for others or for me, but its your call what you want to do. You lost dignity, lost parents, but havn't lost self respect. Regain that in right way, kick some candy ass and do what you have to do. Kick the hubby's friend and hubby's lover and win back your right place OR leave that cheater and start afesh with a smaller cheater. Maybe he is not that bad of a person as your future hubby.
Remember the three words made Obama the Presideny, YES WE CAN. Unless you believe that you can, you are a failure.
My best wishes, and do inform what you did.
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Kisike saath aisa hona nehi chahiye. Apka Hubby to galat kam kiye r apne vi kiya. Mera kheyal se akdin hubby ko sob kuch batao.

Hubby ko bolna hay hubby ko upor gusshha kar ke tumne aisa kam kiya. Or apka hubby vi to galat kam kar raya hay. Mera kheyal se, koi apni wife ka extra sex relation thick tara se nehi lega. Onke andor kuch change jorur ayega. Fir last me ja ke ohi friend ke nam pe FIR kar na hay. Hubby ko bol na hay ohi friend kitna convince kiya tha sex karne ke liye.

Bohut dangerous position hay apka. But you have to face the issue.
answered Oct 5, 2011 by joy-of-sex (175 points)
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dont worry maam first tell me ur hubby's friend is married or not if yes than told him that u will tell her wife and his parents about ur affair i m sure to save him self he will leave u tr it
answered Oct 6, 2011 by madhav (115 points)
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grt situation ,i have read some of the answers,all are trying their best to get you of of this situation and i vl give my share,if you like it,follow it.first thing you have to do is go to your parents,the only people,who keep loving you,even if you hate them.they vl take care of ur husband.
2.tell ur friend,if he comes to you another time,you would meet his wife,if he does not listen to you,....then,lady be brave,and go to his home,when he is at his home.just talk to his wife casually.for sure,he will be pissing off,then he will come to you again,then,its ur turn.....!!!if you,take control of the situation ,you wont see him in your life again,just..ask him to delete the videothen...if at all he have recorded.

"if my life is being spoiled by you.i will be the one responsi,ble for your destruction .,"this vl work ......but you need guts to do this.
but....lady....pls pls pls......see ur parents,they vl forgive you,am sure....!!!they vl bring this situation into control .
answered Oct 6, 2011 by sagar_ilus (2,990 points)
commented Oct 6, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
edited Jun 11, 2014 by longhands1
Lady, I said before and let me repeat, we are not in your situation and we can't tell you what has to be done. Its very easy to suggest something when you have to act.  
If you agree that you have screwed up the situation, you have to stand up and do the right way. My whole point of saying was, when someone feels his/her back is against the wall, he/she should keep the cool and do the right thing. You dont have option to chose from, rather decide on one mode and that has to be well thought and executed.  You dont get multiple choices.
If you believe the power of mind, you will know what I am talking. Your mind can play a big role not only to calm your own self, but also other people around you. Gain that mental strength and take control of your right in your way. If you fail now, you have no second chance.
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we have put our ideas, what we think will work for you, but as anjali said, you can get a professional help from an advocate, i mean a lady advocate (she can understand you and help you as a lady). As they are well versed with this kind of men, she can advice you more professionally.
answered Oct 6, 2011 by pussycat (3,855 points)
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Amritha, feel very sad for you getting entangled in such a messy situation. First, try to get the fact, that if the friend of your hubby was planted deliberately for you. Once you get confirmed that he has been deliberately doing all these things with you, then you may proceed to convince this really shrewd friend  to show you the clip he has recorded, I am sure it may have been recorded by your hubby if he has some other plan to get you screwed and then getting you blackmailed by his friend. When you face the real facts you may be in a better position to decide what to do further. Best of luck for getting the right direction to come out of this situation very happily without any scratch on your image. Best wishes to you, may you be ending this miserable phase of yours in a happy ending. The joy of giving week is going-on settle this issue within this period and see these things are amicably ended.
answered Oct 7, 2011 by sahilonly4you (925 points)
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I totally agree with pritimayee, when ur husband is fucking around with an other women..y u wanna bother...

enjoy ur husbands freind's dick and fuck away in glory :D
answered Dec 20, 2011 by sid29011987 (260 points)
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Your husband had an affair and fucked around!!! You in turn made an affair and fucked around. So,where is the problem here? You people should just confess everything with each other,and keep things honest. Come'on you had sex,you had enjoyed it. Now,you are just suffering from guilty conscious!!! Where was it before you started doing sex? It was not there,because you actually wanted sex in the first place!!! Not that there is anything wrong in wanting to have sex outside marriage. Just that being dishonest and creating dramas are the main problem here!!

And by the way,kick the ass of that so called friend of yours,that is threatening to expose your nude videoes!!!! Just don't give a damn to his threats!!!!
answered Jan 19, 2012 by elitely (595 points)

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