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Should i seduce my sexy bhabhi who possibly shows interest in me?

asked Sep 22, 2011 in Questions by rajeev_agarwal (310 points)


hi guys, i am 27 years old unmarried working male and my bhabhi is 29 years old housewife married for 5 years with a 2 year old kid. we are good friends and quite frank with each other discussing on all topics like girls and relationships and movies etc. we go out for movies sometimes with relatives and sometimes, only me and my bhabhi.
i have been having the hots for her since her marriage but have never been able to tell her about that. i often fantasize and masturbate thinking of her. she sits with me on bike such that her boobs often get pressed on my back. she trusts me and i also trust her. we also talk naughty talks sometimes when alone.
so i want to know how can i seduce her?? well i dont really want full sex. just boobs fondling, foreplay and blowjob. and yes, i dont mind even if my brother bangs my wife in future. in fact, i would love to have a group sex and swapping partners as i am really fond of that.
she is a modern lady and has modern likes but quite conservative too in front of others. and i do think that my bhabhi has given me a few signs like:
1) whenever she sits with me on bike, her boobs touch my back and they get crushed.
2) she calls me by my name in front of others but calls me "devarji" in a sweet naughty tone when we both are alone.
3) she asks me about my girlfriends and my likes and dislikes. she also told me that she had been proposed many times in college and at work.
4) once i asked her, "bhabhi, can we discuss any thing on any topic?" so she replied, "yes devarji, you can discuss anything on any topic with me."
so should i go with presenting her sarees and high heels. i am saying this as i really like women wearing sarees and high heels and she is also quite comfortable with them. i am asking for high heels and sarees as they really make a woman look gorgeous and sexy and more so when one has got a nice figure like my bhabhi. what i have decided is i will present her with the sexy transparent saree and ask her to get a sexy low cut blouse stitched for that, like  short sleeves or having open back and/or deep neck. and also the heels would be those 4" to 5" pencil high heels.
please help me guys. thanks.
commented Sep 22, 2011 by akk0907 (2,855 points)
i have read this question of yours earlier... But now just want to ask you some questions??
1. Do you love your family?
2. Do you love your elder brother?
I think you do not.. Your brother gave you this freedoom to go out with your bhabhi... That means he let you fuck her..
And about your bhabhi, she is just an another indian woman who like to tease her devar.. You will never understand the sesitivity between a relation of devar bhabhi...  Shame on you loser...
commented Jan 28, 2014 by sam0001ster (125 points)
moved Jan 28, 2014 by oye
love your family buddy and please take precautions before you take any step towards new relation

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7 Answers

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you had already asked this question. why the fu*k are you asking again? Are you a fuc*ing idiot or what? if you are really bent on Fu**ing her go do it. why are you asking again and again.

If you want to hear other people's opinion, i will give it to you.

I will say "Go fu** yourself. If i were you elder bro, i would sm*sh your head and feed it to the dogs. Are you such a namard, that you cant find anyone else other than your bhabi? Are you such a namard that you have to ask some people on the internet who you have to have sex with? I just feel like kicking you on your bal*s so that you wont get off by asking such stupid questions again and again"
answered Sep 22, 2011 by superhuman (140 points)
commented Sep 23, 2011 by pussycat (3,855 points)
moved Jun 7, 2014 by longhands1
havent you seduced her yet.You were asking this for long.
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You asked this question before, has anyone deleted that?   I guess you have no new story to add up, so copy pasted the earlier one. Please come up with new story line.

By now there should be some changes in the situation, if haven't, that's a good news that you didn't do anything stupid yet.  Don't do anything stupid.

A quick thought, if you are okay to see your brother banging your future wife on your bed, please go ahead fucking his wife. Once you get married, your brother can bang your wife in front of you two, wow, isnt that amazingly beautiful moment to watch?  If you are not okay, then don't spoil the relationship.
answered Sep 24, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
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Ur fake and ur question is fake. I agree wit superhuman
answered Sep 27, 2011 by Altaf (155 points)
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Bhabhi is behaving with you as a good friend, if she require sex from you she will approach you directly, in friendship sex is always not a wish.
answered Oct 4, 2011 by yntr (1,800 points)
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ek din uske room me ghus ja. . Aur pel de . YAHI CHAHTA H NA DOST.
He he he. Story writer
answered Oct 4, 2011 by sourabhj (250 points)
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a dirty addicted mind can't be changed.. see now u r talking about wiFe swaping. in case some one come and ask u for mother swaping u do that also'.. stop behaving like a ***.. our fate that u dint ask ur father for wife swap. why u people want marriage, love relationship. go Mumbai u'll get anyone. and never post such kind of questions. first clean ur mind and respect the family.
answered Jan 23, 2012 by raj009 (680 points)
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yes dude surely go ahead and fuck her til her pussy is torn. Fuck her and make her ur ****. I guess u wanted to hear such words from users here. Even if v tell u not to fuck her, I doubt ur devil mind wil listen.

answered Jan 23, 2012 by bin (2,365 points)

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