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guy having fully covererd foreskin in penis at normal times

–1 vote
hi readers my penis foreskin is fully covered in normal times. but in errection time it will not covered it come back. whether this will be an major problem? it will affect my future sex life.?
asked Sep 14, 2011 in Questions by tamilboy21 (628 points)

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4 Answers

0 votes
Itz nothing like that. Its normal. No 1 can enter an vagina with their foreskin covered.
answered Sep 15, 2011 by surya_surya (351 points)
0 votes
are you confused whether you have an unique penis or are you really bothered about you penis, first of all be clear in mind to ask such questions, because you are just not on the right path or you may be too naive for this place.
answered Sep 15, 2011 by sahilonly4you (926 points)
0 votes
This is the desirable and favourable part of a normal penis. Unless the penis bulb is fully exposed on getting horny and erect, you cannot have the peak sensation of orgasmic sex pleasure either at masturbation or while really fucking a gil's hole.
answered Sep 15, 2011 by dr-deepika27 (1,767 points)
its the same for everyone i guess/.
hi friends thanks for your kind answers
dear friend
why are you waisting your time as well as ours by asking
this kind of useless questions?
dear friend
plz avoid asking this kind of useless questions.
dont spoil the mood of this site.
0 votes
I have hardly seen a useless question like this.  I guess next time your question will be I have a dick, what to do with it? Or why girls dont have a dick?

Seriously, what is your real age? I can assume its between 13-14.  Cant be more.
answered Sep 16, 2011 by oye (27,121 points)