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is it true that incest happens in india

0 votes
asked Sep 12, 2011 in Questions by satish_hotchick (130 points)
closed Jun 27, 2012 by dan
is it true that incest happens in india, if yes then to how much instant?
closed with the note: old question , no more reply
commented Oct 8, 2012 by prateeksharma7890 (100 points)
if done safely incest isnt wrong
me and my mom came close after my father got ill and now we enjoy in bed
but we do it safely consedring that we want compramise the integrity of family
commented Nov 5, 2013 by rajeevverma (100 points)
yes it happens in India...I am a witness to this.
commented Sep 25, 2015 by Subhankar2105 (130 points)
Yup.. That's how it happened for us.
commented May 2 by Balaji41 (100 points)
Hi rajiv I would like to discuss about this topic with as you have expirence for doing incest

6 Answers

+5 votes
Incest happens everywhere ,in the whole world there is sure a lot of incest happening in India
answered Sep 12, 2011 by Mr. X (135 points)
+4 votes
With a very low frequency of sex relation existing on a direct Mother-Son, Father-Daughter & Own Brother-Sister relation, all other kinds of incest are virtually on record in India (with or without fear/sense of guilt), irrespective of your likes and dislikes. A bigger picture of the same scenario is seen globally without a sense of guilt of fear of the society.
answered Sep 12, 2011 by dr-deepika27 (1,767 points)
commented Sep 12, 2011 by sandystar500 (778 points)
moved Feb 3, 2014 by longhands1
yes, nowadays incest activities anr increasing in india...
commented Jun 27, 2012 by AAREYAN (100 points)
yes u r rite
+2 votes
but its really  unethical,and unfaithful,its like a snake swallowing its own eggs..... relationships and culture should be maintained,atleast within the family,after all we are humans,not animals,we do have ethics.
answered Sep 12, 2011 by sagar_ilus (3,026 points)
+2 votes
Incest is happening in India also as it is happening in other parts of the world. According to myth, sex between a teacher and student is also comes under incest. We can leave that chapter. In case of blood related persons like Father, Mother, Son and Daughter, there are many reported cases. Recently lot of cases were disclosed that Father abused his daughter sexually and daughter become pregnant etc. Nearly 10 years ago, one of my relative pointed out me a man who has a daughter in his sister. (Later this lady died in an accident, that was the circumstance, my relative's disclosure). I have no idea about incest between a mother and son.
answered Sep 12, 2011 by MTZ.SDQ (146 points)
+3 votes
Come on India is not out of world, all good things or bad things happens in world, happens in India.
But I think its not that wide spread as it looks like in sex stories or even here in AA questions. I believe there are more fake question or fantasy than in reality.
answered Sep 12, 2011 by oye (27,230 points)
commented Sep 13, 2011 by sagar_ilus (3,026 points)
moved Jan 14, 2014 by longhands1
yes that's true......!!!fantasies and fakes
commented Oct 17, 2011 by ravin69 (527 points)
instead they get real responses/answers in large!
commented Nov 3, 2011 by zena69 (1,382 points)
moved Jan 14, 2014 by longhands1
But how  much is it widespread in India - does anybody can say (ie. 5% or 50% or ... ??)
+2 votes
hi i am sonam ,26 female and doing job at gurgaon,
i was also having a view that incest does not exist in india.After some years my own younger brother ,he is just 19 years ,come to stay with me for higer study and during stay slowly he started developing interest in my body that may be due to his adolacent age ,but this awareness initialayy make me fel irritaed ,but over month i also slowly started enjoying his attention and later we did incest.

So i realise it is largely due to situation and close proximity and staying alone with ladies or boys and desire to have sex.

Yes i agree after that i felt guilty bad and al feeling.
answered Dec 3, 2011 by sonamsingh2211 (107 points)
commented Jun 27, 2012 by AAREYAN (100 points)
u did incest that's y u r saying but its not true

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