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Whats the difference between Escort girls and call girls?

asked Sep 11, 2011 in Questions by Loveyou (450 points)
edited Sep 12, 2011 by Anjali
Hi Anjali aunty and all,

Whats the difference between escorts girls and call girls? And is it safe to go to holidays with an escort girl?

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5 Answers

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Escort Girls are supposed to be decent and well behaved compared to call girls. EGs (Escort Girls) are more responsible as they charge highly, and secondly, they are connected to an agency through which you take them. If EGs behave illfully, there are every chances that they shall get fired by thier agency.
answered Sep 11, 2011 by sknims (920 points)
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Escort girls are from some agency, you cant book the fast. They are clean, they are classy, they know people's taste, they can represent in parties as your girlfriend or wife.  They are trained for sex and other social acts.  They work more on monthly salary plus bonus basis.
For call girls, the charge is lower, they have brokers easily bookable, they are all for sex. They work on encounter basis, the payment in cash and broker cuts the commission.
Yes its ssafe to take one escort girl in holiday, you wont get a feel that they are not your girlfriend. So watch out your credit card, brother.
answered Sep 11, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
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Through the aforesaid answers you must have noted the difference between the two. Regarding the safety, I would suggest you to use condom in either case, because how-so-ever clean, smart, soft, mannered & classy the escourt girl may be, one doesn't know what type of man (from STD point of view) she served earlier.
answered Sep 12, 2011 by dr-deepika27 (1,740 points)
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Let me explain on this as i have quiet experience on this,

         Callgirls are also the girls which you can get them by the link of broker, and there will be some girls which will be indugled in this activity of their own, not with the help of any person, they will be getting the customers directly by attending calls of the customers....

         Escorts are the fully stylish and modern girls like models, there will be a particular agency of these girls with one or two brokers which they render their service with with very costly fees, if you will be ready to pay their fees, they are also ready to give their service thou are thousand kilometers far from them....

         And it is safe to go to hoilday trips to goa and all but the charges will be too much.....
answered Sep 13, 2011 by sandystar500 (770 points)
commented Sep 13, 2011 by sagar_ilus (2,990 points)
moved Feb 3, 2014 by longhands1
escort girls are bmw's and call girls are maruti 800's that's u can compare..
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"Whore" is a word that portrays some individual who engages in sexual relations for cash. It is somewhat age-old, and most "whores" lean toward the term 'sex laborer' when discussing their calling. All sex specialists are in fact whores. All things considered, all, the same number of porn, or cam, or back rub young ladies may wish to characterize themselves in an unexpected way.

An escort depicts a specific sort of sex laborer, regularly one who works freely, either "outcall" or going to your place of home, or "incall" working from their own particular inn or condo. Another ancient term for escort is 'call young lady'. An "independant" young lady could be genuinely independant, or they could utilize a booking office, or they could be working a move at a house of ill-repute and be sent on an outcall.

Escorts sporadically go with their customer to get-togethers or an eatery, however honestly this is uncommon. The vanity is that they are social escorts that you make up for their time, yet I have never met an escort that I didn't engage in sexual relations with. In 95%+ of appointments the customer will meet the escort at a discrete district basically to engage in sexual relations.

There is no "class" of sex specialist that particularly characterizes themselves as a whore. No one will state 'no, I am not an escort, I am a whore' or anything like that. Sex specialists characterize themselves as 'streetwalkers', or house of ill-repute young ladies, or masseurs, or tantric back rub suppliers, or numerous different terms depicting the portion of the business they are in.

As a customer, you never request a "prostitute" either. Right off the bat, in the event that you are some place where sex work is criminalized, those laws may particularly characterize prostitution as an illicit demonstration. It is difficult to deny you are infringing upon the law, when you have particularly expressed that you wish to overstep the law. You ought to talk in indirect terms, and make a request to book an escort, or a date, or you inquire as to whether you could 'mastermind to meet a young lady'.
answered Jun 5, 2017 by mikemithra (105 points)

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