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Where to touch my girlfriend so that she will get Sex mood immediately? [closed]

asked Aug 27, 2011 in Questions by achilles29 (230 points)
closed Aug 25, 2013 by longhands1
Hello friends and Anjali,

My girlfriend speaks more and tries to be innocent, I too speak sexy to bring her crazy and to make her the first move, but I can't.

Get a simple idea for me so that as soon as I touch her she should get into sex mood?
closed with the note: Old Post.

11 Answers

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dear friend
touch in her heart. be intimate with her. try to be sincere with her and make feel her that you will be with her. then it is easy and you can get her in to mood even by a single touch at her finger tip.
answered Aug 27, 2011 by manish.naran (3,375 points)
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I am confused on the question, can you ask again what you want to know? Are you talking about her erogenous zone?
You haven't mentioned any age, at least could guess what makes you act so opposite. When a man should take the initiative, you are looking for her to make the move, right? Any reason for that, like you want to come clean later saying you only had sex because she wanted to?
If you are talking about her sensitive spots on body, well for a woman there are plenty of places. A few are seen with cloths the rest are covered.
But talking from other point of view, I would suggest to tiuch her heart. You can do that if you communicate more, share your thoughts and listen to her feelings too. Your question seemed a it difficult too me, something like you are with a chatterbox who pretends to be naive but you want to have sex with her initiation.  That's not how a love between two persons happens.  She is trying to communicate, you are trying to have sex, do you see a long term bond in this situation?  Think again before making any move.
Take care.
answered Aug 28, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
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Win her heart Dude by winning her heart she will be your's
you said you wanted her to take intiative it takes some time to take her intiative..use the time to win her heart..
answered Aug 28, 2011 by ivar143 (240 points)
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Learn every tricks of will help u a lot
answered Aug 28, 2011 by Vansh18 (670 points)
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C'mon man this is not some fast food center, where you 'll order your food and expect to munch down in 5 mins. We are talking about getting you and your girlfriend being laid. and if you expect that this is some magic lamp , you 'll rub it and thus making your girlfriend horny !!!

Be practical dude. First you got understand patience is a virtue. you ve gotta understand that a girl needs time. She needs to be understood what is her needs, what are her dos and donts !

You have to be open with your partner. She may also want you to open up.
But if you go on a fuck mission my friend you ll be sorely disappointed.
Do a little bit of touching, licking, hugging. Show her that you care and not the opposite. If you act receptive only then she 'll be turned on both by your behavior and your way of giving pleasure to her.  Be frank and say "I want to please you"

She 'll be the most happiest person after you guys have sex and you can take pleasure in knowing that.
answered Aug 28, 2011 by Doc Block (205 points)
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first kiss on her lips then kiss on her buttock then kiss behind her ears then kiss her breasts suck the nipple then kiss on her chest then kiss on her pussy suck it by the time she will start telling yo u fuck do it then reply
answered Aug 28, 2011 by mrpl000 (300 points)
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the main solution to trap them in sex is that, you should rub her clitorious....
answered Aug 29, 2011 by sandystar500 (770 points)
commented Sep 2, 2011 by DirtyMind (305 points)
i think before you even get down there you should try the neck kissing and light rubs of the nipples from outside
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You Start rubbing in boob and fingering her panty so that she can embarassed quickly
answered Aug 29, 2011 by tamilboy21 (655 points)
commented Sep 12, 2011 by yntr (1,800 points)
moved Feb 2, 2014 by longhands1
your talk and love should be imprssable, so that as soon as girl seen you she will excite soon.
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ha ha,...some funny answers there,shez a girl not a pimp........if you love her really and 100% ,first flirt her,praise her,ask jer that u want to smell her hair first,then look into her eyes,be romantic,not sadistic,then again flirt her,whatever you do just stand in front of her and do....then,slowly wringle her hair with your hand,then gently get her hair away from her face with your finger down her ear towards her neck,do it twice or thrice look into her eyes,caress her back of neck and hug her and propose her(i love you),then kiss her on the neck gently,slowly on to the ear,and just touch her lips with urs and leave,do it again 2 to 3 times and then kiss her gently,work out the romance for many times,then she vl only ask  you to do something new,and .....u know wat to do....!!
answered Sep 12, 2011 by sagar_ilus (2,990 points)
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its not too hard bro, get a soft start with touching, rub her slowly and move  deep slowly, try and rubbing her boobs kiss her chicks, and finally when u touch her pussy, its for sure she wil be fallen for you,
answered Sep 29, 2011 by maxi512 (1,065 points)
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d most sensative part 4 sex in gals r d ear lick dat....n suck dat....c wuld automatically arosed...
answered Oct 27, 2011 by kuchnai (200 points)

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