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asked Aug 26, 2011 in Questions by prateik09 (120 points)
closed Aug 25, 2013 by longhands1
Hello I'm Prateek,

I have one query, about now what to do because my brother's wife making me crazy towards her.

As I think it all starts from car incident, few days back we went on some picnic tour with family in car, I was sitting near my SIL(brother's wife)as we have to travel about 400-500 kms and to make everybody comfortable, my SIL asked me to sit on her lap.

I am very shy guy, I have no GF yet and I am still a Virgin.But as I sat on lap, her boobs wer pressing hard on my back and(as if someone hug someone from behind[backside])by SIL's hand wer like that as her hands were on my tummy. But as long her boobs wer touching my back my dick starts hard and hard and it became very stiff.And as it was long journey her hands slips on my dick and after that she was not moving her hand I dont know why.

after comeing back home....she always show me her cleavage and very deep-deep cleavage.(i hv not seen her ever feeding her i m very shy and reserve person,not even in years she donesomething like that) she always keep dupputa on her dress so that nobody can see her cleavage....but now a days....whenever my uncle and papa leave house for thier job....she keep her duppatta aside....and she  always show me her deep cleavage...and in nights also she come in gowns in sit with me only...and watch tv with me in my room.

I hv never ever thought like this but after few such incident......i dont know what happening to me....i cant sleep in nights because all that scenes come in my mind.....and her style of doin so or talking  or so

I will never get courage to do something with my brother's she insist me of doin so ...but her cleavage game is not stopping.... she often ask me to give her "BRA n PANTY when she is bathroom.

Plzzzzz help me what to do ....should i tell to my brother about this or i should talk direct this to my bhabhi that what she is doin....or what should i do...

If u dont add this question in ur website but then also pls reply me via mail

Thank u
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7 Answers

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hey come on brother, we die for such chances :)

make a use of it.. talk to her what she wants, atleast she her nude, play with her pussy n ass.. n enjoy :)
answered Aug 26, 2011 by manan (1,670 points)
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answered Aug 26, 2011 by yntr (1,800 points)
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A few days ago I would write how bad this relationship could be, but reading people's answers I have started believing incest isn't that bad. I dont do doesnt mean others shouldn't.
You said you are shy. I think you are afraid to make a move, worried about What If....
WTF man, you want a fuck or not, she is giving signs, just go ahead and do it.  Its going to be an win win for all. When you get married, your brother can fuck your wife, a sweet sexy family.
At this moment your brother might not be keen to have sex thats why she is looking for trusted fucker who wont reveal her hunger for sex. Dont let it go. Other reason may be your 4 inch tool (assumed) is bigger your brother,s 3 inch, she wants a big dick. I just didnt understand how light you are or heavy she is that you travelled in her lap?
answered Aug 26, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
commented Aug 26, 2011 by protestor (525 points)
Good ans bro,
liked the way you answered....... keep going. :)
commented Aug 30, 2011 by prateik09 (120 points)
My brother and my SIL  having a very happy married life....n even they are  gud on bed,as we live at one home only so its possible to know whats happening or whats cooking in between?

the question u asked that i m lite weight or she is heavy weight.....:i m light weight my weight is 50 was not first time i was sitting on her lap......but not always her boobs touch my just happen on that day as journey was very long.....n all that......

My SIL is my best friend even then my Brother......and i will never ever get courage or if i say that i will never ever dare to something like**** with my SIL as she is my brother's life.....i was confused....that what should i do......should i tell this to my brother or should i ask my SIL to stop all these thing.....i dont want to disclose this to my family person.....thats  y i asked this question....and afterall i m after few such [email protected] night such scenes often come in my mind......and i cant sleep at night due to this....and u wont believe i dont even masturbate thinking my SIL......

I masturbate....once in 2-3 month normally and whenever i masturbate after doin so i feel like i hv done something wrong..., why i did that....its a sin n all that.because of that feeling i often masturbate even after 5-6 months.
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Yes the signs are clear, Go take a chance..and go for a fuck..if your brother is not satisfiying her you can satisfy her..asking her bra and panty is a clear sign..she need desperate fucking dude..fuck her and keep it as a family secret..enjoy fucking your SIL..
answered Aug 27, 2011 by ivar143 (240 points)
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I thought I was banned to write on "ASK ANJALI". Looking at this interesting question I was reminded of the personal story narrated by my GUIDE, which I am quoting below in my GUIDE's original language as an answer to your problem.
"I am proud to admit that I could most cordially establish a very healthy & mutually consented pretty sex relation with the fully nude, arousingly cute, heavily boobed, massively meaty, profusely penile sap-inducing & vaginal nectar generating, exceptionally horny, extra-sweet-sexy & seducingly-tall wife of my own younger brother (BHABHO), who voluntarily got strongly molested from top to bottom by me (her own JETTH), vigorously sucked at all her tasty sex-sap & milk-secreting sources, thoroughly tooth-chewed at her shining thighs, sniffy arm-pits, voluptuous ass plump, heavily blown sky-elevated tight & solid boobs, meaty breast nipples & doubly-meaty vaginal flaps, and wildly fucked-hardcore by my all fingers, tongue & giant penis, hard-penetrated inside her mountain boob cleavage & stringently appetizing pussy-**** repeatedly for the whole day & night to brutally hard-scrub the entire length of my sprang-up jumping horse cock rod & tough penis bulb in deep interiors of my BHABHO’s pungently smelling & tremendously delicious rock-hard vaginal track, such that my full-motion hairy giant-cock was tightened robust hard and pillar-roasted inside the spectacularly slit-tight, densely sapped & firing hot hairy pussy of my own younger brother’s wife, optimally stimulating an excessively blasting discharge of over 200 ml of hot seminal colloids bursting out of my cravingly tough mega penis, shower-force-poured over own BHABHO’s horny vaginal cunt & sensitive-most G-point to provide at-least three excellently long-lasting rythmic peaks of intense orgasmic paradise sex pleasure, towards violently quenching our 27-Yr.-old profoundly alluring lust of wild-nude animal sex-hunger & thirst for each-other’s hardcore-vibrating nude suck and fuck organs".
So please go ahead and enjoy life with mutual consent.
answered Aug 27, 2011 by mr-mukesh_arya (250 points)
commented Aug 27, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
As I recall, you were not banned, you were given with warning. Anjali ji warning are last warning after that she bans. The reason she warned, seems you havent changed from there. If a ban happens, please dont curse others.
It was you who gave a farewell speech to all saying you and Chandra wont be back anymore.
I dont like to see people leaving, but write crap again, quote from your Guru who was a pain in ass, you have again old mode.
Be yourself, write meaningful answer, dont keep copy paste and be original. So all the Goodbye posting, are you going to keep or delete?
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People have always misunderstood me. But sometimes life situation is so helpless that one has to adopt an alternate sex, no matter what the society feels. The story narrated by mr-mukesh_arya is regarding me with his guide. His guide is also my guide and happens to be the own elder brother of my husband. My husband is a chain smoker whom I was married 27 years ago at my age of 21. He is almost impotent due to his addiction to smokes and liuquors. I work as a subordinate of my Jethji (husband's own elder brother) who is 10 yr elder to me, a highly knowledgeable, sharp minded and healthy academician of 58. Once while working with him till late night we happened to touch each other in an experiment. Both of us got aroused and had a consented sex. It was so satisfying that till date we are having such physical relation whenever we find safe lonely opportunities, while keeping our individual family lives happy. I do not find any thing objectionable in this con-sensuous act which does not harm any body. I will endorse Mr. Prateek's wishes to move ahead with her brother's wife if she so wishes.
answered Aug 27, 2011 by ms.chandra1960 (105 points)
commented Aug 27, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
The site was so peaceful last few days... Again has to see all dirty posting of bhabo story.
Please write replies to other people's problem, not juicy steamy sex story. No matter they are true or not, dont spoil the site.
Your Guru maybe with all good qualities, but he is nothing more than a sick sex maniac. If you and your male name are back to establish his sick thoughts , honestly, I will request Anjali ji to ban all of your IPs.
We are here to help each others, not give erotic experience of some mentally sick pervert who calls himself academician. One of these types of professor is enough to spoil one institute's reputation.
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mr mukesh and ms.chandre please talk in  a way that everyone understand what the hell you are telling. do not try and act like some saint..........
answered Aug 27, 2011 by karthikrao (190 points)