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Which are the most safe period for having sex?

asked Aug 22, 2011 in Questions by rajneeti12 (145 points)
edited Aug 29, 2011 by oye
Dear All

Can please tell me which days are considered as safe period for having sex without any worry of pregnancy?

Also what are the safe contraceptives should be used other than condom?

Please reply.

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9 Answers

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Safe period is if the girl has a regular 28 days cycle, then 7 days after period and 7 days before period.
There are many contracentives used, for the sake of avoid conception and stay away from STD condom is still the best.  All the pills has different side effects, try avoid them. She can go for Copper T or Coil.
Or the best if you go for Vasectomy. You will be completely worry free.
answered Aug 22, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
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dear friend
unfortunately the most safest period for sex without fearing pregnancy is the menses dates. but there is hygienic risk in those days. commonly believed safe period is 5 days after the fifth menses date and 10 days before the coming menses date. but  there is also a risk of unexpected ovulation in those days. so using contraceptives is the best way.
answered Aug 22, 2011 by manish.naran (3,375 points)
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well Condem is the best way as pills sometimes don't work and also they have side-affects
answered Aug 23, 2011 by kkhh15 (350 points)
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its not geting clear
m confused, plz reply in details.
answered Aug 23, 2011 by rajneeti12 (145 points)
commented Aug 23, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
edited Aug 25, 2013 by longhands1
Watching your both the questions, the earlier one on analsex pregnancy and this one on safe period which you did not understand, I cant help asking you, how old are you?
I suggest you to go through the menu, there are plenty of replies on sex. You can google on women's period related issues and read those to understand.
I like your name rajneeti, just like the politicians you don't want to understand somethiing mentioned in easy English. Learning is something which doesnot depend on a teacher's willingness to teach, its on student's willingness to learn.  Keep repeating I don't understand doesnot mean you want to learn, it menas you don't want to learn. Till you understand women's cycle, reproduction system, please keep reading and keep fucking using condom.


(2nd Answer)
commented Feb 15, 2012 by adultboyy (155 points)
Totally agreed with oye, and its clearly answered by oye above, and ya what he suggest is the best and i asked and confirmed and experienced so many times from my wife.
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dude contraceptives are surrounded by many side effects... Just go through condoms, it is the safe thing ever...
answered Aug 29, 2011 by sandystar500 (770 points)
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sex desires increase at anytime so,use condom, always safe no worry at all.conomperiods are very safe.
answered Sep 3, 2011 by yntr (1,800 points)
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A few days from the day a female finishes her periods.
answered Sep 11, 2011 by sknims (920 points)
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Dear Rajneeti,

Safe period is from 1st ady to 10th day of the cycle. !s day is when the cycle starts.

It again starts from 18 - 28th day of the cycle.

Pl keep in mind that this method has a high failure rate and totally unreliable because ovulation date is not fixed.

Condoms are the best for unmarried couples and newly married.

Pills are good for married couples.

IUD (Coppet T) cannot be inserted in girls who dont have even a single baby.
answered Sep 24, 2011 by indiandr (175 points)
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its 6 days after her periods and 6 days before her period occur counting as 28 days cycle, its also called safe/dry periods. good luck
answered Oct 8, 2011 by maxi512 (1,065 points)

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