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Can I have sex with my sister in law?

asked Aug 21, 2011 in Questions by hotamit (120 points)
edited Sep 4, 2011 by Anjali

Dear Anjali aunty,

I m married for last 9 years and my wife younger sister is very sexy and i always want to do sex with her but i affraid how to tell her about that so pls you suggest how i can ask her or i how i can come to know whether she is also interested or not having sex with me

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9 Answers

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Dont think so bad may ruin ur pure relation
answered Aug 21, 2011 by Vansh18 (670 points)
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Hey you were talking on banging your brother's wife, now your wife's sister?  What is wrong with your own wife, has she crossed her legs completely with a No entry sign?
Just be honest with your approach. When you bang your brother's wife, be mentally prepared to find your wife sleeping with others too.
answered Aug 21, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
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Enjoy your fantasy , but dont try to make it reality , you will risk ur married as well as your social life
answered Aug 21, 2011 by mr.xx (310 points)
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again the same type of question. These type of relations will ruin your life. Avoid this idea
answered Aug 21, 2011 by kkhh15 (350 points)
commented Sep 6, 2011 by yntr (1,800 points)
moved Feb 1, 2014 by longhands1
think only if you have daring to say, otherwise do not think for same.
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Take the help of your wife in this.
answered Sep 6, 2011 by amit-roy (675 points)
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Bro , you can have sex with anyone in the world. But don't hurt ur wife that the woman you fucked is her sister.
answered Sep 6, 2011 by Sat2tayade (660 points)
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Eyes spoke love and desires, in so many cases, a man and woman went for sex without any talking their eyes talk only. in your case if she wish, shes eyes will tell you , weather she needs you or not.
answered Sep 15, 2011 by yntr (1,800 points)
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if u think both of u can keep this relationship secret for forever then u may can proceed. otherwise it can be ruined ur marriage life. truly said me also in same setuation like u. but go farther then u. I already have sexual relation with my wife's 17 years old younger sister. and this happening since last 3 years. still now my wife does not know about it that i having sex with her sister in absense of her.
to know about ur sister in law's interest to have sex first u need to say indirectly that u interest to have sex with her. u can flit her by say something on about her sexy figure. if u relaized that she also participate kinky talking about sex with u then take it as green signal to have sex.
in about relationship with my sister in law I always flit her with kinky words when she came infornt of me wear too tight kameez. also watching her boobs erea directly for show that I have huge attrection on her boobs. also when she stand or sit nearby me most of time I take my hands on her back side and started touching over her bra strips. doing that day after days one day I directly take my hand from backside to front side a started pressing her boobs softly. after some moments I started kissing and foundling boobs laying her on bed. this is the first sex experience with my sis in law.
answered Jul 3, 2015 by raihan chowdury (115 points)
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Go in front of a mirror ask yourself,  How much you value the love your wife has for you, or maybe the respect you have for a women's feelings???
answered Mar 19, 2017 by sk5656798 (125 points)

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