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Was my girlfriend in safe periods when I fucked her Ass?

asked Aug 19, 2011 in Questions by rajneeti12 (145 points)
edited Aug 21, 2011 by Anjali

Dear all,

Can touching of penis to vagina during anal sex , cause pregnancy? My girlfriend had finished her periods on 13th august  and we had done anal sex on 16th aug does she had safe periods at that time?

Pleas help me, its a humble request.

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8 Answers

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Dear ur problem is somewhat complex but i am trying my best to solve it and explain you..
See when you do anal sex your penis may touch outer lips of vagina,while doing anal sex if you are sure that u havent entered vagina and u havent touched after you ejaculated than you have ne need to keep fear in ming.
One more thing i want to tell is that sperms are to be ejaculated atleast 2 or 3inches inside the vagina so that they can travel towards upper part near the womb but as u sayin your penis touched her vagina then i dont think that there is any fear..coz generally in this case sperm dont get chance to reach at its destination.
So for now remove your tension..wait for the next periods. And do take care from now onwards. Atleast wear a condom and do anal sex so that there is no such risk.

I tried my best to solve your problem and guide you.kindly send me your feedback.
Thanking you
answered Aug 19, 2011 by Vansh18 (670 points)
commented Aug 19, 2011 by Vansh18 (670 points)
moved Feb 1, 2014 by longhands1
And ha more thing i forgot to add is that after three days of her finishing periods the possibility for the sperm to fertilize is very less so it is plus point for take care next time ok...good luck
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From the date point of view, this was safe period, no chance of getting her knocked up.
From your words I understand you were having anal sex, brought out the dick and touched vagina. You didnot say you cummed or not. If cummed, it was inside or not. If havn't cum, no chance of getting knocked up.
Even if cum outside, no chance again. Sperm doesnot live in open air, it needs to be ejaculated within pussy channel.
And lastly, having sex on anal canal without condom, dont touch vagina. Rectum is a factory of bacterias, its not porno movie that you do react as in porno they go through extensive health caution during anal to mouth or anal to vagina penetration.
Use condom next time, you will remain clean from feces.
answered Aug 20, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
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its a Safe period... for her, so dont worry dude..

Enjoy anal fucking using condoms..!!!

answered Sep 3, 2011 by eye_only_on_u (315 points)
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After finishing periods you can fuck 10 days without worrying about pregnancy. And one more thing if you ejaculate on vaginal wall that doesn't lead to fertilization. So don't worry keep fucking.
answered Sep 3, 2011 by rahulsngh (700 points)
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it not even relates to periods so no need to worry....
answered Sep 4, 2011 by sandystar500 (770 points)
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Although nothing to do with vagina (it was an anal fuck), the boy still took care of her safe period. What more safety does he want ? It would be although funny to advise for the use of condom even during anal fuck, but nothing else can be advised if he wants to be more safe.
answered Sep 7, 2011 by dr-deepika27 (1,740 points)
commented Sep 17, 2011 by manish.naran (3,375 points)
edited Feb 1, 2014 by longhands1
dear friend
pregnancy due to anal sex....most probably it will happen....take it as a punishment to your foolish question.

(Nonsense Answer)
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no, anal sex don cause pregnant, but such cases occur in lik when he is having sex with u r ass, the semen moves in and out of your ass, so if u r sleeping on your stomach, then just imagine how easily the sperms can fine there way to vagina, so pregnancy cant be avoided completely, and  good luck
answered Oct 6, 2011 by maxi512 (1,065 points)
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Wat is d relatn between anal sex n period..??
answered Dec 19, 2011 by amitkr11 (260 points)

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