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Is Female ejaculation is a reality or its man's fantasy? [closed]

asked Aug 18, 2011 in Questions by rashmirashmi (165 points)
closed Feb 4, 2012 by oye

Dear Anjali and friends

Can a woman ejaculate like man? My husband asks me to ejaculate but I cant. He has shown some films on this subject where I saw the women ejaculating, but I always think that is the urine and not as mentioned in the theory.

I read some articles where it is mentioned that women have some gland from where the ejaculation happens. My husband arouses me a lot at G-spot (he terms it as G-spot). I also feel extremely pleasurable but cant ejaculate as he wants.

Can any woman answer this question? Even any husband having such experience with his wife please share.


closed with the note: Enough on this question, closing out now.
commented Nov 1, 2011 by Debasis_qa (100 points)
edited Nov 26, 2011 by oye
I was also about to woman's squirting. I have ask to my friend but they cant to answer. I also question to my a friend when he doing his Homeopathy course, he told me yes woman can be squirting but I doubt his answer. Then many years later I have intercourse to a our house maid.  I sucked her vagina and she release her water. I drink that water. But I cant able to digest it, I vomit. It teste like mild alkalin and salty.
Urine test is may be totally salty but it tests has alkaline like that it may differ to pure urine.
I have this events pictures that I suck her and after her released water cunt's state.
commented Nov 2, 2011 by sagar971 (165 points)
mujhe nahi lagta hai aisa bhi hota hai.
commented Sep 29, 2012 by Neha.rohit4478 (110 points)
G-spot or also called Gräfenberg Spot is erogenous zone of vagina which is present roughly 1 to 3 inches from front vaginal wall.... In some women it said to lead a powerfull orgasm when stimulated. As in pornography,there are two different phenomena; the real female ejaculation is the release of a very scanty, thick, and whitish fluid from the female prostate.Squirting/gushing is the expulsion of clear and abundant fluid that is ejected in gushes (squirting), which has been shown to be a diluted fluid from the urinary bladder.The G-Spot area has been described as needing direct stimulation , especially with firm moves and constant pressure as it is ~1 cm below the surface.Stimulating the area through sexual penetration, especially in the missionary position ,is difficult to achieve because of the special angle at which penetration must occur.

23 Answers

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Dear rashmi the term of woman ejaculating is also called as squirting upto what i know..from my experience with my gf i try to excite her as much as i can but i have never seen her repeasing liquid like man..she just gets pleasure and hugs me thigtly..
you are right it is shown in many blue films but i dont think so that it is normal to most of girls..might be the girls in movie taking medicine or it may also be far i have experienced with my gf i havent ever seen her releasing such liquid..ha one thing is there that wen woman gets satisfied her pussy turns too wet and sometimes yelloish white or white liquid may flow but not compulsorily..
So dont take tension and discuss this with your husband and also tell him that u are truely normal..and enjoy ur pleasureful life..

I tried my best to provide solution to ur answer..if m lackin in somethng plz guide me..
Thanking you and dont forget to send me ur feedback...
waiting for ur response
answered Aug 19, 2011 by Vansh18 (670 points)
commented Aug 21, 2011 by rashmirashmi (165 points)
thanks Vansh !! Certainly we had discussion on it but could not conclude , so I raised here. I was expecting some woman to ans it , but alas no ans. Any way thanks a lot again !!
commented Oct 22, 2012 by bullet.raja (100 points)
It is not compulsory that women to is only the pleasure of sex.thats all
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Male tool ejaculate semen while his orgasm(sexual climax)...the same orgasm for female s sucking those semen to conceive d baby...
thrz no point of conceive, if female too ejaculate like male,all u can do s suck those juice for ur egg to get pregnant..                                                           

female can hav multiple orgasm say three time upto my knowledge..during/after last time female ll feel like urinating...some are those wo cant control thr urinal balder ll squirt..

squirt s d sign of week balder or controlin power..few may do b4 orgasm too..all i can say s its sick habit...


it has been said tat 75% of female doesnt feel d orgasm,REASON S average man takes 2-4 mins to reach his climate but women take 14-18 mins to reach thr climax ..

proper fore play , clitoral simulation ,deep penetration say G spot & men control mechanism ll give a women climax..

if both orgasm occur same time then chance of conciseness s high provided it should be mid of women's mensuration cycle(say 10-14th day)..
answered Aug 19, 2011 by Dr.X (105 points)
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Dear Reshmi,
It is possible to ejaculate, It is called squirting. During intercourse a fluid is secretted and it accumulate in bladder. During orgasm this fluid is ejaculated through urethra. Not through Vagina. Many women have the same things happening during the intercource but most women think it as an urge to pee. The composition of this liquid is not same as urine. It dont smell like urine, It is almost odourless.

I have experienced it with my wife, 4 times in my ten year old married life. First my wife when squrited, She felt it very bad and thought it as urine, Then i explained it to her, But still she dont like that idea. But for me when she squirted i feel it as an acknoledgement of My hard work. Some sign of her satisfaction. I liked it very much.

So, Every one dont squirt, but some do, You dont squirt means nothing wrong in that if you feel to pee during sex dont hesitate, it may be an urge for squirt. My wife usually hold it back as she dont want to make her bed wet. In an intense orgasam it become impossible to control and she sqirted. It is like an orgasam every time we canot get it, even if we  try for it.
answered Aug 19, 2011 by pussycat (3,855 points)
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Anjali ji, can you mark this Question of the day?  I love people asking something out of the box.

Female ejaculation is no myth, its a reality. But as always the case is, when something is found in a very small set of people, thats not always considered as a regular issue.  Female can ejaculate, I was seeing few study report where the factors are being considered, experiment is going on to see if someone didnot have, what can be done.

The test and research started for the last 5/6 years, yet to get a concrete solution. A few findings are proven among the group was,
1. female can ejaculate, but most cant
2. the length differs, from few inches to few feet
3. the amount differs
4. the position is important, a girl lying on her back with knees up is the right position
5. the timing is extremely important, all the vaginal gland starts acting hot from 10PM and gets to its pick at 12 midnight, then start diminishing till 2AM. Naturally, 12 AM was found to be the right time to go for the test.
6. A lot of clit play and g-spot stimulation is important. But as alwasy, its fount the last trigger happens with clit stimulation
7. a lot of cheaters were found who messed up urine with squirt.  The easy way is, watch the color. If the color is yellow, its a pee, else its the one.
8. Most of the cases its found the bladder needs to be filled to get that required pressure, cause the squirt comes out from vaginal mouth yet just below the gland on U spot. A pee pressure gives the right squeeze.

And let them do more research, if we find some more, will share.  For the girls all I can say, when all the research is done, to get a nice shot you may not require a guy in future.
answered Aug 19, 2011 by oye (25,695 points)
commented Aug 21, 2011 by rashmirashmi (165 points)
Thanks for the consideration and efforts taken !!!!
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Hi RashmiRashmi,

Its a reality... and I have seen it...
My wife used to ejaculate/squirt very often...
though so many points are responsible for a woman to ejaculate... (for example ambiance, mental state, men's expertise etc...)
But its true that ejaculation depends upon woman to woman... (and man to man also ;-)... ), like I said my wife used to ejaculate very often but my x-gf never ejaculated but she used to get very good orgasm and when she reach orgasm she used to shout, scream and collapse her body with mine...
Ask you husband not to run behind your G-spot only.... you and ur man should try to find out what other things make you aroused to the peak so that you can reach that point...

answered Aug 19, 2011 by vishagr18 (575 points)
commented Sep 8, 2011 by rashmirashmi (165 points)
Hi Vishagr,
Does your wife realy ejaculate like a man or just oozes some liquid as I do?
Can u pl elaborate the process what she feels in her words while ejaculating. My husband is panic to see my ejaculation and I want him to be satisfied atleast once.
commented Sep 8, 2011 by vishagr18 (575 points)
Hi Rashmi,
Yes She ejaculate and squirts lots of fluid. sometimes the bed is not in condition to sleep on it. I wont be explain in her words at least for now but whenever she had orgasm with ejaculation, she used to cry out of satisfaction after the session is over.
For your information what I have noticed is, for her to ejaculate the ambiance and mood matters very much. And the most important createria is the position. She can only ejaculate in Woman On Top Position and when we have very very long session for extended foreplay.
commented Sep 16, 2011 by rashmirashmi (165 points)
Is that ejaculation same as men do? or just getting the vagina wet as women do. I also read it is called as Golden it like showering?
commented Sep 19, 2011 by vishagr18 (575 points)
Hi Rashmi,
Its unlike the men's ejaculation. but its more like falling some plain water like liquid with lesser speed than a shower.
Whereas Golden Shower is related to peeing and its not ejaculation at all.
I told you what I have seen and experienced. It may depend upon person to person.
commented Feb 28, 2012 by cinortelle (100 points)
rashmirashmi. there are definitely some postures in which you can squirt and yes i've tried them. Females can definitely ejaculate like men do and as people have commented above it is known as squirting. try rubbing ur clitoris while having sex with your husband, and ask him for some foreplay specially cunnilingus. This might eventually help you. and if you feel the urge to pee while having sex don't hold back because it is not pee (as most women think). Just release the feeling and SQUIT.
commented Dec 1, 2012 by sathya88 (125 points)
Goodness believe me...its true.... I was with my gf jus an hour before in my room and witnessed the female ejaculation. Soon after that I was here for searching for more facts about it and found this thread. May be it will be useful for u. We decided not to indulge intercourse but 3 or 4 hours of continuous did foreplay and played so many funny bed games. We were excited like anything and we decided to go till the extent of 69. It went so vigorously trying all the diff positions in 69. She was wet by the time  I begun to lick her. Before I explode, she was jumping like hell (ouch the bite she gave is still rememberable) and she took away her mouth from my dick knowing that i was abt to reach the climax (she doesnt like swallowing) and her excitement made me cum soon... she crushed her legs and hips to exert pressure on my legs.. later we were silent for about a minute... Later, I went down to her pussy to say thanks for the wonderful time, i found some thickish white fluid on her pussy.. I took that in hand and showed her. Believe me, its so thick and so white....
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Not all women squirts. Some do,some don't......
answered Aug 21, 2011 by elitely (595 points)
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hi rashmi, i think female ejaculation means that sticky liquid that is released inside hole during excitment time to lubricate the vegina against friction with penis. I have seen my girls hole getting wet when i rub her hole with finger. It wets the whole vegina & when she is aroused after fingering her veginal muscle starts contracting due to contraction of her hole very small qty of that coming out, not like that shown in bf. You cant ejaculate as much as men do. I prefer not to talk with your guy seriously. Beauty is women, for which all men cant keep away from them. Sex is the time to love,care,enjoy & to satisfy the body needs of both. So dont allow him to talk or ask something. Keep him close to your body& engaged with your assets, create lust in his mind so that he die to love you. If he again asks you such kind of qustions make fun of that by puting jokes, give smile, show your shyness, fall on him, kiss vegourasly, in the meanwhile suddenly tell him i cant ejaculate you ejaculate something like that & engage in other sex activity. Just enjoy it , never be serious during sex that will reduce the romantic pleasure
answered Aug 24, 2011 by boss (105 points)
commented Aug 25, 2011 by dr-deepika27 (1,740 points)
Female ejaculation is never a reality. In fact if you fuck a professional lady (who has been fucked by some one else just before, retaining a major part of his semen inside her vaginal track, but this is not in your knowledge), you will feel while opening her vaginal hole that she is ejaculating. You may be aroused to see this false picturesque phenomenon of female getting ejaculated owing to your pre-sex activity, but the fact is that you are getting befooled out of the situation by the ticky lady.
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My aunt once forced me to finger her & to lick her pussy, and i did it several times, the result was she got somewhat wet and was feeling satisfied.

she did not squirted in bulk like it is shown in movies
answered Aug 25, 2011 by manan (1,670 points)
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it is reality for sure..just the quantity differs from girl to girl from no ejaculation to a fountain.
answered Sep 1, 2011 by samdickalive (245 points)
commented Oct 15, 2011 by ravin69 (520 points)
around 40 yrs.they do more
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It happens but in very few women, once I was having sex with a girl and I fucked her nearly 30 mins and I asked, do I cum now she told me to hold for another 5mins and I was noticing her movement and for my surprise she was rubbing her clitoris while I was pumping her. And finally she told me to withdraw my penis from her vagina and I ejaculate outside and she was still rubbing her vagina and I saw liquid oozing from her vagina and disperse on my bed. That's really amazing.
answered Sep 3, 2011 by rahulsngh (995 points)
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i realy dont know about other females but as far as my wife is concer she do ejaculate, not nesissarly every time. but most of the time. and Surprising part is many times her juice wet our bed and she think that is because of my juice bed get wet.
answered Sep 7, 2011 by sam_79 (300 points)
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yeah female ejaculation is a reality. but not too common
answered Sep 8, 2011 by pradvi (265 points)
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over the last 10 years of my marriage my wife has never i thinks its a myth
answered Sep 13, 2011 by arsaslg (350 points)
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Ya it's real...nt fontassy.....
answered Sep 17, 2011 by madhan77 (115 points)
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Dear Rashmi,

It is a reality..even my wife experience it most of the time..I too feel some hot liquid is poured on my penis while pumping.
answered Sep 21, 2011 by amit-roy (675 points)
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OK Kiddos,
Daddy is home!

Dear Rashmi,
Here are the facts:
Females cannot ejaculate as per your husband expects you to do. This common misconception which is propagated by porn!

Vaginal lubrication is a transudate. Transudation is a passive process unlike ejaculation in men which is an active process.

Further, Orgasm is a sympathetic response. Peeing is a para sympathetic response.

So its impossible to pee when you have an orgasm. (For men: try peeing simultaneously with cum, on a serious note, pl dont!)

However, if your partner is hell bend, I suggest have your orgasm, relax and pee on him with full force so that you are happy and you are happy ;-). Load on liters of water beforehand though, so that its a clear pee.

Mythbuster section:

For people claiming their wives squirt, they piss on you, get that!
For a gentleman who has sex for half an hour: buddy u got problem, get treated!
answered Sep 24, 2011 by indiandr (175 points)
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answered Sep 27, 2011 by SWETHA patnaik (105 points)
commented Nov 20, 2011 by rashmirashmi (165 points)
Cum is ok, but discharge like a shower ?
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Reshmiji - hardly women squirt but when having a voluptuous orgasm some squirt pee with great force that is often mistaken as ejaculation.
answered Oct 30, 2011 by zena69 (1,875 points)
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Yes, female ejaculates. My ex sex partner ejaculated more than three times in my single  orgasm. She smiled and laugh loudly on each orgasm. The bed sheet got spotted every time. Now my wife also ejaculate but only once. Slimy transparent white secretion oozes out wid some pressure and my penis feel some vaginal strokes, when in vagina..
answered Nov 7, 2011 by Raghav_926 (125 points)
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It's real based on my experience.
answered Nov 9, 2011 by madmady (105 points)
commented Nov 20, 2011 by rashmirashmi (165 points)
can you share?
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thats the reality,coz it has happen 2 me.when my hubby finger me very hard and make me  so hot that i got  relezed,i could c my white water,it was like ejaculation,it makes me so cool and  satisfied,
answered Nov 14, 2011 by rabiamasoom (190 points)
commented Nov 15, 2011 by oye (25,695 points)
I read your earlier postings too. What I don't get is if you are Rabia a lady or Masoom a guy. Or may be in between.
Straighten your gender fixed up first. This is not a site of making fool, at the end you are the one people will laugh at.
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Discharge like a shower is may be nt D reality bt Its Reality that Girls also cum. And as per my experience it is also very thick nt little.its huge.
answered Nov 28, 2011 by RohanKVG (260 points)
commented Dec 1, 2011 by xpktv2000 (3,295 points)
moved Feb 1, 2014 by longhands1
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what women dnt cum...i hate dis sex thing now
answered Dec 11, 2011 by sexoholic2 (140 points)

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