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Why condoms dont suit me?

asked Aug 18, 2011 in Questions by aryan3001 (175 points)
edited Aug 21, 2011 by Anjali

Hi All,

I am a 21 years male. Once I was having sex with my girlfriend my dick was hard but as I wore condom to fuck her my dick started becoming limp and did not became hard even after I removed the condom.

This has happened many times, initially in the foreplay my dick becomes hard but as soon as condom touches the skin it starts becoming limp. Please let me know why it is so and how can I overcome this?

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4 Answers

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opt for withdrawal just before ejaculation or use today
answered Aug 18, 2011 by dognail (110 points)
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it happens with many men but try and doing after prolong period of time without coming means fucking after long gap it can overcome this problem in my opinion ! wish othe experts should throw sm light on this issue!
answered Aug 18, 2011 by prashant69 (6,990 points)
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There are 54 generic items which can cause allergic reaction, latex is not one of them.
When you have sex, in between if you take time to tear up the pack and gear up the tool, due to time gap you may lose erection, but thats not for latex, thats for time gap.
Next time let her handle that, let her gear you up taking dick in her hand, possibly you wont miss the hard on.
answered Aug 19, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
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its just a mental problem it its not because of condom
answered Aug 26, 2011 by curio (850 points)

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