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How can I end this relationship with my colleague?

asked Aug 17, 2011 in Questions by namratha (140 points)

Dear Anjali aunty and fellow members,

I am Namratha 26 years old female working in a MNC. I come from a very orthodox family and from past 4 months I am having affair with one of my colleague. I dont know how it started but I am not able to break this affair.

There is no love or care in this affair it is only sex. This guy uses me very well and even I enjoy it to be frank but one side of my heart tells to end this relationship as I am sure that I cannot marry him.

At the same time my parents are searching a guy for me and within a year I will be married to some guy. Please tell me how can I end this relationship?


commented Aug 18, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
moved Mar 30, 2014 by oye
This is sex for convenience, why you are so worried? You dont love him, dont have a mental attachment, its all physical pleasure without obligation and you wont marry him. So whats the problem? Go ahead and keep rolling till you get married.
Its good that your morality is awakened, but not that strng to overcome your physical need. I wont ask you to force yourself to stop what you are doing.  Another good part is its only one person, not any and all random guys.
The bad part is, you said you dont know how it started. Were you drunk to start a relationship or moreover having regular sex?  
Let your parents look for the right guy, get married and settled down. As you said there is no mental bond, hope that feeling doesn't arise once you get married. Almost no single man are virgin, for you be one or not, doesnot matter. I have a feeling you are quite accommodating type of person, you sure can settle down well once you are married.  A small request, wherever you are having sex, be sure he is not recording anything in MMS form. This one thing can ruin your future.
I wish you were working for me, I would have loved a fuck buddy like you who only cares for sex, alone with me.
commented Sep 9, 2011 by timepassvmr (100 points)
yep, your wife sure is a fuck buddy to many!!!
commented Sep 10, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
You are too new to this site. Before making comments learn how people talk here.
This will help you to be a better human and better person to reply.
commented Oct 3, 2011 by selvakumar (395 points)
mr.oye...... i had respect for u, until i read this reply of urs..... for ur info...... only some men r not virgin.... rest 60% r virgins....... its ok, if u had told this to make her comfortable..... but if u had really meant it..... u r not a proper person to make such statement....
commented Oct 3, 2011 by Sanjay kumar (350 points)
Namratha use batao ki tum pahale bhi ek bar kisi k sath sex kar chuki to wo khud tumhe chodne ki baat karenga.
commented Oct 7, 2011 by oye (25,670 points)
I don't get back to reply, so missed this one comment.
Someone respected me after a comment doesn't... Seriously, what is wrong? You like my reply or dislike my reply, that's all. You don't have to start disrespecting anyone for a reply. Respect for individual is the common trait of common people, that should be there. A reply can't change that trait.
By common people - mean we all people except those inferior human beings.
commented Nov 10, 2011 by sagar971 (165 points)
yaar namratha sex ka maza lo bas. aur shadi kisi paise wale se karo.

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11 Answers

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Dear namratha,
I would advice you by saying dear..first of all its ur fault..u shouldnt have been in relation with a guy whom u dont love,dont car,etc.
Its crossing limits of ur moral.
Its ok u feel guilty u can make better ur future life..just tell about ur family to that guy how strict they are and also that they are searching a guy for you.
Namratha just try to less the contacts with that guy..avoid going with him..u know very well that he is using u thn refuse him and slowly drop contact with take care before u drop contact make sure that none of ur contents like pictur or photos left with him which can create difficulties in ur future married life..if it is so..delete it with ur sense and then drop contact..
i tried my best to solve ur me if i m missing something..Or want more help
Thanking reply with your valuable feedback...
answered Aug 18, 2011 by Vansh18 (670 points)
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When you want to end it,just end it. When you want to end the relation,just talk with him about it. That is it.

But if you are talking about the habit that you have developed,breaking which you may suffer from mental agony,well,that much pain you have to tolerate. We develop a pattern when we roll into a relation. This pattern is tough to break. But eventually,it breaks anyway. No relation is so strong that it can't be broken. You just have to keep trying to break it. And you can break/end it eventually.........
answered Aug 18, 2011 by elitely (595 points)
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if its only for sex and then its ok , but make sure that he doesn't have any thing to blackmail u latter , and if your parents are thinking to arrange a guy for you , then make sure once u r engaged u break off since it will be morally wrong to carry on
answered Aug 20, 2011 by a-kumar38 (180 points)
commented Aug 21, 2011 by Anjali (7,465 points)
Nice answer kumar and I look forward for your continued participation in my website :)
commented Aug 27, 2011 by chin (130 points)
best 1. Just make sure, you dont feel guilty after it
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Marriage without love may be treated as natural, because gradually love develops even with some one totally unknown but wedded with. But sex without love or mutual feeling is just like an animal act. If you are sure that neither you love or care for him nor he loves or cares for you, just stop sex with him any further and await your marriage with an appropriate partner getting arranged by your parents, with whom you can have fully devoted sex and develop love & feelings that would further catalyze your sex life to the optimum, which is termed as a happy conjugal life.
answered Aug 21, 2011 by dr-deepika27 (1,740 points)
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i second mr a-kumar38 s answer. make sure he wont black mail u. stop this relation one u get married
answered Aug 21, 2011 by pradvi (265 points)
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Just think about the guy you will be marrying you , just imagine he has been saving himself for you , would you want to break his heart??
answered Aug 21, 2011 by mr.xx (310 points)
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Why your parents brought you in an orthadox way, Because as you are a female they wanted to see you in good form, with a lot of moral, god fearing, with love for family  husband and children and to remain as monogamous. So that you dont enter into any trouble, by a lousy life. But you have broken their prespective when you get the first chance to fuck with a guy whom you dont know well. What a tragedy. I feel pitty for your parents, Who brought you in an orthadox way.

Now from were you got the idea for break up with him, What is the need for breakup when nothing other than sex is there between both of you. Did you get addicted to his cock? So that you cant live without that, anything like that?, Dont worry your future husband will also have  a dick and he will make you happy with that If its for any moral fear you need not do that as you have lost  it already. Fuck with him till you get married, even you can continue after marriage also.

Once a **** is **** for ever.
answered Aug 21, 2011 by pussycat (3,855 points)
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you are doing wrong. just go to him and tell him that u cant have sex with him anymore. he dose not love you, neither you love, its not a big deal from being apart.
answered Aug 30, 2011 by puppet (120 points)
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dear friend
if you have no love to your present partner, you have all the right to stop this "love making"
as per your parents' wish you just go for a marriage with other man, whom you are not loving now. but never forget to "love making"
after all these "love making" whenever you are getting time, you just try to asses whether you could love at least yourself.
answered Sep 8, 2011 by manish.naran (3,375 points)
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you agree that it is only for sex, continue up to your marraige after marraige, you will get the sex fro your husband, you need not, require to continue with same person.If at present you wish to discontnue relationship, it is not possible, as it is your body desire, once you have tested, you would like to do again. so do not break your desire untill your marraige.
answered Oct 3, 2011 by yntr (1,800 points)
commented Oct 7, 2011 by yntr (1,800 points)
moved Feb 1, 2014 by longhands1
Lovecare is not important all the times but body needs are ther our soul may oppose not do the sex but body desire require sex,so carry on untill you marry,
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if you find your husband is bold enough you can join that guy for threesome!
answered Oct 22, 2011 by ravin69 (520 points)
commented Oct 27, 2011 by xpktv2000 (3,295 points)
moved Feb 1, 2014 by longhands1
call me i will tell you many ways of ending this relationship for the time being one best way of ending this relationship is simply by slapping his father or mother in front of him

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