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What does a man want in his wife? I mean to say a normal man.

asked Jul 20, 2011 in Questions by the-judge (135 points)
edited Jul 20, 2011
Hi Guys,
I think we have been overdosed with overall repeated questions day by day. So, here is a naughty question and answer it with your best senses. If you would have gotten a chance to prefer how your wife should be?(both married and unmarried can answer this question)
My Answer: I would have preferred Anjali. Reason is - no one knows who she is.. how she looks.. and no matter what she says.. but it is just perfect!
Clarification follows...
I think of Anjali many a times, one thing comes to my mind what if a girl with sexual knowledge like Anjali with common sense to keep it a secret, as it should be... traditionally... as Anjali knows what to keep secret... maturity to handle romeos all around the world... and still fulfills the responsibilities at home.... how lovely any one's life could be...right guys?
Answers please

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2 Answers

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Lolz...........Anjali is not a single person. or a lady..........Its a team of youngers,matured persons who make this site and who answers your questions. They may be girls, boys, even couples ..........but i appreciate the efforts of Anjali team who make this site for people who share their questions and find solutions from Anjali and people of different cities.
answered Aug 8, 2011 by rahul87forever (395 points)
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I think the name ANJALI represents not a person, but the source of a powerful material for making one wisefully horny, ever aroused and stiumulated for leading a love-life which peaks at a pleasure giving sex. One can have this intense pleasure even through masturbation while imagining an object of meaty sex-beauty like ANJALI under the closed eyes. Else one can fuck ones own wife or girl friend or elder/younger incest or maid servant/ neighbour while imagining an object of voluptuous sex-beauty like ANJALI under the closed eyes. Thus, one may or may not get a wife like ANJALI but one can feel ANJALI all the time while sucking-fucking or masturbating with closed eyes in imagination, to result in profused blasting discharge of thick semen (thought to have gone inside ANJALI's tight pussy) with exceptional achievement of real peak of orgasm.
answered Aug 9, 2011 by mr-mukesh_arya (250 points)

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