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How can I forget my girlfriend's past naked webcam chat? [closed]

asked Jun 22, 2011 in Questions by amar2404 (120 points)
closed Sep 8, 2013 by longhands1

To start with,
I thank Anjali aunty website for providing us a way through which we can discuss our personal problems, those problems which we can't discuss even with best friends. Thank you from bottom of my heart.
My problem is I met a girl online last year in September, she was committed then but we became close friends and I came to know that she is having loads of problems in her committed life. We used to chat daily for hours and I eventually ended up in loving her, she was also fed up of her life and she said yes to me in October end and in November I helped her and she broke up with that guy. Initially I asked her that if she had any physical relationship with him, she said they did foreplay and I was fine with that since everyone has their past. I also asked her if she did anything on webcam which she denied.
In December her ex sent her some pics of her which he took from webcam and it was all nude pictures of her she showed them to me as she was really scared. I talked to that guy and I think he understood because till now he hasn't done anything. But thing is I cant move those pictures out of my head. I asked her why she lied, she says she was afraid of loosing me. She is deeply in love me and so I am, but its nearly impossible for me to forget her past.
Please friends help me with this! forgot to mention, I am 21 years old and she is 18. Please help me each and every day is like hell for me.
closed with the note: Old Post.
commented Aug 29, 2011 by tamilboy21 (655 points)
moved Sep 8, 2013 by longhands1
First of all its is an simple matter. Do not chat with that girl get some new friends to chat.

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