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Please give me some tips for my friend !

asked Aug 27, 2010 in Questions by bong (140 points)
closed Mar 14, 2014 by longhands1
Hi Anjali aunty,
I am asking these questions on behalf of a very dear friend of mine, she was very fat till a year ago and her waist was 38. Now she has drastically reduced to waist 29. However this has made her boobs sag like an old hag in her 80's. Can she ever have firm boobs again without surgery?
She also told me that inspite she being quite fair, her vaginal region is abnormally darker. She does not use any hair removal cream. Is there any way to lighten up the area to somewhat match her regular skin tone?
Please answer my question as I will be happy to help my friend.
closed with the note: Closed as Old Post.
commented Feb 29, 2012 by mahe69 (505 points)
moved Mar 14, 2014 by longhands1
About the sagging part i pretty much dunno about it...sorry so try googling it....about the second thing ,bro it isnt her face that's dark its her private area.its called private area coz no one other than her boyfriend or her hubby is going to see it.So chances are your friend  must be watching porn and comparing hers to the ones in screen and feeling inferior to it.

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