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My love left me for a richer man - how do I get over her?

asked Jul 4, 2010 in Questions by smank001 (160 points)
edited Jul 4, 2010
Hi Anjali Aunty,
I am a 25 year old single man. I am writing because I need help. I was in a deep mad relationship with a girl for 2 years. I thought she is my life and even she used to behave like that. I moved to the USA during the recession in financial pressure to get a job, get married, to take care of her. Oh my gosh, I worked so hard for her happiness. She was dating someone back in India. She looks innocent and I thought she is the best girl but that ***** made my life horrible with her acts.
I left the job in the USA, went for her to show my love but that ***** treated me like a ***. I loved her so much that she made me like this. I was normal and she made me into a psycho. Then she left the other guy and married a rich guy now. That ***** made me so psychotic that even after one year, I am not able to be normal and I just want to kill that ***** and myself. I am not able to trust any one, love any one. She deserves punishment.
Why the fuck do these bitches play with normal guys? If you see the Tamil film Manmadha, it shows the same thing - just kill the bitches. Love is a piece of crap which can ruin life. What is it that I can do now?

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