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Cuckold Corner: How to roll him over and turn her on

asked Apr 15 in Questions by longhands1 (93,370 points)

How to roll him over and turn her on

You found that cuck couple. Now you’re enjoying the benefits of being a bull, regularly fucking another man’s wife. Everyone’s happy.

Except you want more. You want to take it to another level, and push yourself up the dominance ladder while pushing him down a rung or two. One way to do that is to get him to take your cock into his mouth, even if it's just briefly. 

Don’t worry. It doesn’t make you gay. In fact it makes you more of a Bull, because dominance is the essence of being the Bull. You’re taking charge and asserting your dominance over them both, by demonstrating your dominance over him.

Remember: The more dominant you are over the husband, the more submissive the wife will be to you. This is one key to the relationship! Women naturally gravitate toward the dominant male. It’s part of their intellect.

If you can persuade the husband to take your cock in his mouth (even momentarily) in front of his own wife then you’ll prove to her that you’re in charge. That’s worth gold in bedroom dollars!

But what if the cuck husband is totally straight and refuses?  Don’t worry. There's a way to still make it happen, if you’re patient. Look at it as a challenge. Enjoy pushing him. There is a rush to be had from making someone do something they wouldn’t otherwise do. I have done this several times and it can be fun.

There are certain steps. First, you must proceed slowly, over several encounters. Do NOT rush it.

You will learn to use the husband’s own lust to motivate him, then use sex to reward him. Also, the wife should be involved if possible. Try to recruit her to work together as a team. She may even offer him sexual satisfaction as incentive, if he will do as you (and she) encourage him.

Contrary to what you may think, you should NOT use any humiliation whatsoever or the result will be resentment and reluctance. Use positive feedback and encouragement during the whole plan, and get the wife into the idea. If she gets into it and her husband knows it turns her on, then he will be more willing to do it. 

You will probably need to talk to the wife privately. This can be done by phone, but it is found that the wife is usually most receptive to ‘experimenting’ when she is in bed and sexual excitement is highest. If he’s present, you should send him out of the room to talk (most cucks will leave when told to).  

When you have her alone, get her very aroused before bringing up the subject, usually either during foreplay or after you have just entered her. That’s when most women are receptive to new ideas.

Ask her if she’s ever had any thoughts or fantasies about her husband sucking another cock. If she says yes, you’re off to a good start. If she says no, you need to ask her if she might think about it. She will of course ask “why”. 

My response here is to interject it playfully, almost like a fun game.  Try things like “Let’s see if we can get him to do it. What can it hurt?”.  DO NOT make it sound like you plan to force her husband to do something against his will. Many wives won’t agree to go along with that. So keep it light and playful, like a fun project to do together.

If she doesn’t go along at this point, DROP it. Don’t push it. Just move forward with the plan without her help.

But assuming she does go along, then ask her if she would like to help you. If she’s aroused enough, she will probably say yes, even if the idea shocks her. This is the best way, because your scheme will strengthen the bond between the two of you. It gives you two a common goal, and without her realizing it, you’ve created a situation where it’s now the two of you (a team) against him (the husband).

Here’s a summary of how to do it. Remember, each step is a separate sexual encounter or sex experience.

Night one: Have him go down on her before you fuck and then have him guide your cock into her pussy using his hand.

Night two: Have him 69 with her while you fuck her

Night three: Have him use his hands and some lube to get her pussy ready, and then use his hands to get your cock erect and ready.

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1 Answer

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Very nice article for couples who are into cuckold & bull relationships.
answered Apr 15 by DCSB (2,255 points)

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