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I am looking for a diabetic partner. Any one interested?

asked Apr 14 in Questions by xxxy2j (120 points)
edited Apr 15 by longhands1

I am a type 2 diabetic (30 years) and software engineer by profession.

I am working in Indore. My diabetes is well controlled with 6.0 as my last hba1c.  I am looking for a partner who is diabetic or who does not have a problem in accepting a diabetic partner.

What I have noticed being diabetic is that it's hard to find a life partner. That's why I am posting here. 

Looking forward to hear from those who are also searching for the same!


(Approving this Post as it is about looking for a Life Partner and not a Sex Partner).



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1 Answer

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Firstly, being Diabetic is not a Disease or any kind of STD ( it’s a Disorder) and second thing is it’s common now a days as long as you remain active everyday.

I am 33. I am also type 2Diabetic since 2yrs, by profession I am an Cloud Architect, living a happy life in Australia, so stop thinking like this and choose a understanding partner of your lifestyle and live happily.

answered Apr 15 by Rakeshrockybne (105 points)

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