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How to tell my Friend's Husband that I like his Cuckold Fantasy?

asked Apr 13 in Questions by motwanimukesh999 (155 points)
edited Apr 15 by longhands1

Hey Guys,

I have a bestie, who is married and I have sex with her regularly. She sharedwith me that ner husband fucks her very less and also he asks her to roleplay mostly about cuckold...

He is deep into cuckold fantasy and once he mentioned my name while fucking her and said he would like me to be the Bull, but my friend denied...

Now the thing is that, I want this to happen, but my Bestie is not into cuckold and I would need her husband's help to do this.

How do I tell her husband that I too want the same thing which he wants. How do I make him part of my team to make this successful?Her husband doesn't know that we have sex, he only knows we are besties.

Some of you may thnk this is a fake question. If you think so, please stay away from anwering.

Waiting for Your help guys..

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4 Answers

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Best answer

You have everything going for you. A Sex partner who tells you that her Husband wants to be cuckolded and confides in you.

But you need to be patient and handle this cautiously. Your best bet is to convince your Bestie to have a threesome with her husband. She is reluctant at the moment as she thinks that her Husband would know that she cheats on him and does not know what would be his reaction.

But why do you want to cuckold him? Read our Articles on Cuckolding. You can type Cuckold Corner in the start searching Box on the right top side and you will  get many Articles.

Cukolding has to begin from the Woman's side.

Begin by getting friendly with her husband. Visit them often for Lunch etc. He will get the hint and then proceed from there.
answered Apr 16 by longhands1 (93,025 points)
selected Apr 20 by motwanimukesh999
commented Apr 20 by motwanimukesh999 (155 points)
Thanks, i will surely wait until i get anymore hint and yes i do meet her husband pretty often even while she is not around
commented Apr 21 by longhands1 (93,025 points)

Everything comes to Him who waits,
But here's a Rule thats slicker

The Man who goes for what he wants
Will get it all the quicker.

Why wait for more hints. Bring up the topic of Cuckold with her Husband. Praise his wife. Tell him she is Hot and that he is a Lucky Man. Go for it. Or remain fantasizing on what could have been for the rest of your Life.
commented Apr 21 by motwanimukesh999 (155 points)
Thats a great idea, thanks, will update soon
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You should not go to her husband directly as that is the violation of the trust she has in you and chances are full that she will even stop having sex with you for that. You can express your feeling to her and she can talk to her husband that her friend is ready to fulfill his fantasy.

If you do not want to lose her as a fuck buddy then do not talk to him. Once you talk to her husband he will come to know that she is cheating on him with you and that may ruin her married life too. Therefore, be careful and do not do anything in excitement.
answered Apr 16 by alpesh kapdi (28,960 points)
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Mukesh you didn't mentioned your age, your besties age her husband's age if she have any kids or not, is she working with you, how you mnagae ur sessions etc.

in the past years I came in contact with a group of people who were into swapping lifestyle. the one thing I noticed from those people that most of them are 30+ of age.

sex is like thrill. as soon as that thrills fade away interest in sex with that person is going down. if your friend is below 35 of age then there is alot thrill left. if she is above 35 thrill is fading. plan according to that.

there is no certain way to do things. you have to measure things everytime.

in short make good friendship with her husband.  ask your friends what kinda of fantasy she have. so you get some idea how to get inside.

keep us updated so we can help you as per situation.
answered Apr 16 by Harsh.03 (1,240 points)
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1.You  have a bestie, who is married and you have sex with her regularly.
2.Your bestie is not interested in cuckold.
3.Your bestie told you this - not her husband.
4.You can discuss with your bestie not with her husband.
5.Ye dil mange more. Everything goes well now. why do you want to spoil it with cuckhold.
6.Value your besties feelings.
answered Apr 21 by solliadi (5,140 points)

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