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How to entice my unmarried Office colleague for Sex?

asked Apr 13 in Questions by SomeUnknown (125 points)
edited Apr 15 by longhands1

I am 37 years old and Married. I have 2 children.

In my workplace there's a lady about 40 years old and she's unmarried. She normally shares her problems with me and I give her suggessions. She is happy with my suggestions.

I want to have physical relations with her. She looks very attractive. Once you see her, you can't control your feelings.

I once asked her out for coffee or dinner and she agreed, but finally did not come.

How to propose to her for Sex?


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2 Answers

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Ask her again out for the coffee or movie and if she comes then you will get a better place to show your interest in her. Do not ask her directly about the sex otherwise you will not get it and she will even stop talking to her for doing a pervert thing with her. You need to win confidence slowly and show your interest indirectly in her so you can get hints whether she will be ready to spread her legs for you or not. Once she will be comfortable with you to go out then you can amplify your chances of fucking her. Go slowly if you want to get her.
answered Apr 16 by alpesh kapdi (28,960 points)
selected Apr 18 by SomeUnknown
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She is happy with your suggestions doesn't indicates that she will be ready to sex with you. Emotional attachment matters for them. Did you ever ask her why she is not yet married? If yes, what was her reply? First try to win her heart, show how much you care for her. That doesn't mean this will definitely work. Who knows it may?
answered Apr 17 by Happy Saint (900 points)

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