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How to tell my Cousin to do what my Maid is asking?

asked Apr 11 in Questions by Ravi S (195 points)
edited Apr 15 by longhands1

It has been 8 months since me and my cousin had started having sex with my maid who is 41 years old and about 20 years older than both of us.

We have sex with her whenever our parents are not present in the house. We have sex both individually and more often with double penetration (Pussy and Anal).

My cousin who is more horny, makes sure to have atleast 5 sessions a week of which 2 would be double penetrations and at least one roleplay in which my cousin makes her play the role of a prostitute and we are her customers.

My maid has never resisted having sex with us and even enjoys double penetration. She is very active while having sex and even teaches us some techniques.

But off late, she is complaining to me regarding the number of sex sessions my cousin is having with her which is making her tired. Inspite of requesting my cousin to reduce the sessions, he is not listening. She is also unhappy that we are calling her a whore (lanja) during our roleplay sessions. She also complained to me to stop that during individual sex sessions, my cousin is not using condom and ejaculating inside her pussy.

She fears that she might get pregnant though she knows chances are low. My cousin even forces her to stay topless and naked everytime in the house while my parents aren't present, though she is ok with it, I am afraid that we may get caught because of this act.

Please suggest how to handle this and how to convince my maid to accept what my cousin does, as my cousin is not even heeding my request. I am not ready to go hard on my cousin as he might blow the cover and expose us and I am not ready to sacrifice my happy sex life with my maid.

Need all your advice. Please do not suggest that we stop having sex.

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2 Answers

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You are right. You need to take more control of the situation. It is your home, the maid is working for you and if anything goes wrong., like she getting pregnant or getting caught (nude etc) by your parents, you will be in trouble and will have to take responsibility. Your cousin will just wash his hands off.

It is clear that you call him over, else how will he know that your parents have gone out (are they both working?) It also appears that you are not able to satisfy the Maid by yourself and so want your Cousin to keep her happy.

You need to be strict with your Cousin and lay down some guidelines. Before that (take your maid in confidence) and try to record your Cousin having Sex. Have his face clearly visible and not the maid's. This will give you some power over him. How you do it is for you to decide. Make it like a game etc.

Your Maid is right. No Woman likes to be called a whore, unless she is paid for the Sex, and even then they do not appreciate that. Respect the Woman you have sex with, even if she is the Maid.    

I think you should have a show-down with your Cousin and see what blackmail he uses against you. Let us know that we will guide you further.
answered Apr 13 by longhands1 (93,375 points)
selected Apr 27 by Ravi S
commented Apr 13 by Ravi S (195 points)
reshown Apr 16 by longhands1
I Already Had A Word With My Cousin Regarding This Seriously But He Is Not Heeding To My Request Though He Didn't Blackmail Me But I Am Ready To Go Hard On Him Again As There Is A Chance Of Him Going To Spill Everything And I Am Not Ready To Sacrifice My Happy Sexual Relationship With My Maid Which I Think I Am Lucky To Have Her But Instead Please Suggest Me How To Convince My Maid To Accept What My Cousin Does To Let Our Relationship To Be Happy Going Further Without Any Distrubances
commented Apr 16 by longhands1 (93,375 points)

If you feel that it would not be easy to talk to your Cousin and your Maid is pliable. Then financial incentive is the best way to maintain status quo. Your maid will be happy withthe Tips and will oblige.

You said your Cousin will not blackmail you, but if he is threatening to spill the beans, then that is blackmail. Call his bluff. He has more to lose than you.
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I remember I used to have sex with my maid when I was as young as you.

My maid was 48 years old and she was mother of 2 kids. I fucked her until my mother came to know about my relationship with her.

That was a good relationship. Its quite common these days. No worries. Just relax.
answered Jun 30 by vimal_n (150 points)

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