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Does one size of Condom suit all men?

asked Apr 11 in Questions by Motilal (9,740 points)
edited Apr 15 by longhands1

Different variety of Condoms are available in Chemist shops viz dotted, ribbed, countered, ultrathin and flavoured.

We all know that Condoms are a must for family planning and for preventing HIV infections.

But Size of a man's penis varies from 3.5 inch to 6 inch and more. Does the same Condom suit all men or they are available in different sizes as per individual requirements. I have never seen the chemist ask what size you want?

Please enlighten me.

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1 Answer

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With due respect the answer is NO.

If the condom is small then it would tear during sex. If it is big then it will be loose. Since penis size is different so is the requirements.

Small size condoms girth is 49 cm (+2 or-2) for normal size it is 53 ( +2 or -2) and more than this are considered big one.

In India, normal and small size condoms are popular not the big ones . And all those you mentioned are varieties which comes in different sizes.
answered Apr 13 by callover22 (465 points)
selected Apr 18 by Motilal

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