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What is your Sexual Fantasy?

asked Apr 10 in Questions by sheetal69 (980 points)
edited Apr 10 by longhands1

In terms of my wildest sex fantasy, I guess I get off on the idea of being very unlike myself. I am a Feminist and very independent, but for some reason, the idea of having several men fuck me at the same time and sharing me drives me wild.

It not quite a MMF - Threesome fantasy, it's more like a few dudes focusing on dominating me. Somewhere semi-exposed (like an apartment with a wall of windows) would be the ideal setting. They wouldn't interact with each other but they also would care about my pleasure.

So Girls and Guys tell us what is your sexual fantasy. It can be anything. Lets open up and share all that you ever fantasized about. There is no better platform than this.

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featued question

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29 Answers

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My fantasy has been to have a beautiful sex experience with a beautiful woman in a beautiful environment.

(She is my first crush and is my cousin. She is simply a superb girl in terms of her beauty, intelligence, sense of humor and a great attitude of showing love and care). A beautiful environment for me is a nice evening under the full moon light, at a sea coast, while every wave is touching both of us every now and then, with small cold breezes kissing us often, and the sky and a small campfire nearby being the spectators.

(All together in presence of Pancha Bhootha of Indian Mythology viz. the Air, Fire, Water, Sky and  Earth) Without fear of getting caught. We both will be touching, kissing and exploring each other and trying to practice all those beautiful sexual acts and postures of the Kamasutra and also inventing some new acts and postures.

We both together will be touching those heights and depths of sexual satisfaction and trying to give more happiness to one another. Both together will be leaning into each other, cuddling with the tears of happiness and mutual love in our eyes and getting ready for one more time within a short gap.
answered Apr 11 by waves.hyd (210 points)
selected May 9 by sheetal69
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Hi Sheetal,

Hope you are doing well.
As you said its the great platform to share our sexual queries and fantasies.

Now coming to your question, I have been fucking my sister from 4 years now, she is 7 years elder to me.

Her daughter is 16 years of age now, my only wish is to fuck my sister & her daughter together on the same bed.

Hope it may get fulfill some day.
answered Apr 10 by Mayur8666 (125 points)
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My fantasy is to be one of those guys of your fantasy..
answered Apr 10 by Sami91 (150 points)
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My fantasy is threesome - MFF

answered Apr 10 by vrslvrslvrs (455 points)
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1)One fantasy is being one of those guys fucking you.
2)Fucking my younger sister (3 years younger) with permission from my mom
3)Fucking a group of women with minimum of 5 members.
4)Would love my ass rimmed by women standing in queue.
5)Peeing in a woman's mouth as they are all standing in queue.

6)Treating my younger sister as a baby again and do all the things required to be done to baby from brushing to cleaning her ass hole after pooping etc.,
7)Like to fuck, lick and ass rim my ex in front of her hubby and getting complimented by her as better than her hubby.
8)Fucking my all 5 Crushes together.
9)Fantasize being a demigod like Manmathan where all the women remove their bottom or lift their skirt up in welcoming gesture when they see me.
10) fuck one of my elder fuck buddy (8years) along with her daughter in same bed.

11) licking pussies of all my crushes making them stand/lay in queue spreading their legs wide open.
12)love to be fed with breast milk of almost any women including my younger sister.
13)Swapping and swinging after my marriage depending upon my better half's preference.
14)fuck my future wife and my younger sister in same bed (like to marry even my sisters friend if they agree)
15)Fucking moms in front of their sons.

16)Fuck my online sex chat uncles/friends (telugu) daughter in front of uncle and his wife.
17) May be free and open family sex where anyone could fuck anybody. (though it's not possible) ,considering sex not as taboo among family members.
18)treating at least 5 women as slave and do BDSM with them.
19)love to fuck a BBW who could lift me like a kid.
20)start a secret massage pedicure, manicure and armpit, crotch / pussy shaving shop and work as a Male gigolo or call boy.

That's all for now.

Will add more if I think of something.
answered Apr 10 by Pulendran (165 points)
commented Apr 11 by Motilal (9,680 points)
Fucking shouldn't be one point agenda of your life.
commented Apr 12 by rahulsngh (1,060 points)
Hey buddy don't make too many fantasies.. just stick to 2 or 3..
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I wanna to  place my iron dick to my moms jussy pussy. Want to finger her deep inside, want to suck her till she reach her highest level  and would like to hear her mourn calling me to satisfy her.  I want her to call me to fuse her hard. I want my dick would secret  juice inside moms hairy pussy. I wish she gave me blowjob being gone sexually mad and forcing me to have sex again. At last I want to kiss her so passionately and going sleep with her totally nude.
answered Apr 10 by Pagol Hridoy (200 points)
commented Apr 11 by Motilal (9,680 points)
Never made her mother of your child.
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Threesome does not attract me.My fantasy is to share bed with married women or widow.I am lucky to have them.Often fantasize one wife swapping experience with my Doctor friend long time ago.No intention to do more wife swapping.
answered Apr 11 by Motilal (9,680 points)
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My fantasy is Group sex and would like to have good blow job & like to cum in her mouth.
answered Apr 11 by DCSB (2,255 points)
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Hi Guys,

It's long time me being here. So let me share with you guys some of wild sex fantasy

1) Doing semi / Nude photo shoot by a professional photographer n with hot young male models at exotic location
2) Doing a pornographic videos shoot by a professional team...MFMM, lesbian,
3) getting myself gangbang by BBC at thunder-down-under parties in Los-Angles
4) Getting laid between Dhoni, Yuvraj, Shane Watson n Kohli with Dhonis's wife being tied to chair

But yeah Dil Mange More|||@#@$%^&&

With Love
Sexy Gudiya
answered Apr 11 by boldnsexy (1,545 points)
commented Apr 12 by Motilal (9,680 points)
Have you lost your mental equilibrium? What will happen if Dhoni,Yuvraj,Shane Watson,Kohli and Dhoni's wife file a case of defamation against you?
commented Apr 16 by rockstar536 (1,295 points)
If you are from Delhi NCR I can help you to fullfill your first fantasy of semi nude photo shoot
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Mine is to fuck a mother and her daughter together at the same bed.
answered Apr 12 by rahulsngh (1,060 points)
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I have fantasy to fuck my colleague and her mom too.
answered Apr 12 by Ang (175 points)
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Actually, it's not fantasy but my wish that someone give me 69 pleasure or giving blowjob by looking into my eyes then I just cum shot into her mouth or on face..

( My wife doesn't like to give me this pleasure)...
answered Apr 12 by cumon (250 points)
commented Apr 16 by rockstar536 (1,295 points)
M lucky in this my gave this treatment so many times that i forget the count now
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I never think so much in this direction but sometimes in dreams, I see myself fucked by a servant and strangers.
answered Apr 12 by paridhii (315 points)
commented May 1 by trisha14 (160 points)
Ya too..
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I fantasize about fucking a woman who is married,have a child . Her husband is sleeping in the room and I am fucking her.Also she is coming to meet me secretly outside her home just to be fucked once.
answered Apr 13 by rockybaba21 (390 points)
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Hi Sheetal,

My fantasy is

1. To watch my daughter getting gangbanged by atleast 5 boys. Fucking all her holes simultaneously and releasing their cums on her face.

2.Though she is not a lesbian, like to watch her doing lesbian stuffs.
answered Apr 13 by anonyman (155 points)
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My fantasies are:

1. To fuck a 40+ lady if possible in front of her son.
2. See mother-daughter lesbian sex.
3. Wanted to talk and have experience of a lady who is into incest with her son.
answered Apr 14 by sambhav678 (190 points)
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People have so many fantasies. I only have one:

To have satisfying sex with my husband. I know it's never possible since he has a micropenis, has erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. But still I fantasize someday he will make me feel like a woman in bed and I can proudly say I've slept with a real man.
answered Apr 15 by Subhasree (245 points)
commented Apr 16 by rockstar536 (1,295 points)
Now you gonna receive so many DMs from males now
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Hi sheetal
My sexual fantasy is to have three some with my wife and mom in law..I have always wanted this.
This has been my fantasy Since the first day of my marriage.
My mom in law is beautiful woman with big ass.she is in her 47 I just wanted to fulfil it before she turns 50.
answered Apr 16 by Diwash (815 points)
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In my case i have multiple fantasy.
1. I want my girl to don't spit and swallow my juice.
2. I want to fuck her hard in doggy style, she complains that my dick goes too deep that it hurts.
3. I want to have anal with my love.
4. Reverse cow girl.
5. Fuck a girl in burkha
6. Fuck her in saree
I have more dm me
answered Apr 16 by rockstar536 (1,295 points)
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My fantasy is to travel back in time and somehow become invisible and see my wife doing sex with her ex boyfriend.

Since when I have come to know that my wife had a sex partner (boyfriend) before our marriage, I’m very curious to know about her relationship with him in bed. I tried to get some information from her, but she doesn’t want to disclose. So I have this fantasy.
answered Apr 17 by k.shastri (1,160 points)
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My fantasy is to have sex with my friend's husband and my husband at the same time on the terrace of my home on a full moon night.

I never had sex before with anyone other than my husband and not intending  to do any time soon.. still I like to visualize about it while I am playing  with my  pussy with a vibrator.


Anjana. R
answered May 1 by Anjana.R (415 points)
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My fantasy is to involve in 3some (MFM & FFM), to watch Lesbian act, want to lick juicy pussy, sex with dominated woman who is highly craving for Sex, want to become male escort (not for money service will b free) for high class/society women, if 3some is not possible then will be ready to watch a cpl having real sex in front of me
answered May 1 by Saanjana (105 points)
commented May 22 by Rachna19 (185 points)
I want two dicks at the same time, in both my holes..
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Mine is to fuck someone's wife who is newly wed in a room made of glass through which no one can see us but we can see others or have a rim job and her husband watches all of it.

There is a cuckold couple in contact with me. He has a wife who has a lovely figure. I want my fantasy to be fulfilled by his wife.
answered May 2 by myselfarun (2,015 points)
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My fantasy is to have sex with mom in law and wife on same bed and involve in lesbian sex of wife and mom in law and I have Expressed to mother in law on phone as I am not satisfied with sex with wife so can you sleep along with us but no answer anybody can help

Also have fantasy of suck cock of brother in law
answered May 6 by wildsex2016 (560 points)
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My wish is MFF as m Male n their age should more than 45.
answered May 7 by Sameerdelhi (140 points)

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