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My Mom is having an affair with my uncle. I am confused..!! How to react?

asked Apr 9 in Questions by Python3010 (120 points)
edited Apr 10 by longhands1

Hello Friends,

I am 20 years old and a Final year college student. My mom is 39 years old and a House-wife. My father is 48 years old.

Yesterday, I saw some notification on her phone and when I examined the message, it was from my uncle. He said that he will call her after 1 hour.

I asked her about it. Firstly, she denied it but then she accepted and admitted that they are having an affair since last 8 months. She loves to talk with him. She said that she trusts me and that's why she shared this information with me.

This is not her first affair. In the past too, about 7 years back, she has 2 affairs. One was 20 years older than my mom and the other one was a college student.

I have seen her having sex with them several times at home. At that time, I began to have sexual feelings for her and confessed everything to her. I told her I want tohave se with you. She said, " I am your mother and we can't do this with lots of excuses. Time passed.

Now, again I have begun to have sexual fantasies about her. She shares everything with me. Please suggest how to handle this problem? Should I directly ask her for sex again or should I tell her to stop this?

Note: I'm happy to see her happy with Uncle.

Thank You.

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3 Answers

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Now you have an opportunity to have sex with her so talk to her directly that she needs to let you have sex with her otherwise you will tell about her affair to your father. She has to choose what she wants and I am sure she will have sex with you rather than facing the anger of your father.

She may react aggressively when you put forward such demand to her but be clear to her that you are firm on your decision that if she would not have sex with you then you will tell everything to your father.
answered Apr 11 by alpesh kapdi (28,960 points)
commented Apr 11 by Python3010 (120 points)
I have tried to ask her and Also try to blackmail her but she Said she will commit suicide. I'm totally confused what to do now?
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Why would you want her to stop all of a sudden ? Specially when you have mentioned in the NOTE that 'you're happy to see her happy with your uncle' ?

When you mentioned 'your uncle' I assume he's your relative, perhaps from your father's side, right ?

BTW you didn't mention much about your father, does he know about any of the affairs your mother had in the past ? Why is he being sidelined ?

As for your fantasy, it's simple.... Ask her politely to co-operate. If she refuse then last option is blackmail or tell her to stop all this filth forever.
answered Apr 11 by gr8gaur (3,235 points)
commented Apr 11 by Python3010 (120 points)
Yes he is My father's cousin brother. My father is very arrogant in nature some time Very aggressive. He don't know anything about her past relationships or present one.
I asked her politely but she refused to have sex with me and warn me That she will commit suicide if I try to force her.
commented Apr 13 by gr8gaur (3,235 points)
Then ask her to stop her affair immediately or you'll tell your dad and your maternal grandparents.
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If you are happy with your Mom than let her enjoy life & you should look for girlfriend & enjoy too rather lust for your own mother.
answered Apr 11 by DCSB (2,255 points)

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