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My Mom and my Friend's Mom are into Prostitution. But she is very happy. What to do?

asked Apr 7 in Questions by santosh_panda (170 points)
edited Apr 7 by longhands1

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My mom is a widow and is staying alone in my native city. She is 53 years old. Please read my earlier question.

Now, I have found out that my mom and my friend's mom are involved in prostitution. Everyday, during day time my mom goes to my aunty's home. There they are doing sex work. My Mom's attitude has completely changed. She however looks very happy.

After I got to know about this, I feel so bad. I shall inform about this to my friend and shall also talk about this with my mom.

Any ideas how to handle this?

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featued question
commented Apr 8 by Happy Saint (900 points)
First confirm whether it is prostitution or mere sexual enjoyment?
commented Apr 10 by santosh_panda (170 points)
She doing all this because of enjoyment

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4 Answers

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You should talk to your mom about it and also inform your friend about his mom. If your mom does this to earn money to support the family then I do not think what you can do but if you are earning well and can support the family then you have a right to ask her to stop doing this. If she continues with this work then she will have to face the embarrassment one day as sooner or later she will be caught by police.
answered Apr 7 by alpesh kapdi (28,960 points)
commented Apr 7 by santosh_panda (170 points)
About my earnings, I am working in good MNC. Also my mom was a working lady. She resigned from her job last year.

So there are no financial problems in my family.

Definitely I will talk about this to My Mom, but fearful how to start.

Also I will discuss this with my friend.
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One person said inform your friend about it. I dont think it s a good idea. Just because your friend may emd up reacting to this more violently than you did. First talk to your mom throughly and find out why shes doing this. If it is money, then find an alternative income source.

If it is pleasure, then you can convince her to stick to one partner? Just find out first. Then slowly ask her if she can stop this. And inform her to convince your friends mom to stop too.

Tell her about the dangers, diseases, what will be of your future when it comes time for you to get married etc... good luck
answered Apr 7 by Asanka (855 points)
commented Apr 10 by santosh_panda (170 points)
Thanks for your advice
It's true that my mom like to do all this.
She is not listening mine.
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Leave your mother and start your life afresh. She's just a burden to you, her past and present will hurt your future. You'll be the butt of jokes in front of all those who will come to know about this. She's simply making your life hell and you have to put a full stop to it. If you want to continue living with her then turn a blind eye to all these things.
answered Apr 7 by gr8gaur (3,235 points)
commented Apr 10 by santosh_panda (170 points)
No my friend I can't leave mom alone.
I just want to help her.but she is not listening
commented Apr 10 by gr8gaur (3,235 points)
You can't help her, women are stubborn creatures and more hedonistic than men. The most important person in your life is you. Don't waste your future, your mother will ruin it.
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Hi santosh,

I read your earlier questions as well. In this question you have mentioned that she is happy. You need to confirm whether she is happy because of sex or because of the money she gets. Whatever may be the reason but you and she both know that she had been booked earlier for the same reason.

Second thing,  MAY BE your friend already knows that his mom and your mom are into  prostitution. If he knows this, then maybe he is in a relationship with his mom.

I am neither for incest nor against it, but if your mom needs just  sexual satisfaction may be you can approach her for sex. It would be better for her to be with you than just random guy and get into trouble.

If your friend doesn't know about his mom, then I think you should tell him.

Think and act wisely.
answered Apr 7 by sambhav678 (190 points)
commented Apr 10 by santosh_panda (170 points)
Hi sambhavna

Thanks for your reply
I don't know whether my friend know all this or not. About my mom desire it is true that she need sexual relationship.hence she is doing all this.and about incest I don't like all this.
Just tell me should I go with her need.

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