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My Office Colleague shares her sex problems with me. Does she want to have an affair?

asked Apr 5 in Questions by swarup789 (200 points)
edited Apr 6 by longhands1

My office colleague is a Married Woman. She is 32 years and has very friendly nature only with me.

She shares all her problems only with me. There is no limits to sharing. She even told me her sex problems. Now-a-days her sex problem sharing is growing.

She told me that her husband cannot satisfy her because of his snall penis and he doesnot get proper erection.

She asked me for advice and what she should do ?

Is she giving me signals? Does she wantme to satisfy her inSex?

Please suggest what I should do?

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commented Apr 6 by swarup789 (200 points)
Friends give me solutions & ideas of yours
commented Jun 4 by swarup789 (200 points)
Finally got conclusion about my problem and i ask her personally if she want something from me then she replied she no needs about from anyone for sex and in future she want sexual help her first & last preference is only & only me.
so i give promise to her i never force or seduce her till she need.

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11 Answers

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Hi swarup,

Your colleague is sharing her married life problems. There could be two reasons to do so.

1) She is expecting only emotional/moral support.
2) Along with emotional/moral support, she need to satisfy her sexual needs.

Try to analyse what exactly she is expecting from you and act accordingly. By your words we can assume that  she is following an indirect approach to get her sexual needs to be fulfilled.

Many times women go by indirect approach when it comes to satisfy their sexual/physical needs. The reasons could be anything. It could be her closed mindset or unseen  social limitations by which she is surrounded or family limitations by which she is surrounded.

Whatever could be the reason from her side, You should also be clear with what you can give to her. Is it only emotional support you can give to her or along with it,you can satisfy her sexual needs. If you want to give only oral/emotional support, just listen whatever she tells and tell few supportive words which can develop her confidence and tell to wait for some good time to come.

If you are eager to have a sexual relation with her, then you can initiate it soon as she already initiated indirectly  and if anything goes wrong, you have an option to tell that you understood in this way and tried to fulfill her expectations from you.

So think twice and act accordingly. You are not going to loose anything.

Good luck..
answered Apr 6 by sunny.ac640 (520 points)
selected Jun 6 by swarup789
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Some women remain unsatisfied from husband and some want to enjoy others to overcome monotonus sex life.Same thing happen to married men like us.We want to enjoy other women.Go slow and do not show any extra interest in her.After becoming more intimate,feel warmth of her body.Perhaps she will come more closer.Feel sympathy for her unsatisfaction and ask her how you can help her and tell her that you are capable of giving full satisfaction to her and the matter will remain secret between us.Ice should melt.Go ahead and inform me your progress.
answered Apr 6 by Motilal (9,670 points)
commented Apr 8 by swarup789 (200 points)
As per your suggestion, I am not showing any extra interest in her.
I also suggested she see her Dr. and take ayurvedic treatment.

She has agreed to try out my suggestions but she asked me if her sex life will become better or not.

She is showing worry about her future sex life.
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Firstly, suggest some solutions regarding her husband's sex issues likely more involvement in oral, foreplay, using dildo etc.

Wait to see how she responds. Then you will automatically come to know her desire if she is interested in sex with you or not.

If she repeats those things again and again, you can approach her for sex as a friend.
answered Apr 6 by Happy Saint (900 points)
commented Apr 8 by swarup789 (200 points)
edited Apr 10 by longhands1
I liked your suggestion of more involvement in Oral Sex and Foreplay and told her about it.

She replied that her hubby is doing 4-5 min not more and when she took interest he became irritated.

Now, I am confused how to answer her.
commented Apr 12 by Happy Saint (900 points)
You can directly approach her if she has no issues you can satisfy her needs. It seems she is interested in you. Don't be late, as she may change her mind & opt for any other one.
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You yourself said that she asked you for advice, advice..... not sex. So don't initiate things on your own, drop subtle hints. Ask her if she talked with her husband about taking professional help ? If not, then what she wants to do next ? Have an affair ? If yes, with whom ? Is she ready to risk her marriage ?

See, these are innocent questions which will give you enough hints as to what she wants. And then you're in the driving seat.

REMEMBER : Most of the times when a woman asks for help, she doesn't really need help because she already knows what she wants. She only wants you to listen to her.
answered Apr 6 by gr8gaur (3,210 points)
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"She told me that her husband cannot satisfy her because of his snall penis and he doesnot get proper erection."

1.It is a clear indication that She wants you. Do not waste time.
2.she may be aware of your affairs with your SIL and Maami. Or you would have told her your accomplishments.
3.She may not be seeking your advise. She may be seeking your executive consultancy.
answered Apr 7 by solliadi (5,115 points)
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She is instigating you to have an affair with her so if you want her then you have a best opportunity to get with her. Chances are full that she wants to have sex with you but office affair would definitely go into bad mode with time so be careful if you decide to go ahead with it and you also need to be ready to quit your job. Set rules and boundaries before you fuck her so things can be controllable when one wants to stop this.
answered Apr 7 by alpesh kapdi (28,935 points)
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Swarup, With her words, it is sure that she really wants you. Go ahead and have good time with her.
answered Apr 7 by waves.hyd (210 points)
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Wow! We women can't seem to utter a word these days without being judged. I still do not understand how sharing her personal problems made you believe she's giving you signals. My husband, too, has a very small penis, has poor eerection and has premature ejaculation. I have discussed about it on this site, but does it imply I'm inviting all the men to sleep with me? No, right? What's she wants is mental support, not your body.
answered Apr 10 by Subhasree (245 points)
commented Apr 12 by Happy Saint (900 points)
All women are not of same thinking, why you take it so personally.Chill
commented Apr 13 by cumon (250 points)
Okk dear.. I understand Ur prblm.. people like me thinks ur problem or weakness as an opportunity, so they try to jump into it without thinking a second... Promise I won't ask for blowjob anymore..
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To put tings in perspective

- Women freely discuss their sex life with other women. So if she were discussing it openly with you, most likely  she considers you as non-threatening , that is not masculine. Which means, sex  with you is the furthest thing from her mind, given her dislike for small penis.

But t here are other possibilities as well,  but better left unstated since you have provided very little info.
answered Apr 13 by blore.guy (595 points)
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I'll suggest to play safe and go with the flow.  First, You give her some fair and good suggestions like others users told you and do not force her.  

You also show her interest because as a man, I know somewhere you don't want this opportunity to let go of having sex with a new woman.  So keep her calm and you will get to know automatically what she wants,  do not step back if she ask you for a bold step you can keep showing her that you are always there in all her problems and can provide her good sex if she wants.  

She might have other fantasies also like having some adventurous sex,  outdoor sex,  threesome etc assure her and make all her fantasies to be real.
answered Apr 30 by Jhonsm (1,220 points)
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You know the time when she comes to share her problem with you, just when she's about to come, start masturbating, as she'll enter the room she'll see your bone and if she wants it she'll go down.
If not you can just say that please knock door before coming .
All the best mate.
answered Jun 18 by TheGoldenRetriever (315 points)

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