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I like to expose my Navel in Saree. But my Husband objects. How to convince him?

asked Apr 2 in Questions by trisha14 (160 points)
edited Apr 3 by longhands1

I am 30 years old and married. I have a problem with my hubby. He doesn't want me to wear it low hip sarees.

I like to wear sarees which expose my navel and hip area. It feels sexy and makes me horny. But my husband does not like it and says its not good.But he likes me to wear for him but not for family Functions.

Is wearing saree showing navel right or wrong?

What should I do to convince him?

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12 Answers

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There is nothing wrong in exposing your navel, your husband just want to protect you from criminals in the society. Just speak to him that you're safe and happy.
answered Apr 5 by kavitha80 (355 points)
selected May 8 by trisha14
commented May 9 by Happy Saint (900 points)
Who are those criminals, by the way? If she will tell she is safe, then where are those criminals now gone. Wt a answer.
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Girls wearing saree in low hip revealing their navel feels very hot and sexy.
I guess its not wrong. So u can continue it.
And u can send me ur pics to me if u don't mind.

answered Apr 3 by vrslvrslvrs (455 points)
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1.It depends on the culture. It is considered as immodest and indecent in Western Culture. It has long been a fashion and culture in India.
2.Navel is an association with Birth and Life in India.
3.Navel of Vishnu is considered the centre of the Universe, from which new world emerges. A lotus emerging from the navel on which Brahma is seated. Same with Yakshis were shown with Navel.
4.Navel is one of the six centres considered in Yoga.
5.The list of beautiful navels in Tamil cinema is endless - Sukanya, Manisha, Nagma, Simran Bagga.... In addition they have run tops on it and even prepared omlette with the heat of manipuragam.
6.According to Indian physiognomy, if a woman's navel is deep (you can replace "deep" with shape of your navel), she is popular and loved by her husband.
answered Apr 3 by solliadi (5,140 points)
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See, we are living in a society where mostly females are not free to take their own decisions. Till now most husbands treat their wifes as their properties & that property is only for their enjoyment not for others.You are not wrong, but the surrounding & people around you think otherwise. You can't change the mindset. You have to adjust or to leave.
answered Apr 3 by Happy Saint (900 points)
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Trisha, obviously your husband does not like you flaunting your assets to other men and strangers!
Though he definitely does not owns you, he understandably  want to keep your charms for himself!
And though it's your body and your right also to decide what you want to wear , being in a sacred relationship you should respect his opinion and stop wearing such low hip navel flaunting sarees!
 Because one of my girlfriends I found wearing such type of saree I too had objected to it and had asked her to wear it little bit upper.( Though she wasn't my wife still I didn't want  others to look at her in lusty way) so I can understand the pains of your husband and I hope you too would respect his feelings and would control your urge !
 However you can continue wearing saree in this way when you are going to be on your own and when you are sure he wouldn't know or notice!
If you would do this it will be alright for your conjugal life!
answered Apr 3 by prashant69 (7,460 points)
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@trisha 14 'is wearing saree showing navel right or wrong' ? You know the answer to this question, don't you ! You're 30, old enough to understand what's right and wrong.

You must have a great body and that's why you want to flaunt your assets, knowing that it will get you a lot of attention... Which in my opinion is not wrong. But this will hurt your husband, since no man with an ounce of self respect left in him would like other men ogle at his wife.

It's like if your husband works on his physique and looks, become a handsome guy, gets a six pack and start wearing tight T's or see through T shirts to show off and impress women, would you like it ? It all depends on how further you want to go and how much your husband can take.
answered Apr 3 by gr8gaur (3,235 points)
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Hi trisha,

A woman's navel is such a beautiful place, which should never really be missed to watch specially for men.

Definitely you will be facing a lot of lusty looks when you show your navel. Your husband thinks that he may not be able to cope up with those lusty looks being beside you and so is rejecting your idea. Many men will be definitely possessive when it comes to their wife's beauty and never really like to be seen or enjoyed by other men.

Your husband may not be an exception. Try to convince him by asking him frequently. Some day in near future he might be convinced for it. If he is rigid in this, do not try to force him. However In his absence, when you go with your friends, you can try to show your navel and enjoy those lusty looks.

As per my experience, generally a woman would like to show her navel when she thinks that her beauty is not really appreciated by her husband or her husband is ignoring her and her beauty. Try to analyse what is really happening between both of you and try to reduce that mental distance between you and your husband.

Both of you enjoy the married life. So many lusty looks around you might get, that it may become an uncontrollable thing for you some day. Prevention is always better than curing.

Good luck...
answered Apr 4 by sunny.ac640 (525 points)
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This will not sit well with him and he is not alone who feels this way so here I think you have to drop the idea of exposing your navel to others. It might be embarrassing for him during family functions where you wear revealing sari as there are many families that make issues out of it.

Ask him whether you can expose your navel in public when you guys go on vacations where no one from your family is around. We cannot do certain things even though if it makes us feel hot and sexy and your thing is one for them.
answered Apr 4 by alpesh kapdi (28,960 points)
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Tell him that you feel very hot while covering navel or hips.
Take him to Goa or any other foreign beaches (for a long duration), his mentality would automatically change
answered Apr 5 by arjun.masti1 (210 points)
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Generally, you do not need to obey your husband. You are not his slave.

Yet marriage is about adjustments. Does he listen to your likes and dislikes ? If he does try to make adjustments to please you, you should also do the same , isnt it ?

After marriage, both of you should focus on blending your likes and dislikes. Otherwise , marriage is just  social arrangement,  for which there is no necessity during these times. Better to remain single , as you can do what you like .
answered Apr 13 by blore.guy (595 points)
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Marriage is all about adjustments. Life is sometimes funny. Some Men want their wives to show off their figure in public and the wife does not oblige. Yours seems to be the opposite.

Look at it this way. Your Husband is possessive about you and does not want to share you with others even by their looks. So you should feel proud about it. Try to work out a middle path,. with your hubby...that you will dress conservatively at Family functions but indulge your self when you are going out with your woman friends.

You said that he likes it when you wear it for him. So he is not completely against the idea...just work on it.
answered Apr 13 by longhands1 (92,335 points)
commented Apr 14 by gr8gaur (3,235 points)
11 days and neither she replied to anyone nor she chose best answer, such an ungrateful individual.
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Here goes my two cents to this interesting question:
a) you mentioned exposing gives you a high and you get horny. Indirectly communicate this to your hubby so that he understands clearly that he will get a horny wife in bed that night if he complies.

b) stop exposing only for his eyes. He will get the message.

c) if nothing works, stand up for your rights and wear what you want to wear. Start wearing very short dresses at home as well. Expose outside as well as per your wish. Start giving lot of pressure along with pleasure in bed to your hubby as well. Slowly but surely he will comply.
answered Apr 13 by Alwayson (145 points)

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