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Why do men have Refractory period after ejaculation?

asked Mar 31 in Questions by curious.dumb (295 points)

I believe that there is a reason behind every mechanism our body has. Why do men have refractory period (i.e they lose an erection after ejaculation)?

Women on the other hand can have multiple orgasms. Why this difference?

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Hi curious.dumb,

As funny as your name, the refractory period is also called MRP (male refractory period (MRP).

After a man's ejaculation, the whole body is on overdrive. And your sympathetic nervous system—which controls the fight-or-flight response—pushes for your body to calm down.

What happens next is a domino effect, lowering levels of neurotransmitters, namely dopamine and testosterone.

Other factors that come into play:

level of desire, level of sensitivity, how turned on you are, the quality and emotional state of your relationship, whether you’ve been drinking, whether you’re circumcised, what medications you’re on, how comfortable you are in your environment—pretty much everything that would affect your ability to get it up to start with, but even more so because you’re fighting against your body’s natural inclinations to recharge.

So let's your body calm down and start all over again.

Happy Re-Charging !!
answered Apr 1 by aruverma (570 points)
selected Apr 2 by curious.dumb

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